Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 751 - Far From It

Chapter 751 - Far From It

Chapter 751 Far From It

On the stage, Qiu An flashed with silver-white light. His chi was very terrifying.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze looked at Qiu An and didn’t do anything. He planned to let Qiu An show off first.

At this moment, Qiu An suddenly flung his arm and the entire arm stretched out from his body. It turned into a silver long sword and proceeded to attack Lu Ze.

Lu Ze dodged the attack while Qiu An disappeared from the spot. In the next second, he emerged again next to Lu Ze and cut down.

As a result, Lu Ze looked at this white sword in shock. This was a level-5 planetary state attack. It was much stronger than Man Feng’s.

He was indeed the leader of the Round Race!

Lu Ze praised the other party. Thereafter, a golden light flashed on his right hand. He released a punch towards the sword.

Upon collision, the fist force sent Qiu An flying, but Qiu An’s legs suddenly detached from his main body and turned into two swords which attacked Lu Ze.

The right-hand sword, which Lu Ze dodged previously, also flew back. It attempted to strike Lu Ze.

Faced with such an attack, Lu Ze raised a brow. He flashed with a golden color and dodged the two-leg swords. Subsequently, he slapped away the right-arm sword. Currently, Qiu An’s left arm also disconnected from him. It joined the a.s.sault against Lu Ze with the other body parts. Lu Ze looked at Qiu An who only had a round body and head left. His mouth twitched. However, at this moment, Qiu An’s round body quickly thinned down, and the four ligaments grew out again.

The flying sword ligaments didn’t disappear.

Lu Ze was dazed. “That worked?’

Before he could think, the skinny ball Qiu An shot at him and made all sorts of attacks.

Nevertheless, the difference in power couldn’t be erased. A golden rune flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. Golden runes formed on his fists as a domineering chi exploded from him.

Qiu An’s black eyes widened. He was shocked. His attempt to retreat was halted by Lu Ze’s punch.

A dominant fist force struck Qiu An and left a huge hole in his body.

The force took him out of the stage. With this, the four flying swords also stopped.

Moments later, Qiu An struggled to get up.

The gaping hole in his chest squirmed and healed after some time. The four flying swords also returned to his body, and he recovered his rotund form.

He didn’t seem injured right now, but in reality, his chi was much weaker.

He panted. “I lost.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Brother Qiu An’s power is very strong. I almost had to use full power to beat you. Don’t be sad. You can definitely become stronger!”

Lu Ze felt he should comfort him.

On the other hand, Qiu An didn’t know whether he should be happy or angry upon hearing this.

‘Almost use full power!’

This meant that Lu Ze didn’t use his full power?!

Qiu An showed an awkward yet polite smile. “Thank you, brother Lu Ze. Next time, I’ll challenge you again.” Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. It seemed his comforting effort was useful. He then replied, “You’re welcome at any time!”

With this, they would be closer.

Lu Ze felt great. Now, the old man wouldn’t say anything

At the stand, Saint Jinyao nodded happily. This kid did well this time. He showed the hospitable spirit of the host.

He said, “Qiu An can reach level-5 planetary state combat power with just level-2 planetary state cultivation level. He’s very extraordinary. Although our kid is slightly better, Qiu An can perhaps follow suit next time.”

Saint Lin Dong nodded in agreement. They won, but they still needed to give some face to their friend.

Qiu Lun also showed an awkward yet polite smile. “Qiu An’s power is still lacking, but your Lu Ze is too talented. Congratulations.

Saint Jinyao waved his hand. “Nah, nah, that kid is still far from it. He needs more training. Don’t compliment him like that. When he can replace us, then he’ll be good enough.”

Qiu Lun’s mouth twitched. Qiu An’s talent was indeed good, and he had hopes of reaching the cosmic system state. However, Lu Ze was merely a level-1 planetary state. Qiu An ended up losing Yet, he still needed to get comforted by these two old guys…

Saint Jinyao felt great, but he still maintained a calm expression. “Then, let’s continue?” Man Dali and the rest glanced at each other.

Qiu Lun’s mouth twitched. There was no one left from the Round Race.

Man Dali and Doris nodded.

Although Lu Ze beat Qiu An, they were rather confident in Man Kun and Eddie.

Saint Jinyao continued, “Lu Ze can challenge level-3 planetary state prodigies.”

The crowd was immediately excited.

“It has begun!”

“The last wave! Go Monarch of the New Dawn! Beat Eddie and Man Kun!”

“The Human Race has never gotten first, right?”

“Monarch of the New Dawn, bring back the first win for us!”

Almost all the humans stopped their work and looked at the screens with excitement.

The Human Race has never gotten first in the Four-Race Social Gathering in terms of the strongest prodigy. They had only won in minor fights.

But this time, Lu Ze crushed all the level-2 planetary state prodigies, giving them huge hope in return. Over a thousand years of alliance, the Human Race should have their win now!

Lu Ze turned to the Winged and Barbarian Race. “Human Race, Lu Ze. I would like to challenge the two races!”

Eddie and Man Kun were bursting with battle intent.

Eddie jumped off onto the stage. His eyes were full of battle intent. He didn’t seem anti-social at all currently.

He grinned. “Brother Lu Ze, didn’t expect you were this strong! But… the first place belongs to the Winged Race!”

Lu Ze smiled. “Victory isn’t decided by words. Come, brother Eddie, let me see your power.”

Eddie’s expression became focused. “As you wish.”

His pitch-black wings flapped. The stage was then shrouded in darkness. At the same time, dark runes floated on his wings.

His chi rapidly ascended.

From level-3 planetary state to level-4, level-5…

Eventually, it reached the advanced level-6 planetary state, nearing the peak stage.

This improvement was extensive than Qiu An’s. He flapped his wings, and his body almost teleported instantly in front of Lu Ze. Thereafter, green runes gathered on his long sword as sharp wind G.o.d art sliced at Lu Ze’s back.

Eddie learned the darkness and wind G.o.d art to a rather deep level. His attacks were soundless yet deadly. Lu Ze also had these two G.o.d arts, and he learned them to a deeper degree than Eddie!

This darkness was like daylight to him.


Blood lightning circulated Lu Ze, and he instantly disappeared from the spot.

The sword ray missed Lu Ze and struck the stage instead.

When Lu Ze disappeared, Eddie’s face changed. Simultaneously, he felt a terrifying wave from behind him.

In the following moment, Eddie’s eyes narrowed. Green runes started forming on his black wings. His speed rose up again. He disappeared from the spot.


As he did, a golden fist force sliced across where he stood. Eddie looked at the golden fist force with some fear.

‘So close!’

What terrifying attack was this?!

If he was struck, he would end up heavily injured!