Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 756 - Level-2 Planetary State, Perfect Mastery of Light Beam

Chapter 756 - Level-2 Planetary State, Perfect Mastery of Light Beam

Chapter 756 Level-2 Planetary State, Perfect Mastery of Light Beam

After discussing the secret realm, the old man asked them to go back and prepare.

Everyone left the meeting room and returned to their own rooms.

Lu Ze and the team sat on the couch while discussing what they should bring.

Their weapons and armors were already the best they could use at this stage.

As for healing serums, they were unnecessary, especially because they had regeneration G.o.d art and wood G.o.d art.

In terms of cultivation, they also had red orbs.

Thinking about it, they realized they only needed to bring themselves and some good food, right? Of course, Ying Ying would also be brought along. It was just another trip. Though they didn’t know whether Ying Ying could enter the secret realm, it should be fine, even if she could only remain outside. If some boss was being unreasonable, Ying Ying could reason with him.

Early the next morning, everyone gathered at the foyer of the hotel.

The prodigies of the three races were already there. Qiu An, Man Kun, Man Xiu, Eddie, Brenda, and the others were also present.

Qiu An waved his hand to Lu Ze and the rest. “Lu Ze, here.”

Lu Ze and the group walked over.

Man Kun seemed to have forgotten the previous defeat he suffered. His face had a smile. “I didn’t think we would be fighting alongside each other so quickly.” Lu Ze smiled. “I didn’t expect it either.” Usually, the beings of the four races would only have the opportunity to fight side by side when they reached higher levels. For example, star state or even cosmic system state. Eddie looked at Lu Ze. “I will catch up to you!”

Lu Ze felt dazed for a moment, but he nodded in the end. “Go for it! You can do it!”

Eddie: “???”

‘Lu Ze was clearly comforting him, but why did he feel annoyed instead?’

Nangong Jing looked curiously at Qiu An. “Qiu An, the secret realm is what you meant last time, yes?”

Qiu An nodded. “Yes, this is it. We discovered that secret realm when we were battling the Purple Scale Race. We’ve gone inside and explored. This secret realm was formed tens of millions of years ago. The s.p.a.ce inside it isn’t too stable. A high-level planetary state can shatter the s.p.a.ce inside. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be the younger generation entering.”

Lu Ze and the group nodded. Some secret realms were naturally formed, and some were man-made. Creating a small dimension involved a lot of restrictions and the stability of s.p.a.ce inside was far weaker than the outside universe.

Natural ones were better, but artificial ones would become weaker and weaker if there were no energy to sustain the secret realm. s.p.a.ce lines would contract as time went on.

At this moment, the cosmic system states arrived. Behind them were the star states of the four races.

Even Zuoqiu Xunshuang was there too.

Clearly, they were all going over.

Qiu Lun nodded. “There are two months left. Time is of the essence. Let’s head off.”

The other cosmic system states nodded.

Then, Lu Ze and the team followed the cosmic system states to the Moon s.p.a.ce Station.

The s.h.i.+ps left behind by the three races were there, as well as a large black human s.h.i.+p.

It was a few kilometers long and appeared ma.s.sive and advanced.

Soon, everyone boarded their own s.h.i.+ps and flew off.

On the human s.h.i.+p, Zuoqiu Xunshuang led Lu Ze and the others around.

Lu Ze and the rest looked curiously at the metallic hallways.

This s.h.i.+p was completely different from what they had seen before. It seemed more high technology.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang smiled. “We bought this s.h.i.+p from the East Realm Gathering for a considerable price. Its attack and defense could reach the peak of star state. It is the s.h.i.+p for Human Race’s interstellar travel.”

Lu Ze and the others were shocked.

The peak of star state! This was approaching the cosmic system state then.

The Human Race only had four cosmic system states currently.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang smiled. “The cosmic system state can be bought at the East Realm Gathering but that price isn’t something our race can handle.”

Lin Kuang said in shock, “You can even buy cosmic system state resources at the East Realm social gathering?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang smiled. “The things in there are far beyond your imagination. There might even be cosmic cloud state items there.”

“Cosmic cloud state?!” Lu Ze and the rest exclaimed.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang nodded in confirmation. “Sometimes, the Elf Race would be traveling there. The things they deal with are cosmic cloud states. It might not be a big deal to them, but it will be something the other races would fight for. Of course, the cosmic cloud state civilization might also choose to trade such things.”

This increased the desire of Lu Ze and the others to enter even more.

Soon, they arrived at the residential region.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang provided, “This is the residential region. The rooms have been prepared. It takes two months to get there. Cultivate during this time. If you need anything, you can notify the guards here.”

Lu Ze and the others nodded.

Later on, all the other groups left. Only Lu Ze’s team remained.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang turned around and smiled. “The old man specifically told me to arrange your rooms close to each other.”

Lu Ze and the girls were stunned by the statement. Right then, an idea came to their minds. The old man didn’t want others to disturb them…’

Nangong Jing and the others were very embarra.s.sed.

After Zuoqiu Xunshuang left, everyone went to Lu Ze’s room.

It wasn’t too s.p.a.cious.

Upon entering, Lu Ze looked around and said, “Ying Ying, come out.”

Starlight glowed and Ying Ying suddenly appeared in the room.

Lu Li hugged Ying Ying.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang also prepared Ying Ying’s room. It was next to theirs.

After bringing Ying Ying back to her room, everyone began their own cultivation.

Lu Ze sat on the bed and planned his cultivation.

He had been learning divine art this whole time before. His cultivation level didn’t improve at all. He should work on it now.

Lu Ze also needed to learn other divine arts.

Currently, Light Beam, Darkness Beam, Light and Darkness Beam, darkness buff, and the golden needle hadn’t reached perfection mastery yet.

The three beams were the priority. After all, if Light and Darkness Beam reached perfection, it would become his strongest offensive means.

Darkness buff and fire buff were too energy-consuming when used together, so Lu Ze was in no rush to learn them.

On the other hand, the golden needle divine art was just another means of attack.

Lu Ze planned to work on his cultivation level during the day and cultivate Light Beam and Darkness Beam at night.

Accordingly, he began cultivating.

During the night, Lu Ze felt that he would be able to reach level-2 planetary state in half a month.

This speed was extremely satisfying.

Consequently, he left and went to Ying Ying’s room.

It wasn’t a suite, so everyone could only eat in Ying Ying’s room.

After dinner, everyone went back to cultivate again.

On the 18th day, Lu Ze was covered in sweat. He was trying to break through to the level-2 planetary state.

The spirit force inside his cells surged towards the planets inside his cells.

As the spirit force entered the planet, invisible waves spread everywhere.

Lu Ze’s entire body was experiencing pain.

At this time, Lu Ze felt that vast universal knowledge again. In contrast, it was far different when he broke through to the planetary state. Nonetheless, it was still pretty great.

He used a purple orb, coupled with a blue crystal, and began learning it. This breakthrough lasted a few hours.

When his spirit force completely entered the planet, the rune went from one to two. The planet was s.h.i.+ning brighter.

Ten hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes. Light Beam reached perfection mastery!