Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 761 - Treasure Close At Hand

Chapter 761 - Treasure Close At Hand

Chapter 761 Treasure Close At Hand

Lu Ze quickly picked up the drops. Five were red, five were purple, one was a black demonic chi orb, and the other one was a blood crystal.

The blood crystal was smaller than the blue crystal. It was half the size of a fist and appeared like a crystal of condensed blood.

Lu Ze didn’t know what it was for. He couldn’t test it in the Pocket Hunting Dimension either, so he would have to wait until he got out.

He put the things away and moved off in another direction.

Half an hour later, the place was still very barren. There were no beasts and very few plants.

At this time, Lu Ze sensed another distant chi. It was a level-5 planetary state. Furthermore, the beast seemed to be alone.

Lu Ze immediately flew towards it. Soon, among the pile of rocks, Lu Ze discovered the owner of the chi. It was still a horned ape.

Lu Ze appeared before the ape’s head as a dominant light surged from his hand, reaching towards the ape.


The horned ape tensed up and attempted to run. However, it was far slower than that level-6 planetary state ape. The light ended up piercing the ape.

Upon penetration, the life force of the ape was wiped away. Then, its body slowly turned to dust.

Lu Ze looked at the ape and smiled. This was the Light Beam indeed. It countered the darkness-type beasts.

Soon, the ape left a pile of orbs. There was no blood crystal this time, but a blue crystal was present.

Lu Ze happily picked these things up. He realized that although the underground world was dark, it was rather valuable.

He didn’t want to go out. It wasn’t like he knew how to get out anyways.

After picking the drops up, Lu Ze once again proceeded with his hunting journey.

The underground world was extremely s.p.a.cious. He didn’t know how wide it was, but he flew for half a day without finding the exit.

There weren’t many beasts here. Usually, he would need to fly for an hour or so before finding one. The weakest was that level-5 planetary state while the strongest was a level-9 planetary state dog-like animal with spikes on its back.

Fortunately, Lu Ze noticed it from miles away. That terrifying chi made his skin crawl. He probably wouldn’t be able to last a second while facing that.

As such, Lu Ze used his chi stealth G.o.d art at full power and evaded the beast. There was more than one type of beast in this world, but all of them seemed to possess that special demonic chi G.o.d art.

The beasts here traveled alone too.

This was perfect for Lu Ze.

Although it was hard to find suitable beasts to hunt, he was still in a relatively safe situation. Lu Ze just needed to find one beast and didn’t need to worry about the others being nearby.

An unknown amount of time had pa.s.sed. Lu Ze was sure it had been more than a day. This was the first time he survived for so long on the fourth map.

It was a milestone!

During this time, Lu Ze found six level-5 planetary state beasts and killed them all with ease. He even got two blue crystals. However, that blood crystal didn’t drop.

He encountered four level-6 planetary state beasts. Lu Ze eventually killed them all with his Light Beam.

The most dangerous time was when he encountered a six-meter-long lizard-type beast with one horn. It was even slightly stronger than him.

Lu Ze only had one last breath left after killing it. He had to use several hours to recover. Nevertheless, that lizard dropped one blood crystal and a blue crystal.

Currently, Lu Ze had acc.u.mulated 30 of each type of level-6 planetary state orbs. This was enough for him to cultivate for a number of days.

He got two blood crystals, three blue crystals, and also level-5 red and purple orbs, as well as a demonic chi G.o.d art. This was his greatest harvest on the fourth


After dodging another level-8 planetary state beast, Lu Ze continued searching for prey.

Right then, Lu Ze found another level-5 planetary state chi.

His eyes lit up, and he moved over. Soon, Lu Ze came before a big stone pillar. It seemed to connect to the ceiling of the underground world. It was a few hundred kilometers thick.

It was like a world pillar.

Subsequently, he found a ten-meter wide cave at the bottom.

There was one level-5 planetary state chi inside. There were also special dark rays flas.h.i.+ng.

Lu Ze was surprised. ‘What was that darkness ray?’

Why did it seem like an overlord cave?

Was there treasure inside? Lu Ze was a little excited.

At this point, the chi in the cave moved. Then, a black figure flashed out and appeared on the ground not far in front of Lu Ze.

It was a wolf-like creature wearing an armor and possessing a pair of demonic wings. It had one horn on its head.

Its appearance was akin to a demon.

The demonic wolf was glaring at Lu Ze. It was only a level-5 planetary state, but its chi was extremely strong. Lu Ze tensed up. He was reminded of that special level-5 planetary state metal insect.

‘Was it the same type?’

The wolf flashed past with a beam of darkness.

Lu Ze shrouded himself in blood lightning while using fire and darkness buff.


Suddenly, Lu Ze’s left arm was broken and blood poured out. The severe painful sensation made him frown.

He ignored this and used light divine art with his right hand and charged at the wolf again.

The wolf paused a little and turned. It easily dodged the Light Beam.

At this juncture, Lu Ze shot towards the cave.

The wolf was too fast. It was implausible to run in this environment. He might as well see what was inside the cave. If there was really treasure, he could just take it then.

Lu Ze was near the cave in an instant. He even saw a dark rune floating at the top of the cave. The dark beam was released by it.

He gambled right!

The demonic wolf let out a tyrannical roar. Black runes flashed on its wings, and it instantly appeared before Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was just about to reach for the rune. He quickly stopped when the wolf appeared before him.

Oh s.h.i.+t?!

‘What is this bulls.h.i.+t speed?’

Suddenly, he felt immense pain taking over his body. Once more, he was back in his room.

The pain made him shudder, but the physical pain was actually far inferior from the mental one.

There was a treasure right before his hands. He just needed to reach a little closer to get it. However, he missed it…

That was the rune of the fourth map!