Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 750 - Technical Work

Chapter 750 - Technical Work

Chapter 750 Technical Work

The prodigies from the three races looked at Lu Ze in a dazed manner.

His performance was more absurd than Lin Ling’s and the other two girls’. After all, Lu Ze only used his body alone to toss Man Ming, who had gone all out, like a mere child. He was eerily powerful!

Lin Kuang’s mouth twitched. Luckily, he backed down quickly before. Who could bear this anyway? ‘If it were him, he would probably be flying out too, right?’

Luo Bingqing’s handsome face couldn’t stay indifferent anymore. He sighed. “Ze’s talent isn’t something we can compare with indeed.”

Louisa and the others nodded too.

They had watched as Lu Ze grew stronger step by step. Before, they only a.s.sumed that Lu Ze was simply a talented student. However, to their surprise, Lu Ze already surpa.s.sed them.

By a lot!

Out of all the people, they were the ones who were shocked the most, precisely because they were able to witness Lu Ze’s growth personally. Jack sighed. “Soon, this guy’s name would spread across the entire eastern region.” Everyone nodded. Only one year was left until the East Realm Gathering. With Lu Ze’s progression speed, he would definitely become even stronger. ‘What degree would they reach by then?’

Nangong Jing and the girls weren’t surprised at all. They were the most familiar with Lu Ze.

This was just the beginning. Today, Lu Ze was bound to shock everyone.

Thinking about this, Nangong Jing and the rest of the group looked at Lu Ze with starry eyes. ‘This guy was really outstanding despite being a huge foodie and an idiot!’

Following the victory of Lu Ze, the audience became extremely excited too. “Monarch of the New Dawn is amazing!!” “The strongest human prodigy!”

“This is too easy. He’s the Monarch of the New Dawn indeed. Would he be able to get the first place?”

“I don’t think it’s much of a problem for him!”

“This is just a small scene.”

“I just want to have babies with little brother Lu Ze!”

“I want to have two!”

“I want to have a dozen!!”

“There’s so many who want to have babies with little brother Lu Ze. You’ll never get your turn!”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “Lu Ze would like to challenge the prodigies from the three races


The level-1 planetary state prodigies looked among each other. They really couldn’t hold up against Lu Ze.

Man Ming was exceptionally powerful, but he was like a mere baby to Lu Ze. They didn’t feel they would be any better. After some silence, Saint Jinyao announced, “Lu Ze can challenge level-2 planetary state prodigies.” Simultaneously, he spoke telepathically to Lu Ze, “Kid, take it easy, especially when you fight with Qiu An. Leave the Round Race some face!”

Lu Ze gasped at the words. He felt disappointed. He had just thought of many ways to act cool. Now that the old man said this, he couldn’t enact them anymore…

However, since the old man said it, then he would fight casually.

He looked at the three races again and said, “Lu Ze would like to challenge the seniors.”

One prodigy from the Barbarian Race flew to the platform. “I’m Man Feng. Brother Lu Ze’s body really shocks me. Let me try it.”

Then, he took out a green battle-ax. Green runes appeared around his body. Some even extended to his face.

With this, his chi surged, and a shockwave spread across all directions.

He jumped up from the ground and went above Lu Ze’s head. His muscles tensed up, and his veins popped out as he hacked down with the ax.

Screech! The air was sliced open by the ax as a sharp chi pressed towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze estimated that this guy’s attack was pretty much at the peak of the level-4 planetary state. Man Feng was quite strong to have such power in his current cultivation level.

He was on par with the ordinary beasts in the Pocket Hunting Dimension on the fourth map.

Even Luo Bingqing and the rest could not fight beyond their level by this much.

This guy was indeed a prodigy of the Barbarian Race.

Nevertheless, this wasn’t a threat to Lu Ze. Those beings who didn’t have a level-7 planetary state combat power were of no threat to him. Even a level-7 planetary state would only pose a minor problem for him.

According to the old man, he was pretty much invincible among level-7 planetary states.

In the next moment, a golden light flashed, and Lu Ze used body G.o.d art. A force more dominant than Man Feng’s surged.

Lu Ze had to show that he was using quite some power, but he was also going to challenge the two who were level-3 planetary states, so he couldn’t act too weak either.

This was really troublesome. He couldn’t be too strong or too weak…

Lu Ze left under the attack-range of the ax and then appeared before Man Feng. He kicked him in the chest.


Man Feng flew out like a comet and landed heavily outside the stage.

With this outcome, Lu Ze felt happy. He used a bit of power now. The old man should know he was fighting casually.

Saint Jinyao: “???”

He rolled his eyes. ‘Didn’t he tell this kid to take it easy?’

What was this then?!

Seeing the level-2 planetary state Man Feng get defeated so easily, the prodigies from the other three races were once again dumbfounded.

Man Feng struggled up and rubbed his chest.

The injury wasn’t too serious. If Lu Ze didn’t take back some force, he wouldn’t be like this now.

Thinking about this, he felt more complicated. He exhaled and nodded at Lu Ze. “Brother Lu Ze’s power is amazing, I’m inferior.”

Thereafter, he flew back to get healed.

Lu Ze then smiled again. “Lu Ze would like to challenge the seniors from the other three races.”

Man Kun looked at Lu Ze with shock.

Man Xiu said, “I will go and try.”

Man Kun shook his head. “You’re no match for him.”

He smiled bitterly. “I had a feeling before that this guy was powerful, but I didn’t expect him to be this strong. Even I’m not confident in beating him.”

Man Xiu looked at Man Kun with disbelief. “He’s that strong?”.

The other prodigies from the Barbarian Race looked at Man Kun with disbelief.

“The human race has a prodigy like him? This guy can probably enter the prodigy ranking,


They knew how strong Man Kun was, and even he wasn’t confident in winning.

Lu Ze was only a level-1 planetary state…

Now, no one dared to go down.

At the stand of the Winged Race, Eddie looked at Lu Ze with excitement. “I didn’t expect that the human race has such a prodigy. This is an opponent I desire!”

The prodigies from the Winged Race were shocked. Eddie wasn’t good at socializing, but he was really powerful. ‘Yet, he considered Lu Ze an equal opponent?’ Eventually, after some silence, Round Race Qiu An entered the arena.

He was the strongest among the Round Race, so he had no choice. As the last hope for his race, he had to go up.

He smiled at Lu Ze. “Round Race, Qiu An. h.e.l.lo, brother Lu Ze.”