Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 739 - Tournament Begins

Chapter 739 - Tournament Begins

Chapter 739 Tournament Begins

During the third morning, Lu Ze finished cultivation. He chose to learn Darkness Beam. With the aid of blue crystals, it had also reached familiar mastery.

He went out and saw that everyone was in the living room. They were notified last night that the sparring tournament would commence today.

After breakfast, they made their way to the first floor of the hotel.

All the prodigies were there. Each of them was looking at their opponents. The entire area was filled with a battle will.

Man Xiu glared at Nangong Jing.

Eddie and Man Kun seemed to be into each other too.

Not many people paid attention to Lu Ze. Only the level-1 planetary states of other races would look at him occasionally. Understandably, it was his first time going, and his cultivation level was merely level-1 planetary state.

The prodigies from the other race didn’t know him well enough.

Soon, everyone arrived, and Zuoqiu Xunshuang flew over.

She grinned. “Come with me, I’ll take you to the stage.”

After speaking, she flew off.

Everyone followed Zuoqiu Xunshuang accordingly. The location was on a small island in the Pacific region.

They created a stage just for this compet.i.tion. With powerful beings reinforcing the stage, they didn’t need to worry about the outside world getting affected.

The stage was around ten kilometers in diameter. There were also stands around it. They were made for the high-level authorities and prodigies as a place to rest and watch.

At the same time, there were also journalists doing broadcasts.

The other three races also allocated some individuals to do their broadcasts. The weakest of the young dukes were mortal evolution states. They flew very fast, and soon, they reached the stage.

Thereafter, everyone went to the resting stand that was a.s.signed to their race, waiting for the tournament to start.

The rules were very simple. Beings will fight against individuals who had the same state as them. If one failed to find an opponent within the same state and was confident enough with one’s skills, then beings with higher cultivation levels can be challenged by such an individual.

In the previous tournaments, there weren’t many who could challenge opponents of higher cultivation levels. Those who were among the mortal evolution state could do so, but it was a different scenario in the planetary state. In such a case, fighting a higher-level opponent was extremely rare.

Everyone was a prodigy, so the difference wouldn’t be huge.

When the broadcasting showed the prodigies flying over, the eager audience exploded.

Comments covered the entire screen.

“They’re here! They’re here!”

“Go! Show them the power of the Human Race!”

“I saw little brother Lu Ze!”

“Young duke Jing is really pretty!” “Young duke Hesha is the best!”

“Little brother Lu Ze is mine!”

“With this many prodigies gathered together, that force is really terrifying. The air is being distorted.” “Terrifying!” Everyone was super excited. This happened only once every five years, and this time, the Human Race’s skills weren’t inferior.

At the highest stand on the side, Saint Lin Dong, Jinyao, Man Dali, Qiu Qi, Doris, and the high-levels of the four races were seated. Man Dali laughed. “These kids aren’t bad.”

He looked at Jinyao and grinned. “Nangong, I didn’t expect your descendant to be this talented. She’s already a level-2 planetary state.”

Saint Jinyao smiled happily but waved his hand humbly. “Can’t compare to your Barbarian Race’s prodigy. Your kid is already a level-3 planetary state.”

Man Dali felt good too. “That’s true, Man Kun awoke the Barbarian King body. His body is extremely strong. Probably no prodigy here can compete with him in terms of physical body.”

“Barbarian King body?”

Everyone was shocked.

Qiu Qi said, “That’s a very strong body G.o.d art. Your race really has a good seed.”

“Hehehe!” Man Dali laughed.

Doris grinned too. “Eddie is also a talented prodigy. He had awakened the darkness G.o.d art. Together with his wind G.o.d art, he wouldn’t be weaker than Man Kun.”

Darkness G.o.d art with wind G.o.d art could become extremely eerie and hard to catch. It was a counter to tough physical body G.o.d art.

The corners of Qiu Qi’s mouth raised up. “Qiu Lun isn’t as strong as them in terms of cultivation level, but his G.o.d art isn’t weak. His thousand transformation G.o.d art has reached a very deep state. He should have few opponents within the same cultivation level.”

