Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 762 - Huge Improvement and Bold Guess

Chapter 762 - Huge Improvement and Bold Guess

Chapter 762 Huge Improvement and Bold Guess

After a while, Lu Ze sighed and recovered a bit.

Anyway, there were still more opportunities in the future…

His harvest this time wasn’t bad either. At least, he got the never-seen-before blood crystals and level-6 planetary state orbs.

When he reaches level-3 planetary state…

Lu Ze sneered. ‘He would be back!’

That level-5 planetary state wolf was strong, but it definitely hadn’t reached the star state level.

By the time Lu Ze reaches level-3 planetary state and achieves perfect mastery for Light and Darkness Beam, he would have the opportunity to beat it, or at least, take away that rune.

Thinking about this possibility, Lu Ze closed his eyes to cultivate.

He went into his mental dimension and touched a blood crystal. Immediately, the crystal turned into a flow of light that entered his body.

Inside him, Lu Ze felt the blood crystal turn into blood-colored energy that spread across his entire body. His cells were writhing and evolving under its influence.

Lu Ze could feel his body rapidly becoming stronger and more lively. His affinity with spirit force was growing. He could sense the spirit force around him. It entered his body with every breath and then converted into his power. His body’s combat power alone was level-6 planetary state, approaching level-7.

But now, the blood crystal made his body progress rapidly. Simultaneously, his spirit force affinity was growing too.

Lu Ze already had that special spirit body. Now, it was becoming even stronger. His spirit force recovery speed would naturally grow too. In addition, his cells became more lively. This meant that his physical body’s stamina and recovery were greatly improved.

This was just one blood crystal though. What if he had more?

By then, he wouldn’t need to worry about not having enough stamina. The blood crystal energy was rapidly digested. In an hour, it had been completely consumed.

Lu Ze used the second one without hesitation. Immediately, his body, cell activity, and spirit force affinity all progressed.

An hour later, Lu Ze measured his state. Soon, a smile appeared on his face.

His body alone improved by 10%!

Following that, he formed a golden blade on his hand. He proceeded to cut his palm with it. Thereafter, blood flowed out.

In just a few seconds, that deep wound closed up, and it recovered mostly.

Lu Ze grinned. He didn’t use regeneration G.o.d art or any healing G.o.d art yet. His body’s own recovery ability alone was this fast.

‘What if he used recovery G.o.d art then?’

Lu Ze felt he could take more risks now. It almost seemed like a waste not to use it.

‘What if he got more blood crystals?’

Even if he didn’t break through to the level-3 planetary state, his combat power could reach the level-9 planetary state or even higher.

Lu Ze took a breath and suppressed his excitement.

He was stronger now, but he still couldn’t beat that demonic wolf.

‘It was best not to get c.o.c.ky.’

He closed his eyes and used a blue crystal and purple orb to start learning the Light and Darkness Beam.

If he had a perfect mastery of Light and Darkness Beam, he might have been able to injure the wolf by surprise. What a pity! Right then, Lu Ze immersed himself in learning

Soon, a night pa.s.sed.

The next morning, Lu Ze went to Ying Ying’s room to have breakfast.

Lu Li and Alice were still in solitary cultivation. Nangong Jing didn’t come out either, so only Qiuyue Hesha and Lin Ling were there.

Qiuyue Hesha revealed her cheeky nature again and kept stretching her sinful hands towards Lin Ling.

On the side, Lin Ling kept dodging.

Lu Ze smiled watching the two play around.

He really wanted to join, but he felt it wasn’t appropriate, so he stayed silent as he watched the two of them play.

Eventually, even Ying Ying was dragged in by them.

After a while, the group went back to their own rooms to cultivate.

On the bed, Lu Ze devoured a level-6 planetary state red orb.

Originally, it was a little difficult for Lu Ze to digest this energy, but now, he could do so easily.

Lu Ze’s cultivation speed also increased since he could draw more spirit force into his body.

Once he got more blood crystals, then perhaps he might be able to break through a small level in just ten days?

Lu Ze felt he was starting to dream.

Gradually, it was already night. Lu Ze had dinner and went back in the Pocket Hunting Dimension again.

He was hoping he would appear in that underground world once more. However, far from his wish, he woke up back in the vast forest.

As such, Lu Ze could only go in a random direction to hunt for prey. During this time, he realized something.

That special level-5 planetary state black insect killed him instantly too.

‘What if it was guarding a treasure too?’

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up as he thought about this.

He found that although the fourth map was dangerous, it had much more treasures than the previous ones.

Perhaps because this map was completely the territory of planetary states and above, it was actually the real hunting ground?

This was why the difficulty increased so much, and there were much more treasures than before.

Lu Ze became hopeful.

‘What other treasures could there be?’

At the same time, Lu Ze hoped he could encounter that black metal mountain again.

Yet, before he could find it, he was discovered by a boss while he was fighting an anaconda with wood G.o.d art.

He wasn’t even able to kill a single level-6 planetary state before coming out.

Seven days later, Lu Ze’s cells were filled with milky white clouds. They had blended with that vibrant planet.

This was the 33rd day of breaking through to the level-2 planetary state. Now, Lu Ze finally reached the level-3 planetary state.

Another rune formed on the planet while that familiar wave occurred once again.

Lu Ze ignored the pain and used a blue crystal and purple orb to learn the Light and Darkness Beam.

Fifteen hours later, the third rune was completely formed, and his cells were emptied up again.

Nevertheless, Lu Ze felt a far greater power than before.

He broke through the level-3 planetary state!

Lu Ze was still immersed in the learning of Light and Darkness Beam.

A few hours later, he slowly opened his eyes.

His Light and Darkness Beam reached perfect mastery before Lu Li’s and Alice’s breakthrough.

Now that he had a level-3 planetary state power too, Lu Ze felt he was invincible.

Currently, it was already night.

Lu Ze went to Ying Ying’s room and found that only Nangong Jing was there. Both of them didn’t know how to cook, so they ate some food and drank a bit. They cuddled a little while being tipsy and returned to their rooms later on to cultivate.