Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 760 - 0 Another New Drop

Chapter 760 - 0 Another New Drop

Chapter 760 Another New Drop

The Light and Darkness Beam was much harder to cultivate than either the light beam or dark beam alone. It was a fusion of two G.o.d arts done through divine art. This involved too many things.

However, with the help of purple orbs and blue crystals, the process was quite successful. Knowledge about the light and darkness G.o.d art flowed in Lu Ze’s mind. He digested them eagerly and was immersed in this sea of knowledge.

Lu Ze thought, ‘I love studying, and studying makes me happy.’

After learning this divine art, even if he didn’t use it, he could do a simple fusion of light G.o.d art and darkness G.o.d art.

The power was also much stronger than using a single G.o.d art.

Sixteen days later, Lu Ze was sitting on his bed surrounded by black and white beams. These beams flowed and fused. There were deep runes appearing on them.

Moments later, the light around him flashed, and the runes became more condensed.

Then, the light and runes slowly disappeared, and Lu Ze opened his eyes.

He lifted his hand, and the spirit force formed into a ball of swirling black and white energy. The energy contained inside was extremely terrifying. Even Lu Ze felt a little scared.

He grinned and then took back the black and white energy ball.

Over these sixteen days, he finally improved the Light and Darkness Beam to experienced mastery!

This speed was much slower than comprehending the Light Beam and Darkness Beam separately. However, this mastery level alone was on par with Lu Ze’s Golden Fist Art after using fire buff and darkness buff.

‘How strong would it be once it reached perfect mastery?’ Lu Ze was very excited. The only worry he had was that the s.h.i.+p would arrive at the destination in about half a month. He didn’t know whether he could reach perfect mastery in half a month.

Lu Ze had already made it to the peak of the level-2 planetary state. In a few days, he would be able to reach level-3 planetary state.

Due to the increase in his combat power, he managed to gather more resources in the Pocket Hunting Dimension. However, level-6 planetary state beasts were still a rare harvest for him.

The fourth map was too dangerous, and sometimes, even he couldn’t stop the level-6 beasts from escaping.

Situations of them fighting too intense of a battle and both getting crushed by a boss had occurred too.

Due to these circ.u.mstances, Lu Ze could only use level-5 planetary state orbs to cultivate. As a result, he couldn’t reach his top speed.

If his cultivation level reached level-3 planetary state and he brought Light and Darkness Beam to perfect mastery, even ordinary level-9 planetary states would be no match for him.

Lu Ze felt great. Even he was scared by such progress speed. During this time, Qiuyue Hesha and Nangong Jing also focused on their cultivation level after achieving perfect mastery of their divine art. They both reached level-3 planetary state days after Lin Ling broke through.

By the time Lu Ze reaches level-3 planetary state, they would probably be approaching the level-4 planetary state already.

As for Lu Li and Alice, they were level-9 mortal evolution states. Lu Ze gave them level-2 and level-3 planetary state orbs.

The two of them are in solitary cultivation right now. They have the intention of reaching the planetary state before arriving at their destination.

Lu Ze very much hoped they would succeed. That way, he would be able to use their breakthrough phenomena to bring Light and Darkness Beam to perfect mastery quickly.

Lu Ze visited Ying Ying’s room. Lin Ling, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha were all there.

The group had breakfast and chatted about their cultivation progress before going back to cultivate.

Lu Ze used his level-6 planetary state red orbs.

Ten hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes.

He could enter the Pocket Hunting Dimension again. Without hesitation, he went in.

Lu Ze habitually concealed his chi and surveyed his surroundings. He was in a very dark place. If he didn’t have night vision, he wouldn’t be able to see anything at all.

This was an environment he had never been in before. The place seemed barren. There were cracks everywhere and strange-looking black and red rocks.

At the top was a thick stone ceiling that was black and gray. In the distance, there seemed to be strands of light being projected.

‘Was this underground?’ ‘Perhaps this was the lair of some beast?” He carefully flew in a direction. Half an hour later, Lu Ze found a pile of level-6 planetary state chi. He felt very excited at the discovery.

He had been to many places and found very few beasts that he could beat. Yet, this place had a load of them.

Soon, Lu Ze found the resting beasts.

They had black scales, a pair of horns on their heads, a thick body, a hideous face, and a pair of thick claws. They seemed like apes with horns.

Demonic chi burst out from those horns, forming a dark mist.

Lu Ze didn’t find any other chi nearby. Therefore, he appeared before an ape. The ape suddenly woke up and roared.

In terms of height, it was only five meters tall. It clawed at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze punched with fire-buffed and darkness-buffed Golden Fist Art.


Lu Ze could feel his hand striking a hard metal. A severe pain overtook his senses, and the demonic chi also went inside his body.

Lu Ze flew back out.

The horned ape was also sent flying. Its claw was bleeding. Rather than cowering, it became more enraged. Lu Ze used super regeneration to heal his body.

He stared at this ape in shock. It was stronger than the metal bugs. They had about the same power!

The two kept fighting. Every clash made the underground world tremble.

After a few seconds, they had clashed for more than a few hundred times.

Lu Ze was covered in hideous claw marks. Blood was dripping all over his body.


On the other hand, the ape’s condition was not much better. Its armor had large fragments falling out of it, and one of its horns was broken. Black blood also gushed out from its huge body.

When Lu Ze looked at the dense demonic chi, he had a bold idea.

He charged forward again.

His hand and the claw clashed again.


Lu Ze’s bones were fractured, and blood poured out even more.

The ape’s claw also cracked.

During this time, a white beam flashed from Lu Ze’s left hand.

Light Beam!

The Light Beam was effective in countering the effects of the power of darkness. Lu Ze didn’t know for sure, so he decided to test it now.

The dark mist protecting the ape seemed to have been eroded by the light chi. It rapidly receded, and the light divine art struck the ape’s chest.


A wound appeared, and the ape was sent flying The ape howled in terror and struggled to fly away.

Lu Ze was excited.

It worked!

Lu Ze flashed with lightning and chased it. He went to hit its back.

The ape twisted around to block, but the Light Beam had already gathered on Lu Ze’s other hand.

The ape had no other option but to receive the strike from Lu Ze.

Thereafter, the beam penetrated the ape’s chest.

To the ape, this light power seemed like poison, and its chi rapidly dropped.

Lu Ze used another Light Beam and wiped away its life force.

As he watched the body drop heavily to the ground, Lu Ze exhaled. Luckily, he had Light Beam. Otherwise, he might not win this battle. His full-powered mode was too taxing. He might not last as long as this ape. Moments later, the body turned to dust.

On top of the usual stuff, there was a blood crystal.

‘A new drop?’