Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 731 - What Is This Kid Saying?

Chapter 731 - What Is This Kid Saying?

Chapter 731 What Is This Kid Saying?

The time for divine art learning had ended. Lu Ze didn’t remain in the dao enlightenment room anymore.

He walked out thereafter.

There were already a few people waiting outside. They seemed to be students from a higher year level. Some teachers were present as well.

They were dazed for a moment upon seeing Lu Ze. They couldn’t help but peek at him.

They had long heard that Lu Ze would be attending the Four-Race Social Gathering. He was only a second year. He was probably the youngest contestant.

However, they couldn’t really go up and talk to him, so they just watched.

Lu Ze was used to this. He waited for a while outside. Soon, Qiuyue Hesha and the other girls all came out.

It was already a month and a half. They had to come out.

Lu Ze really wanted to improve all his divine art to perfection before leaving, but the time didn’t allow for it.

Following that, the group left.

People outside started discussing things.

“I heard Lu Ze and teacher Qiuyue seems to be together?”

“I’m so jealous! That’s teacher Qiuyue! The G.o.ddess of the Federation!”

“And there’s teacher Nangong too. She might be a bit violent, but her looks are on par with teacher Qiuyue. She’s a nice person too. I’ve heard my Federal University friend say that she would answer questions patiently in cla.s.s.”

“The three girls on the side are very pretty too. Their chis are so strong. I feel I’m no match for them.”

“Don’t think about it… That’s Lu Ze after all.”

“Yes… I’ve heard people who came back from the void border say that Lu Ze has reached the planetary state.”

Everyone: “…” ‘A planetary state in his second year in the university. Who could stand up to this?’

“Only someone like Lu Ze would make a person like teacher Qiuyue interested.” People shook their heads.

The group left Jinyao City. Lu Ze asked, “Let’s go to the old man’s place first?”

Everyone agreed.

They soon reached the wooden shack. Inside, the old man was sitting while sipping tea. He smiled. “You guys are done? Your progress is not bad.”

He could feel the terrifying power in their bodies. Of course, the comparison was only with respect to their age.

Lu Ze and his group walked to the table and sat down.

The old man said, “The amba.s.sadors of the three races have entered the Federation. They’re going to arrive soon.”

Lu Ze and the rest glanced among themselves. They were antic.i.p.ating this. Old man Nangong smiled. “You’ll see soon enough how strong those prodigies are.”

Then, he looked curiously at Lu Ze. “Ze, come spar with me. I want to see what level your power is at.”

He knew Lu Ze was very strong, but he wasn’t too clear on what level Lu Ze was at. He was rather confident in Lu Ze, but he still felt he should get to know his progress a bit more.

Lu Ze was dazed for a moment. This was the first time the old man wanted to spar with him.

The girls were dumbfounded for a moment too, and then, they all looked expectantly at Lu Ze. They knew his talent. Likewise, they were very curious about just how strong Lu Ze was now.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were especially eager since they got beaten up by Lu Ze last time.

Lu Ze agreed with a nod.

He knew his power through the Pocket Hunting Dimension, but it was better to let the cosmic system state old man judge.

He also wanted to know what level his power was at in the Elf Cosmic Realm.

The group left the shack and stood out in the open s.p.a.ce.

Alice asked, “How strong is senior?”

Lu Li shook her head. “Not sure, but he should be very strong.” Lin Ling bit her lips. She still hadn’t broken through to the planetary state yet. Though she had brought her golden needle divine art to perfection this time, she felt the gap between them was only getting larger.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha didn’t have the blue crystal, but they also brought one divine art to perfection and the other to a beginner level.

The old man lightly tapped the ground and a golden light spread around.

He smiled. “It’s too troublesome to fix the ground if it’s broken. This is more convenient. Okay, come.” Lu Ze took a breath and tensed up. “I’m going to attack, old man.”

Red runes spun around Lu Ze, black runes gathered, and blood lightning enveloped him. With the use of multiple divine arts, his chi instantly blew up to an insane degree.

Old man Nangong was stunned. Lu Ze was only a level-1 planetary state, but this chi was astounding. They had not even begun fighting.

Nangong Jing and the rest of the group looked in disbelief. This chi was much stronger than theirs.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were speechless. Why did they feel that even if their divine art was on par with Lu Ze and their cultivation level was higher, their combat power was still weaker?

Lu Ze stepped forward and disappeared from the spot. He appeared behind the old man and used Golden Fist Art.

He punched towards the old man’s stiff face. The force blew the old man’s scanty hair.

Nangong’s mouth twitched.

Is this power really created by a level-1 planetary state kid?

The old man was beginning to doubt life. He was a cosmic system state and had seen prodigies before, but never somebody like Lu Ze.

Even those powerful cosmic cloud state civilizations or Elf Race prodigies could rarely compete with this kid under the same state.

The old man raised his finger and easily blocked Lu Ze’s fist.

Lu Ze’s body seemed to have touched this indomitable mountain and suddenly stopped. In turn, his eyes narrowed.

Just when Lu Ze wanted to retreat, the old man’s finger pressed forward, and Lu Ze instantly flew out.

This force was strong, but it didn’t harm him.

Lu Ze landed on the golden earth and felt disappointed. This difference was too huge.

One finger blocked all of his attacks, and he didn’t even feel the old man use any force.

Lu Ze scratched his head and sighed. “I’m still too weak.”

The old man: “???”

What is this kid saying?

How was this still weak?

How about the others then?