Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 748 - Doubt Life

Chapter 748 - Doubt Life

Chapter 748 Doubt Life

Lin Ling continued fighting after resting for a while.

A few more level-1 planetary state prodigies went to challenge her, but they did not pose any threat to Lin Ling. Of course, this didn’t include Lu Ze.

Lu Ze felt it was best to let her prolong the battle. After all, he already fought her enough usually. She was bullied by him every time.

He was different from ordinary level-1 planetary state prodigies.

After Lin Ling easily beat an extremely strong level-1 planetary state barbarian, no more level-1 planetary state prodigies dared to proceed to the platform.

At this moment, Jinyao announced, “Lin Ling can challenge level-2 planetary state prodigies.”

Lin Kuang’s mouth twitched. He gave Lin Ling an extremely complicated look. He was the older brother, and yet, he couldn’t beat his little sister.

‘What should he do?’

He didn’t expect Lin Ling’s power to reach this point.

There were very few level-2 planetary state prodigies among the four races.

In the next moment, a level-2 planetary state barbarian finally rose up to the challenge.

He had a powerful body G.o.d art and a middle-level divine art. He just reached beginner mastery, but it was still a huge pressure for Lin Ling.

Lin Ling had spirit eye G.o.d art and could see some of his weakness. She could cause some minor troubles with the golden needle divine art, but the difference was too huge. Consequently, Lin Ling was easily beaten. She ended up depleting all her power and receiving some injuries.

She fought with her life. Lu Ze then went down and carried Lin Ling up, seeing that she couldn’t stand up anymore.

He healed her and rolled his eyes. “You’re going too hard. It’s not like you haven’t fought before. You got yourself so many injuries.”

Lin Ling squirmed in Lu Ze’s arms and changed into a more comfortable position. “Didn’t Li say it yesterday? You need to try your best!”

Lu Li and the girls stared at Lin Ling with sharpness and contempt.

She had spirit eye G.o.d art. ‘Could she not tell if she would win or not?!’

Still, she made herself end up like this. It’s not like others didn’t know what she was thinking. However, they couldn’t say this out loud since there were so many people present.

After Lin Ling’s battle, the level-9 mortal evolution state fights were finally over.

Currently, it was already afternoon. Saint Jinyao announced the beginning of level-1 planetary state battles.

Although a few level-1 planetary state prodigies got beaten up by Lin Ling, they soon recovered with the help of powerful healers. Instantly, they could fight again.

Immediately, Saint Jinyao and Lin Dong looked at Lu Ze.

Man Dali and the others were confused.

Lu Li, Alice, and Lin Ling were already very strong, but they didn’t see the two having this expression earlier.

‘Was that Lu Ze really stronger than all three of them?’ The three stared at each other in disbelief.

The audience was very excited for Lu Ze to go up.

Although Lu Li and the girls were very strong, Lu Ze was the Monarch of the New Dawn. Definitely, he could only be stronger.

They even hoped Lu Ze could beat the two level-3 planetary state prodigies and get the first place.

Luo Bingqing and the others knew that Lu Ze was the strongest among them.

Lin Kuang grinned. “Ze, don’t be in a rush to fight. Let us have some fun first.”

Everyone else nodded. Even Luo Bingqing didn’t reject it.

What a joke! If Lu Ze went up first, what would be the point of them fighting.

On the other hand, Lu Ze didn’t care. It was all the same to him.

Lin Kuang flew down the stage and pulled out a blood-red sword. “Human Race, Lin Kuang, I would like to challenge the prodigies from the three races!”

A barbarian flew down and stared at Lin Kuang with battle intent. “Barbarian Race, Man Zhan!”

Their battle intents burst out. The powerful planetary state chi distorted the s.p.a.ce. Just the clash of their battle intent alone was thunderous.

Lin Kuang glided his hand on the sword, and his blood stained the blade.

Immediately, his chi soared. The entire s.p.a.ce seemed to contain a trace of blood.


He came before Man Zhan and slashed at him. Man Zhan grinned. He held a long staff and swung it.

The staff and the sword clashed together.


Light pillars shot into the sky.

The two clashed, attacked, and moved. Thunderous shockwaves ravaged the stage non-stop. Such an intense battle made the audience lose their voice.

Ordinary people could rarely see planetary state battles. Even the prodigies on the stands were watching their battle with full attention.

Ten minutes later, both of them were covered in blood, and their chi became extremely weak. Lin Kuang moved next to Man Zhan and proceeded to cut the latter’s waist with his sword while Man Zhan attempted to smash Lin Kuang’s head with his staff.

Suddenly, Lin Kuang raised his left hand. Blood light circulated around it, hitting the staff thereafter.



Lin Kuang’s left hand was fractured, but the staff was stopped. At the same time, Man Zhan’s hand grabbed at the blood blade.


Half of Man Zhan’s forearm was sliced open, but his bone soon blocked the blade.

Lin Kuang was smaller than Man Zhan, so he stomped on Man Zhan’s chest.

Man Zhan flew out.


Man Zhan roared and tried to stabilize his body. However, both of them pretty much used up all their energy. He could only watch himself drop outside.

He struggled to get up, but his body was painted in blood.

Lin Kuang’s left hand also drooped. Likewise, he was covered in blood too, but he grinned. “Brother Man Zhan, great fight.”

If he lost, it would be very embarra.s.sing since Lin Ling beat them all.

Man Zhan was dissatisfied. He already got beaten up by Lin Ling, and now, he lost again, but he still laughed. “Brother Lin Kuang, it’s very satisfying fighting with you! Next time, let’s fight again.”

Lin Kuang’s fighting style really suited his tastes. Very few people, even in the Barbarian Race, fought as fiercely as Lin Kuang.

Lin Kuang answered, “Definitely!”

He had the same thoughts.

Lin Kuang returned to the stand. Lu Ze treated him with wood G.o.d art. Even for level-1 planetary states, his wood G.o.d art mastery was able to cure them easily.

At this moment, Jules rushed in. “I’m here to heal!”

However, when he saw Lin Kuang healing extremely rapidly, he ended up dazed.

“Oh s.h.i.+t, just what degree of mastery was this guy’s wood G.o.d art at?’

‘How long has it even been?’

Lin Kuang would probably heal in a few minutes.

‘Wasn’t he the healer for the prodigies this time?’

Yet, Lu Ze healed them all…