Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 758 - Heaven, Protect the Human Race!

Chapter 758 - Heaven, Protect the Human Race!

Chapter 758 Heaven, Protect the Human Race!

Lu Ze, feeling dumbfounded, sat on the bed. He thought of one possibility. ‘Was that metal bug an overlord?’

However, were overlord’s cultivation level that low?

Regardless, he would encounter it again next time. He would wait until then…

Following that, Lu Ze began to count his loot. The major reward was the level-6 planetary state red and purple orbs. In addition, he managed to gather a total of 19 blue crystals.

Since he only needed one blue crystal a day, those blue crystals would be enough for 19 days.

As for the rest, there were more than twenty level-5 planetary state red and purple orbs, and even more level-4 planetary state orbs, as well as hundreds of other ones.

He could use level-6 planetary state orbs for himself and give the level-5 planetary state ones to the alcoholic and fox demon. Their body could handle energy of this level now.

As for Lin Ling, she could barely use level-2 planetary state energy. Lu Li and Alice could only use level-1 planetary state orbs.

As long as he didn’t die on the spot in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, he would have cultivation resources for everyone to use for several days.

Lu Ze took out and used a blue crystal, including a level-6 planetary state purple orb. Lu Ze immediately felt his mind clear up.

With his current learning capability, he could improve the Darkness Beam, as well as the Light and Darkness Beam, to perfect mastery.

That way, he would have more confidence venturing into the secret realm.

Soon, when eight hours had pa.s.sed, Lu Ze opened his eyes and left his room.

Inside Ying Ying’s room, Lu Li and Alice were eating with Ying Ying.

Lin Ling, Qiuyue Hesha, and Nangong Jing weren’t there. When Lu Ze entered, Alice smiled. “Senior, you finished cultivation? Come and eat with us.”

She prepared a bowl and chopsticks for him.

Lu Ze sat down and put a piece of purple cake into his mouth.


Lu Ze then asked, “How is the progress of your cultivation?”

Lu Li smiled. “I’m already a level – 8 mortal evolution state.”

Alice nodded. “Me too.”

Lu Ze said, “Not bad, you were faster than me at that time.”

This was only natural since he didn’t have level-1 planetary state special red orbs back when he was merely a level-7 mortal evolution state.

Alice mumbled, “We’re still quite far from sister Lin Ling. She can probably reach the planetary state in ten days.”

It wasn’t that Lu Ze wanted to give Lin Ling better resources. In essence, their bodies simply couldn’t handle level-2 planetary state red orb energy.

Lu Ze wasn’t surprised that Lin Ling was about to make a breakthrough.

He could only comfort the two girls. “Drink some more golden fruit wine. When your body is strong enough, you can use higher-level red orbs.”

Lu Li and Alice blushed. They thought back to what happened before. Lu Li glared at Lu Ze, and Alice looked at Lu Ze with embarra.s.sment.

It was so embarra.s.sing! Lu Ze: “???”

He was confused by their reactions. ‘Was there something wrong with telling them to drink more golden fruit wine?’

After breakfast, everyone returned to their rooms for cultivation.

Lu Ze started to use level-6 planetary state orbs to cultivate.

The orb turned into a stream of energy inside his body, and Lu Ze immediately felt pain.

Even with his current body strength, he could only barely handle this energy.

Half the energy went to strengthen his body while the other half entered his cells and drew spirit force from the void into him. His empty cells were slowly being filled up once more. Ten hours later, the red orb was used up.

Lu Ze exhaled and checked his progress.

The orbs were rather amazing. If he used them every day, he would be able to reach level-3 planetary state in just a month.

This speed was beyond belief.

This was the planetary state!

Ordinary planetary states would celebrate if they could break through a level within a few decades. Most of them could only advance every few hundred years while some would be stuck for the rest of their lives.

Even prodigies would take ten years to make a breakthrough

However, Lu Ze was different. For him, his cultivation speed was rather stable. He only took one month to break through a small state, whether it was the mortal evolution state or the planetary state.

As for a bottleneck, Lu Ze’s foundation was extremely stable. It didn’t exist for him. He then thought about it. ‘If this continued, he would be invincible in a few years.’

Lu Ze visited Ying Ying’s room again. He found that only Lin Ling was there.

Of course, Ying Ying was still there, so although they threw seductive glances at each other, they couldn’t really do anything while inside.

After dinner, Lu Ze gave Lin Ling some more level-2 planetary state orbs and even a few level-3 planetary state orbs.

Lin Ling smiled. “Although my combat power can’t compare with yours, my cultivation level is about to catch up!”

Lu Ze flicked her forehead and grinned. “I’ll tell you a secret. I just reached level-2 planetary state.” Lin Ling: “?!?!:

Seeing Lin Ling widen her eyes and mouth, Lu Ze felt great.

‘Bullying Lin Ling was fun.’

Lin Ling glared at Lu Ze and left.

Lu Ze also returned to his room.

Ten days later, Lu Ze suddenly felt something during cultivation. Accordingly, he opened his eyes. He saw all sorts of light flowing in the s.h.i.+p. That light of endless wisdom subtly appeared.

Lin Ling broke through, and it created a phenomenon too.

Lu Ze didn’t waste time. He closed his eyes and used it to learn the Darkness Beam.

Soon, he felt that Lin Ling’s phenomenon was much weaker than his. Nevertheless, he still might be able to push Darkness Beam to perfect mastery with this.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were also benefiting from this. They were just missing the last step, and this step could be done today.

Simultaneously, Lu Li and Alice opened their eyes. Lin Ling reached the planetary state, and now, they were the only ones left behind in the mortal evolution state.

They closed their eyes and began cultivating again. ‘They can’t be worse than the sisters!’

On the other side of the s.h.i.+p, Saint Jinyao suddenly opened his eyes and was shocked. “This is…?”

He immediately realized that someone reached the planetary state!

At this moment, a knocking sound could be heard. Zuoqiu Xunshuang’s excited voice came out thereafter. “Old man?”

Saint Jinyao appeared by the door and opened

Zuoqiu Xunshuang was standing outside. “This phenomenon is very similar to when Lu Ze broke through, but it’s weaker. Which girl broke through? It should probably be Lin Ling!”

Saint Jinyao nodded and couldn’t hide his surprise. “Heavens, protect the Human Race!” This meant that Lin Ling’s talent was extremely superior. She had the potential to reach the cosmic cloud state!

‘If the Human Race had two cosmic cloud states, how glorious would it be?’ The thought of it alone made him excited.