Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 730 - Enjoy Life, Die with Honor

Chapter 730 - Enjoy Life, Die with Honor

Chapter 730 Enjoy Life, Die with Honor

Lu Ze opened his eyes in the dao enlightenment room. Although he died in the end, he was still quite happy. Perfecting the mastery of Golden Fist Art was powerful than he had imagined. With that alone, his combat power experienced a huge increase.

It became easier for him to hunt monsters.

If he could instant-kill monsters, the battles would cause less commotion.

After some rest and when the pain subsided, Lu Ze proceeded to cultivate again. This time, Lu Ze chose fire buff divine art.

Due to the orange flame, the fire G.o.d art was stronger than the darkness G.o.d art. Therefore it was better than choosing darkness buff.

A month later, vines, which were almost materializing, emerged in the air around Lu Ze. They wobbled around Lu Ze eerily.

Moments later, Lu Ze opened his eyes slowly. A green rune flashed in his eyes.

He breathed out and evaluated his state. Half a month ago, he brought fire buff to perfection, and now, he elevated vine divine art to perfection too. Lu Ze found that as his cultivation level grew, he spent a longer time in solitary cultivation. This solitary cultivation lasted half a month.

He was indeed a hardworking youth.

Due to the limited time, Lu Ze only chose to learn three divine art to perfection. They were the Golden Fist Art, fire buff, and vine divine art.

As for Lightning Travel divine art and Earth s.h.i.+eld, they were already at perfect mastery before.

Lu Ze had progressed in every aspect rather significantly. He could work on the remaining ones a while later. There was no rush. Lu Ze smiled. He had no clue just how strong he was right now.

He checked the Pocket Hunting Dimension. Right now, he could enter it, and so, he did.

He wanted to gauge his progress.

Lu Ze appeared in the vast forest. He concealed his chi and went in a random direction in search of beasts.

During this one and a half month time, Lu Ze had been hunting every day. His efficiency had greatly improved after his Golden Fist Art reached perfection. The battles usually ended in an instant, and thus, it was harder for the bosses to come and watch.

Usually, he would get about five to six blue crystals a day. Now, he had saved more than a hundred blue crystals.

This was enough for three months of cultivation. As such, he wasn’t in that much of a hurry to collect them anymore. Today, the main purpose was to test the limits of his power.

An hour later, Lu Ze found a suitable prey. He crouched on the tree crest, watching a huge beast a few kilometers away.

It was a huge wolf that was 20 meters tall. It had bone armor on its back, forehead, and joints. It was a level-5 planetary state beast.

Lu Ze narrowed his eyes. All the beasts on this map had G.o.d arts. A level-5 planetary state could match a level-7 planetary state. It was a good testing target.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze stopped hiding his chi. He used the fire buff that had reached perfection mastery. His chi then suddenly soared multiple times stronger.

A chi wave spread across all directions, blowing the leaves away everywhere.

The wolf lowered its body and bared its fangs. It stared deadly at Lu Ze’s direction with vigilance.

Lu Ze grinned and burst out with lightning.


The tens of meter-thick branch broke from Lu Ze’s stomp.

The fire buff improved him in every aspect. It not only boosted the Golden Fist Art but also the Lightning Travel divine art.

Instantly, he appeared above the wolf’s head. His hand clenched into a fist as golden runes appeared. A domineering power spread from it, making the wolf tense up.


The wolf flashed with white light as its chi suddenly surged. It lifted its paw and swiped at Lu Ze.


The fist and claw clashed. A colossal rumbling sound rang throughout the forest. Simultaneously, a hundred-meter-deep ditch appeared where the wolf was.

Into the distance, the cracks could be seen expanding. Crack…

The wolf’s murderous eyes flashed with pain. It retreated its paw while its three other legs stomped. The ground sunk even further, but the wolf had disappeared from the spot.


Golden fist force came into contact with the ditch.

Lu Ze looked around. A huge white light flashed around the trees and came behind him.

Accordingly, he grinned and disappeared from the spot again.

The pale spirit force claw missed. Lu Ze appeared close to the neck of the wolf and punched again.

Just when the punch was about to land, the wolf suddenly turned around and dodged. At the same time, its thick tail brushed at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze returned a punch against the tail, and the wolf howled again. Its tail lowered as blood gushed out, painting it red.

The injury aroused the wolf’s ferocity. It kept circling around Lu Ze as it attacked.

In a few seconds, there were tens of clashes. The trees in tens of kilometers radius broke in varying degrees.

Lu Ze didn’t know what G.o.d art the bone wolf had, but its speed was stronger than its power.

In terms of power, it was still far behind Lu Ze, but its speed made it harder for Lu Ze to take it out in a short time.

During this moment, the wolf already had sustained a lot of injuries. Its eyes revealed signs of retreating.

Lu Ze looked at the wolf coldly.

Did it dare to run? Dream on!

His eyes flashed with green runes. Immediately, vines started appearing around the bone wolf.

The wolf exploded with pale spirit light and shattered the vines reaching for him. It tried to run but was stopped by the vines, and thus, it was slowed down.

Lu Ze once again appeared above the wolf’s head. Terrifying chi gathered on his right fist.

The wolf’s eyes flashed with a sliver of fear. It wanted to dodge, but it was hindered by all the vines around Lu Ze. As a result, it could only attempt to cut Lu Ze.

This time, the claw’s bones were fractured.

Lu Ze didn’t stop at all as he proceeded to crush the wolf’s head once more.

The wolf tried to extend its other paw to stop Lu Ze’s fist.



The left paw was also broken now.

Lu Ze decided to stomp on the wolf’s head. This time, it couldn’t resist anymore.

Its bone armor cracked as a violent force entered its head, crus.h.i.+ng its brain and wiping away its life force.

Lu Ze panted and wiped the sweat from his forehead. He used quite some power in this battle.

His cultivation level was only at the level-1 planetary state after all. It was rather not easy killing this wolf.

This improvement in combat power was greater than when he was in the mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze felt great.

The wolf turned to dust, leaving behind five red, five purple, one pale white G.o.d art orb, and a blue crystal.

Seeing this, Lu Ze felt even better.

Just when he was about to leave, ten more howls sounded.

Lu Ze saw another ten bone wolves trying to surround him. Most importantly, the weakest was a level-5 planetary state. There were a lot of level-6 planetary states, and one was even a level-7 planetary state.

Their chi locked onto Lu Ze. Thereafter, Lu Ze was shrouded by lightning and used both buffs to try to escape. At this time, a white figure flashed before him. Lu Ze’s vision just went dark, and he died on the spot.

That level-7 planetary state bone wolf was so fast that he died before using his Earth s.h.i.+eld.

Live with joy and die with honor.

Lu Ze still felt happy since he could fight a level-7 planetary state!

It had been a month and a half. The people from the three races should be almost here, right? How were their powers?