Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 740 - You Can Lead the Way This Time

Chapter 740 - You Can Lead the Way This Time

Chapter 740 You Can Lead the Way This Time

Helas flew back to the human stand.

Lu Ze looked at him and smiled. “Don’t move, let me heal you.”

Helas felt stunned. When he regained his senses, he showed a grateful smile to Lu Ze. He asked, “Lu Ze, you have the ability to heal? Thank you. Pity, I didn’t win.”

Helas was overwhelmed. Lu Ze was younger than he was, but their talent wasn’t on the same level. He might be a young duke, but in terms of ranking, he should be at the very bottom.

In response, Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry, you tried your best. It’s just a spar. You can win it back in the future.”

Helas nodded. Lu Ze pressed his hand on Helas’ shoulder and used wood G.o.d art. Immediately, Helas’ face went from pale to red. His heavily injured body recovered within a few seconds.

A few seconds later, Helas looked at his completely healed body and was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect to recover to his peak state this quickly. Not just him, everyone else was dazed too.

They looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

Louisa had light G.o.d art, but even she couldn’t cure Helas completely in just a few seconds. She couldn’t even beat Lu Ze in what she was good at. This felt bad.

Seeing Helas still standing there, Lu Ze thought he had other injuries and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you still uncomfortable?”

Helas quickly shook his head and said, “I have completely recovered. Thank you.”

Lu Ze smiled and replied, “You’re welcome. Go get some rest.” He might be able to heal Helas injuries, but Lu Ze could not restore his stamina.

Helas nodded and returned to his seat.

At this moment, a green-haired man flew up to where they were. He asked, “Where is Helas? I’ll heal him…”

Before he could complete his words, he saw the fully healed Helas in his seat.

The man: “???!”

‘Wasn’t this kid heavily injured? He didn’t seem injured at all.’

Louisa said, “Master Jules, Helas has been healed.”

Jules smiled. “So it’s Louisa. No wonder. With you here, those injuries are not a problem.”

Louisa’s mouth twitched. “I didn’t heal him. Ze


Jules: “???”

He looked at Louisa and then at Lu Ze.

‘Lu Ze cured Helas? Since when was he able to heal?’

Lu Ze didn’t expect that there would be healers here. But then, that did seem very normal.

The other three races would have healers too, right?

Lu Ze smiled. “I learned wood G.o.d art before, so I know some healing methods.”

Louisa: “…”

‘Some? Did that mean she knew nothing at all?’


Jules laughed in a dry manner. “Since he’s cured, then I’ll go back first. With you and Louisa here, I don’t need to come in the meantime.”

With their healing capability, those below planetary states wouldn’t need him. He could come when planetary states got injured.

Nangong Jing and the rest looked at each other. They knew wood G.o.d art too, but it was best not to say it for now.

In the next moment, the Barbarian Race also had a healer coming to their stand.

Currently, the second round had begun. A level-1 mortal evolution state man from the Winged Race invited a level-1 mortal evolution state being from the Round Race.

The Winged Race had an affinity with wind G.o.d art. Many prodigies knew wind G.o.d art, and some of them even learned light G.o.d art.

Meanwhile, the Round Race had a rather unique way of fighting. Their body was soft, and they could change shape during battle. They could stretch their body, hands, and even inflate. Their body seemed soft, but it was very cohesive. They could s.h.i.+ft from being soft to hard.

This was Lu Ze’s first time seeing someone from the Round Race in battle.

Lu Ze saw the being from the Round Race change his hands into two long swords. Thereafter, the being detached those hands and turned them into flying swords.

It was very eerie!

This fighting style was rather cool though. He could even get some ideas from their battles.

This time, the battle between the two partic.i.p.ants lasted longer. Neither of them could do anything to each other. After half an hour, the being from the Winged Race consumed his power rapidly and was knocked out of the stage.

The Round Race partic.i.p.ant also collapsed on the stage, turning into a deflated balloon. It was rather funny…

Compared to the previous explosive battle, this battle was fancier and gave the audience quite a show.

The two went back to their stands, and each race had healers attending to their wounds.

The compet.i.tion continued.

Among the four races, the number of level-1 mortal evolution state prodigies was the same as level-2 and level-3 planetary states. They were few.

The Human and Round Race each had two level-2 mortal evolution state prodigies. As for the Barbarian and Winged Race, each had one.

After that, the Round Race prodigy beat the prodigies of the other three races and was held victorious among level-1 mortal evolution states. His thousand transformation G.o.d art was better than the other beings from the Round Race as well.

Man Da had terrifying defense and attack, but he had a rather annoying fight against the thousand transformation G.o.d art. That prodigy tried challenging a level-2 mortal evolution state barbarian.

The Round Race partic.i.p.ant had quite the counter to the Barbarian Race, but despite this, the one level difference was still quite big. He still lost in the end.

Although the number of level-2 mortal evolution states was slightly higher than level-1, it still did not exceed ten altogether.

After knowing the fighting styles of the other race prodigies, the level-1 and level-2 mortal evolution state battles became boring to Lu Ze and the others.

At this moment, Luo Bingqing smiled. “As usual, let’s begin.”

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha nodded.

Lin Kuang grinned. “It’s about time.”

Lu Ze asked, “What?”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “This is your first time fighting, so you don’t know. Every social gathering, we would a.n.a.lyze the battle of the prodigies fighting.

Luo Bingqing nodded. “This is vindicating your own dao but also giving pointers to others.” Lin Kuang chimed in. “This is a custom. It will be led by the person with the strongest power.” Lu Ze realized. “So that’s it.”

Every prodigy had their unique fighting style and dao. Watching others would allow them to learn things.

This was the fastest way to improve.

Nangong Jing grinned and patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “You can take the lead this time. You’re the strongest out of all of us.”

The others didn’t reject it and just looked at Lu Ze.

In return, Lu Ze scratched his head and felt embarra.s.sed. ‘So they all thought he was strong?” “Then, let’s begin.”