Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 749 - Lost Like That?

Chapter 749 - Lost Like That?

Chapter 749 Lost Like That?

Following Lin Kuang’s battle, Luo Bingqing, Jack, Derrick, Daphne, Louisa, Xuan Yuji, Mo Xie, Chi Xiaomo, and Bernie all went to the platform.

Most of the people who fought against them were their previous opponents from five years ago.

Everyone was fairly familiar with each other, and their battles were tremendously intense.

In the compet.i.tion, each of the partic.i.p.ants had wins and losses. For the most part, the level-1 planetary state prodigies of the Human Race were rather strong. After all, they consumed the red orbs to build their foundation.

Man Dali looked at Luo Bingqing who was fighting Qiu An and exclaimed, “Nangong, your Human Race is about to advance. All these little guys are quite talented.”

Doris nodded in agreement. “Their foundations are very solid. They can go pretty far in the star state. If they are lucky, they might even be able to reach the cosmic system state.”

Qiu Lun smiled. “You guys probably spent a lot of resources to cultivate them, right?”

All the foundations of the level-1 planetary state prodigies were so firm. This wouldn’t happen if they didn’t use resources.

Nevertheless, they could understand this situation.

Saint Jinyao and Lin Dong were different from them. They had to plan the future of their race as soon as possible. Otherwise, a few thousand years later, the Human Race would decline after they die. Saint Jinyao sighed. “Yes, it did cost a lot of resources.”

The red orbs that Ze took out clearly weren’t ordinary energy. They weren’t a trifling resource.

Doris and the others felt complicated. They were all friends, but a few thousand years later, these two old guys would be gone. Watching them prepare for their death was quite sad.

Man Dali smiled. “Nangong, don’t worry. Even if you pa.s.s away, I will still take care of the Human Race as much as I can.”

Saint Jinyao became dazed. He was touched, but he couldn’t help but feel angry.

‘He wasn’t dead yet!’

He was waiting for that kid to produce energy with a higher level. Perhaps he might die later than Man Dali by then.

Jinyao laughed and nodded. “Thank you, old dude.”

The battles on the stage continued.

Luo Bingqing’s ice G.o.d art was capable of countering the Round Race’s thousand transformation G.o.d art.

The Round Race’s body could be soft or hard. If it was frozen, it would be difficult to change forms.

Eventually, Luo Bingqing beat Qiu An and won.

Soon, it was already night. Everyone rested and resumed the battle the next day.

By midday, pretty much all the level-1 planetary states had fought.

At least, the level-1 planetary states of the Human Race have fought quite a few times. They were slightly stronger than their previous opponents from five years ago. This was rather a pleasing situation to them.

Seeing how happy everyone was, Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “Can I go now?”

These guys had their fun, but every time he was about to step on the stage, he was stopped by them.

Everyone felt a bit awkward.

Lin Kuang patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Look at you. You’re so strong. We went up first to test the waters for you and see if they’re worth your time. This is great, isn’t it? I’m doing this for your benefit.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He smiled. “Actually, I feel brother Lin Kuang is a really suitable opponent for me.”

Lin Kuang: “???”

Due to Lu Ze’s response, his smile stiffened. “Um, I’ve fought too many opponents. I’m too tired now. Next time, I’ll fight three hundred rounds with you!”

This guy could beat up planetary states before he was even a planetary state. If Lin Kuang went up now, he would get beaten to death.

Lu Ze was just joking. He was Lin Ling’s brother after all. He couldn’t really beat him up.

Soon, the current battle ended, and Lu Ze finally flew up to the stage.

With this, all the human prodigies looked at Lu Ze. They wanted to see the difference between them and Lu Ze.

Saint Jinyao and Lin Dong smiled. It was finally this kid’s turn to fight. They almost fell asleep earlier.

On the side, the high-levels of the other three races looked at Lu Ze curiously.

At this point, the comments section covered the entire screen of the broadcast.

“Monarch of the New Dawn is finally here!”

“I’ve been waiting for so long!”

“Monarch of the New Dawn is invincible!” “Little brother Lu Ze is so handsome!”

On planet Lan Jiang, Lu Wen, Fu Shuya, Merlin, and Zhu Honglian were also watching. Merlin said curiously, “I wonder how strong this kid is. If he doesn’t get the first place, I’m going to give him some special training when he returns!”

Zhu Honglian smiled. “What if he gets first?”

Merlin then countered, “If he does, then he does. What else?”

At the void border, in Zhihuo Little Restaurant, the broadcast was also playing. All the adventurers filled the restaurant. They were watching Lu Ze.

“It’s finally his time to fight. I wanted to sleep before.”

“Hehe, me too. I’ve been waiting for Monarch of the New Dawn’s battle.”

“Let the other three races see that the Human Race can also have an unparalleled prodigy!”

“With his talent, he can be ranked in the entire Elf cosmic realm state.”

“Definitely! Who do you think he is?! Do you not know what he did at the void border?”

“By the way, Boss Zhu made a Zhihuo Shooting Star just for Monarch of the New Dawn?”

“Of course, I was there at the time. I ate it with him!”

Yan Gu and the others were there among the crowd.

To them, Lu Ze was a person who created miracles.

‘Would he be able to create another miracle and beat two level-3 planetary state prodigies while only being a level-1 planetary state.’

Lu Ze smiled. “Human Race, Lu Ze. I would like to challenge the three races.”

He was a little excited. It was finally his turn.

He was going to act cool now! He needed to think about what position was the coolest.

The prodigies from the three races didn’t know much about Lu Ze. This was their first time seeing him.

A bulky barbarian flew up and grinned. “Barbarian Race, Man Ming. Brother Lu Ze, please!”

Lu Ze smiled in return. “Please.”

“Hiyahh!” Man Ming roared as runes floated around him.

He used full power immediately. All the other level-1 planetary state prodigies from the Human Race had finished their round. Since Lu Ze was the last one to fight, perhaps he was the strongest.

He widened his eyes and instantly disappeared from the spot.

When his huge body appeared before Lu Ze, the barbarian clenched his fist and proceeded to crush Lu Ze with it.

The wind blew around Lu Ze’s hair.

In the next second, Lu Ze lifted up his hand. His long white hands clashed with the fist that was the size of his head.


That ferocious beast-like body instantly halted its movements. The barbarian looked at Lu Ze who didn’t move at all. He could only s.h.i.+ver in return.

‘What monstrous body was this?!’

He stomped on the ground, trying to break free from Lu Ze.

During this moment, Lu Ze grabbed Man Ming’s wrist and lifted him up entirely.

Thereafter, his hand fell, and Man Ming’s four-meter tall body was rammed into the stage. Man Ming’s face went pale. He ended up dazed.

At this juncture, Lu Ze lifted his hand again, and Man Ming was thrown off the stage. This crash woke Man Ming up.

His head was wobbling as he got up. He was completely dumbfounded. …. he lost like that?’

The others couldn’t react as well.

Man Dali stared at the figure on the stage and then at Saint Jinyao “Oh s.h.i.+t! What body does that kid have?!”

He only used the power of his body and not even a G.o.d art. Yet, he threw Man Ming out like a kid.

This body was on par with the body of the Barbarian King Jinyao felt great. He casually waved his hand. “I already said this little kid is a prodigy that only appears once in a thousand years. He’s not ordinary of course.”