Saint Jinyao and Lin Dong agreed while smiling. However, in their minds, they were thinking, ‘Keep showing off, we’ll see if you can still laugh later.’

After they were done, Saint Lin Dong waved his hand. “The compet.i.tion begins. Level-1 mortal evolution state, choose your opponents.”

There were no complex rules. They just needed to show their combat power.

Subsequently, one gray-haired youth stood out from the Human Race stand and flew towards the stage. He smiled. “I’m Helas. Since the Human Race is the host, I’ll start things off.” He then looked at the Barbarian Race side. “Man Da, let’s have a battle.”

A three-meter tall, bulky man left the stand and landed on the stage with a thud. He was wearing bra.s.s ancient armor. He had a bald head and was a level-1 mortal evolution state.

“Helas, I knew you would challenge me.”

They met a few days ago and had the same cultivation level. Therefore, they wanted to challenge each other.

Saint Lin Dong smiled and said, “Start if you’re ready.”

He didn’t remind them to keep safe. As long as one didn’t die, they could save them. Moreover, with them around, it was difficult to die.

Helas’ face turned serious as a dark red sword appeared on his hand. Sharp sword shadows emerged around him simultaneously.

Man Da also clenched his fists and roared. His vines popped up as dim green runes formed. His chi rose.

They were level-1 mortal evolution states, but their chi reached level-3 mortal evolution state, nearing level-4. This wasn’t bad. Helas stomped on the ground and shot a sword ray towards Man Da while charging at him.


The sword ray that was a few meters from Man Da made a sound.

It broke!

Man Da grinned and charged at Helas in return.

A dark red figure formed around Helas’ sword. The chi wave had split, and the sword ray shot at Man Da like a storm.

Man Da roared. The green light around him burst out as his fists turned into palms. Those palms went to meet the storm with terrifying force.

Subsequently, the two green palm prints turned ten-meter large and clashed with the storm.


A shockwave spread across all directions. Man Da charged into the center of the shockwave.

Helas roared and clutched his sword with both hands. The tens of dark red sword rays stacked.


He took a step forward and sliced down. A few hundred meters long dark red sword ray sliced at Man Da.

Man Da suddenly stopped. He roared, and a light orb spun around his hand. Thereafter, he threw the orb out.


The clash sounded more terrifying than the previous one. The powerful ripple shot into the sky after meeting the boundary of the barrier. The huge pillar tore open the cloud and shot into s.p.a.ce.

After the ripple was gone, there was a deep gash on Man Da’s breastplate. Blood flowed out while Helas’ face was pale. His chi became extremely weak.

Man Da didn’t seem to mind the gash and stepped forward again. He appeared before Helas and swung his palm towards Helas.

Helas gritted his teeth and formed a few more sword rays towards the palm print.


The sword ray cracked and the palm print dimmed down, but it still landed on Helas.

Helas chose to fly out. Blood poured out from his mouth, and he landed outside the stage. He struggled to get up as he wiped the blood from his mouth. “I lost.”

That thousand-layer sever used up most of his power. If that move didn’t work, he didn’t have sufficient combat power.

If it was the Winged or Round Race, that move might have let him win, but the Barbarian Race’s defenses surpa.s.sed the other two races.

He was extremely regretful. He should have challenged the Winged or Round Race instead. But they might also have other trump cards… Man Da breathed out and looked at the deep gash. He almost couldn’t stop it.

Thereafter, Man Da laughed. “That move was good. Let’s fight again some time.”

“For sure!”

Following that exchange, the two went back to their respective stand. The comments section exploded once more.

“So… this is the battle between prodigies? Terrifying!”

“A level-1 mortal evolution state is so strong. Did you see that clash?”

“Yes, the pillar went into s.p.a.ce!”

“Almost! We almost won!”

“Yes, what a pity!”

“But young duke Helas tried his best. Is he okay? He looks like he’s about to die. He can barely fly back.”

“He should be fine, right?”