Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 757 - Level-2 Planetary State Combat Power

Chapter 757 - Level-2 Planetary State Combat Power

Chapter 757 Level-2 Planetary State Combat Power

Lu Ze sat on the bed and evaluated his progress. After reaching the level-2 planetary state, both the quality of his spirit force and body increased by a great level.

His Light Beam divine art also reached perfection mastery. This saved him a few days.

Lu Ze could not help but smile. Each progress gave people a sense of achievement.

After calming himself down, Lu Ze looked at the time. He spent a while making a breakthrough

Right now, it was already night and he was hungry.

At this time, they had probably finished dinner and began cultivating, so he just took out some food from his storage ring and ate it.

Following that, Lu Ze sat down and entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Inside, he appeared within a vast forest. He immediately concealed his chi and looked around in vigilance.

The fourth map was too dangerous. There were quite a few times that he appeared right in front of star state bosses and died on the spot.

In most cases, Lu Ze couldn’t figure out where he ended up. He just died right away.

Luckily this time, he was quite lucky. He felt a powerful chi around the area, but its distance was still a bit far from him.

Usually, if he didn’t appear right in front of a boss and they weren’t hungry, they wouldn’t bully him. He carefully concealed his chi and ran rapidly across the forest.

Four hours later, Lu Ze found a gra.s.s plain.

There were a total of twelve green fur b.a.l.l.s there. The strongest was only a level-4 planetary. It was not a big threat to Lu Ze.

He moved and easily killed all of them with a punch. Thereafter, he collected a bunch of orbs and three blue crystals.

During this juncture, Lu Ze entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension to cultivate every day and collected a few hundred blue crystals. He used one each day and had more than enough for now.

Lu Ze looked at the blue crystal with regret. ‘If only there were high-level blue crystals…’

However, up until now, Lu Ze hadn’t encountered stronger ones.

Lu Ze shook his head and quickly left the valley. Although he killed the green furb.a.l.l.s with a single punch, there still might be bosses coming over.

Lu Ze continued to search for suitable beasts.

A few hours later, he arrived at the familiar black mountain range.

This was a good region for hunting. There were a lot of black metal insects, and their power was something he could handle. Lu Ze went in without hesitation.

Once inside, he didn’t hide his chi and just walked between the huge black stones. After all, he couldn’t sense their chi when they were inside the mountain. He could only wait for them to find him.

Not long after entering, a powerful chi surged forward. A sharp black light shot at Lu Ze’s back.

Lu Ze grinned at this occurrence. ‘Found it!’

He flashed with lightning and disappeared from the spot.

That black arc struck Lu Ze’s afterimage and hit the rock instead.

Lu Ze clenched his fist and punched towards the insect’s back.


The golden fist force penetrated the metal bug. Immediately, its body cracked and shot away black metal pieces. A level-2 planetary state couldn’t block a single punch from him.

Lu Ze picked up the red and purple orbs, as well as the black G.o.d art orb. This G.o.d art was probably the body G.o.d art. However, Lu Ze wasn’t finished with cultivating his divine arts. He didn’t have time to cultivate this.

He could only leave it for later. Lu Ze continued delving in the mountain range. Every once in a while, there would be a black metal bug attacking him. Sometimes there was one, sometimes there were several of them. They ranged from level-1 to level-4 planetary state.

With Lu Ze’s current power, he could finish them with a single punch.

Soon, Lu Ze killed tens of insects and collected more than ten blue crystals.

As he went deeper, the insects grew stronger. The level-1 planetary states were gone, and the number of level-4 planetary states increased. When Lu Ze pa.s.sed another black stone forest, a sharp call reverberated. The insects made their move, and five powerful chis suddenly emerged. They were rapidly approaching his location to besiege him.

Three of them were level-4 planetary states while two were level-5 planetary states.

Lu Ze raised a brow. The defenses of the level-5 planetary states were extremely strong, even amongst level-7 planetary states.

Lu Ze wanted to see whether it would be troublesome for him to deal with such insects.

The five insects then attacked.

Lu Ze appeared before a level-5 planetary state and punched. His fist glowed with red and golden runes.

Fire buff and Golden Fist Art!

He moved to smash the insect’s head while the insect swiped its claws, trying to block the a.s.sault.

The claw that couldn’t be damaged, even by level-7 planetary state attacks, was instantly blown apart by the golden fist force. The fist force dismembered the insect’s body.

Consequently, Lu Ze killed the rest of them with one punch.

Lu Ze grinned.

If he was still a level-1 planetary state, he would barely be able to beat the level-5 planetary states. However, now that his cultivation level progressed, not only did his combat power improve but so did his stamina.

Half an hour later, it was about to be dark.

Lu Ze felt dazed. This was the first time he survived until night on the fourth map.

Right at this moment, ten sharp black arcs shot at him.

Lu Ze tensed up and instantly disappeared from the spot.

Three figures surrounded him. It was one level-6 planetary state and two level-5 planetary state insects.

Lu Ze punched towards the level-6 planetary state insect. In return, the insect shot out two black arcs.

A shockwave spread across all directions.

Lu Ze used this opportunity to appear before the level-5 planetary state insect and pound it to pieces.

The level-6 insect pa.s.sed through the explosion and sliced at Lu Ze. Lu Ze dodged it and killed the other level-5 planetary state insect.

Subsequently, he smiled at the level-6 insect.

One-on-one was more interesting!

The two figures clashed.

Lu Ze was much faster than the insect. He dodged all those terrifying attacks and struck its back sh.e.l.l.


The insect was slammed into a stone pillar, but soon, it jumped out of the rubbles.

Its chi was weaker, but it kept charging at Lu


Lu Ze raised his brow and had an estimate of his current power.

His Golden Fist Art, coupled with the fire buff, contained power reaching the advanced stage of level-8 planetary state.

‘This wasn’t strong enough!’ Lu Ze sighed.

This time, he used the darkness buff as well.

The chi on his fist immediately soared. The darkness buff was just at beginner mastery, but it was still strong nevertheless.

Lu Ze once again punched the insect’s back.



The fist force finally cracked the extremely tough back armor. A hideous cry sounded from the bug’s mouth.

The bug wasn’t dead yet, but it was injured.

Its chi was much weaker too.

Seeing this, Lu Ze went before the insect and threw consecutive punches on its cracked back.


After four punches, the insect finally died.

The insect turned to dust, and then, five purple and red orbs, as well as a G.o.d art orb and blue crystal, remained. Lu Ze happily collected them. This was his first time getting level-6 planetary state red orbs. With this, his cultivation speed would grow even faster.

Lu Ze left again.

At this time, a level-5 planetary state chi approached Lu Ze.

It was a level-5 planetary state insect.

Lu Ze was going to send it off with a punch, but it raised its claws and swiped at Lu Ze. A terrifying black light flashed and Lu Ze died.

Lu Ze woke up in disbelief.

‘It was just a level-5 planetary black metal insect. How could its attack be this terrifying?’

He couldn’t even dodge it…