Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 752 - Most Precious Talent

Chapter 752 - Most Precious Talent

Chapter 752 Most Precious Talent

Eddie panted and looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

‘How did Lu Ze find him in the darkness?’ Before Eddie could think about it, Lu Ze once again disappeared from the spot.

Despite using Lightning Travel divine art alone, Lu Ze’s speed was not slower than Eddie’s. He appeared instantly before Eddie and punched with beams of golden light.

That terrifying golden fist force surged in the darkness.

Eddie sweated cold and quickly dodged Lu Ze’s attacks.

If Lu Ze didn’t have night vision, Eddie could come and go as he pleased in the darkness. However, now that his eerie means were useless to Lu Ze, it was not good.

After trying to take advantage of the darkness to hide and still getting caught, Eddie gave up.

He was certain Lu Ze had the ability to restrict in the darkness. Although he didn’t know exactly what it was, Eddie didn’t sit around. He used wind G.o.d art to send cutting wind blades at Lu Ze as means of counterattack.

These weak attacks weren’t effective in injuring Lu Ze at all, but he didn’t give up. He was simply waiting for Lu Ze to make a mistake.

To Eddie, Lu Ze’s cultivation level was only at level-1 planetary state. If the battle dragged out, he shouldn’t lose.

It was this belief that supported him to keep dodging Lu Ze’s attacks.

When the golden fist force sc.r.a.ped past him, it made his skin hurt. The dodging maneuvers also made his power depleted rapidly.

What shocked him was that even though he was already panting, Lu Ze still had a calm expression as though he didn’t use any energy at all.

‘What was this?!’

Even he couldn’t handle such an intense battle. But Lu Ze’s cultivation level was lower than his!

‘Was his spirit force ampler than his??’

The battle went on, and the darkness on the stage was distorting.

Moments later, Eddie’s face turned pale. He was sweating quite a lot. Comparatively, Lu Ze was still having it easy.

As Eddie’s chi weakened, his speed began to drop. As for Lu Ze’s golden fist force, it was still very steady.

Currently, it was getting harder and harder for Eddie to dodge.

After another clash, Lu Ze appeared behind Eddie and struck his back.

Eddie roared and sucked all the darkness back in his wings. His face was paler, and a dark mark appeared on his forehead.

Nevertheless, his chi became stronger, and it was extremely approaching the level-7 planetary state.

A black sword sliced out from his right hand towards Lu Ze’s fist force.

The collision created a loud impact, and a shockwave spread across all directions. That sword ray crushed the fist force and continued striking towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze raised a brow. He didn’t expect Eddie to have such a trump card.

Golden runes gathered on his hands again as the golden fist force surged.

He stood in the air and punched towards the black sword ray.

One punch, the black sword ray paused and dimmed.

Second punch, the black sword ray halted once more and dimmed even more.

Third punch…

Fourth punch…

Fifth punch…

In a brief instant, Lu Ze executed tens of punches and crushed the black sword ray. These consecutive attacks finally made him pant a little.

Eddie saw that his strongest attack didn’t work, and his mouth twitched. He used up all his power at this point.

‘d.a.m.n it, how much power reserve did this guy have?!’

Clearly, Eddie had a higher cultivation level, and yet, he had less spirit force. The cosmic system states were also speechless.

Obviously, Lu Ze had a special spirit body, and his foundation was terrifyingly stable. Such prodigies were the most frightening.

Pursuing the extreme of every step undoubtedly built the best foundation for the future.

Lu Ze looked at Eddie who couldn’t even fly properly and smiled. “You’re indeed brother Eddie. You forced me to this level. I almost used up my spirit force.”

Eddie felt very hurt by the remark. ‘As if I would believe you!’

Lu Ze didn’t even sweat.

Qiu An was also speechless. Lu Ze said he almost used his full power.

‘Almost meant an entire state?!’

Saint Jinyao complimented Eddie as usual, and now, Doris finally understood how Qiu Lun felt.

Eddie’s mouth twitched, and he nodded. “I lost, I will challenge you again next time!”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “You are welcome anytime.”

Eddie returned to the stand and sat on his spot while looking down. He was very quiet. Brenda looked at him worriedly. “Eddie, are you okay?”

She knew her brother had been praised all the time within their race. His path of cultivation was very smooth. This was the first time he suffered such a huge loss. She was worried he couldn’t handle it.”

Eddie bit his lips. “I’m not satisfied…”

Cultivation was something he was addicted to. He cultivated non-stop, and yet, he lost to level-1 planetary state Lu Ze. ‘How could he be satisfied?’

Brenda opened her mouth but didn’t say anything and just patted his back in the end.

The other beings from the Winged Race looked at Eddie and said nothing.

This proud youth suffered a huge loss. If he can’t walk out of it, his future would be much shorter.

After a long silence, Eddie took a deep breath and looked up with firmness. “I will win it back!”

If he gave up after one loss, he would be too much of a loser.

Brenda smiled. Her brother didn’t disappoint her.

A level-2 planetary state from the Winged Race patted Eddie. “Eddie you’re very talented, but the universe is too big. There’s always someone stronger. Encountering defeat is inevitable. Standing up after losing and firmly walking towards your goal is the most precious talent.”

Eddie nodded and looked at Lu Ze with firmness.

Meanwhile, the audience exploded. “One last battle!”

“Monarch of the New Dawn is amazing! Win this one and the Human Race would be first!”

“Get the first place!”

“Go Monarch of the New Dawn!”

On planet Lan Jiang, Merlin clutched his hands excitedly. “If this kid really gets the first place for the Human Race, I won’t intervene with him and Alice. They can do whatever.”

Lu Wen nodded. “Me too. They can do whatever they want. Just get us first. If he can’t, I’m going to fly to his school and break his legs!”

Merlin nodded. “Take me with you. Your power is a bit lacking. You can’t break his legs. I’ll do it!”

Fu Shuya and Zhu Honglian nodded for once. Everyone was watching this with red eyes. At Lu Ze’s high school, Li Liang’s eyes were red as well. “I have no regrets in life after teaching this kid.”

Even Saint Jinyao and Lin Dong couldn’t hold it anymore. After a thousand years, this was unprecedented.

Saint Jinyao looked at Lu Ze gently.

‘Kid, you better get first!’

Lu Ze recovered his energy and then smiled. “Human Race, Lu Ze. I would like to challenge brother Man Kun!”

Man Kun got up. His battle will stirred the clouds. He then hopped on the stage and grinned. “Barbarian Race, Man Kun. I accept the challenge!”