Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 729 - The Power of the Golden Fist Art at Perfect Mastery

Chapter 729 - The Power of the Golden Fist Art at Perfect Mastery

Chapter 729 The Power of the Golden Fist Art at Perfect Mastery

After handing out the red orbs, old man Nangong sent everyone out to cultivate.

When they exited the wooden house, Lin Kuang and his team couldn’t wait to use the red orbs. Accordingly, they immediately left.

As for Lu Ze and his group, they decided to go to the dao enlightenment room. After all, Lu Ze still had a pile of divine arts that weren’t cultivated to perfection. Nangong Jing and the rest of the girls also had divine arts from Lu Ze.

They came to Jinyao City and registered before proceeding to the dao enlightenment room to wait.

Despite being the holidays, the rooms in the dao enlightenment room were still being used.

The young dukes who had received an award to utilize the room didn’t choose to make use of it yet. Since they had little free time, they could only visit the room at crucial moments.

After a few hours, it was finally the turn of Lu Ze and the rest.

Lu Ze then entered the dao enlightenment room and sat on the cus.h.i.+on. He decided to cultivate that fusion divine art to beginner mastery first. He didn’t have a good grasp of the black and white divine art rune after all.

As it entered him, light and darkness interchanged and vibrated in his body.

Lu Ze frowned. The sensations change alternatively. One minute it was painful, then in the next second, it would change to comfortable.

After using the blue crystal and purple orbs, Lu Ze began learning the divine art.

In the dao enlightenment room, his already extremely fast speed multiplied again. Soon, he had some understanding of the divine art.

This reminded him of the wings of lightning and wind divine art he learned a long time ago. That was a fusion between wings of wind and wings of lightning divine art.

This light and darkness divine art was the fusion between Light Beam and Darkness Beam.

If he used this fusion divine art, the power would be much stronger. This was just the beginner mastery too. When he reached the perfect stage, the power might be doubled. But in order to reach that, he would have to reach perfection in Light Beam and Darkness Beam first.

Fifteen hours later, there was a black-and-white light flowing around Lu Ze. Sometimes they fused sometimes they separated.

Soon, the light receded, and Lu Ze opened his eyes. After exhaling, he couldn’t resist smiling.

This was the dao enlightenment room indeed. He only needed fifteen hours to reach beginner mastery for a fusion divine art.

Its power wasn’t bad, but it was only at the beginner mastery, so it wouldn’t be too strong. For it to become a trump card, he still needed to learn more.

Lu Ze decided to call this divine art “Light and Darkness Beam”.

He then nodded and began cultivating again. All the divine arts were at beginner mastery. He just needed to bring them to perfection now.

There was half a month left. Lu Ze thought about it and decided to learn Golden Fist Art first.

A day later, it reached familiar mastery.

Four days later, it reached experienced mastery.

Half a month later, Lu Ze exploded with domineering chi. His Golden Fist Art reached perfection.

Sensing the perfect fist force, Lu Ze felt overjoyed. He clenched his fist, and the golden runes appeared on it. That terrifying power scared even him.

With such power, not even a level-6 planetary state can handle it. If he used fire buff and darkness buff, perhaps he could even fight a level-7 planetary state? This power was a bit crazy.

Lu Ze wanted to test the perfect mastery of Golden Fist Art. He quickly connected with the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Inside the mountain range, Lu Ze appeared. He looked around vigilantly.

During this half month, Lu Ze would enter the Pocket Hunting Dimension every night to kill monsters and gather blue crystals. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have enough stock to cultivate the Golden Fist Art to perfection.

Despite so, his storage never surpa.s.sed ten.

He had no choice. There were too many bosses on this map. There were a few times that he died as soon as he came in.

To those star state bosses, his chi stealth G.o.d art was non-existent. Even with perfect mastery of Golden Fist Art, Lu Ze had to hide well. Otherwise, he would die for certain.

Lu Ze concealed his chi and started searching for beasts he could beat.

Five hours later, he saw that familiar dark metal mountain range.

He immediately flew over there.

The dark metal insects were thick-skinned, but they were one of the few beasts he could beat now. He had no choice.

A few days ago, he went there again and acquired two blue crystals.

Soon, he entered there without hesitation.

Lu Ze looked around carefully. Their chi was hidden by the mountain, so he couldn’t sense them. He had to search with his eyes.

Not long after coming in, Lu Ze sensed a violent chi rising up from all directions. Tens of dark arcs shot at him.

In response, Lu Ze used the Earth s.h.i.+eld to block all the dark arcs.

Back then, he got surrounded without him noticing. This time, it was different. He was no longer the same him!

Lu Ze looked at the five level-4 planetary state insects charging at him and dashed in front of one.

Dark and red runes glowed around him as he punched. His hand clashed with the two claws of the insect.

In an instant, the claws cracked. Then, the domineering golden fist force penetrated it, wiping its life force away. It didn’t even have time to howl!

Lu Ze appeared before the other bugs as well and killed them with a single punch.

In just a short moment, the five level-4 planetary state insects were all killed by Lu Ze.

He felt rather happy seeing them turn to dust.

The last time he came over, the Golden Fist Art was only at familiar mastery. He still took a long time to kill one.

The perfect mastery of Golden Fist Art was stronger than he had imagined!

The only drawback was that it was too taxing to use both buffs on it.

Lu Ze didn’t even know how many punches he could throw if both buffs reached perfection.

He felt a headache. There was only one blue crystal drop. Unlucky!

He began searching for more insects.

Each peak had about ten insects.

After flipping over two peaks, he acquired five blue crystals. This was his biggest harvest so far in these few days.

For the first time, he had more than ten blue crystals in total.

At the third peak, eight powerful chis appeared, and over a hundred black arcs flew into the air.

Lu Ze smiled. Perfect!

Just when he was about to counterattack, the entire mountain suddenly shook. Lu Ze and all the insects stopped moving.

All the insects lay in a p.r.o.ne position onto the ground shakily. Meanwhile, Lu Ze looked outside the mountain in terror.

There was a few thousand-meter tall beast. It had pale white fur, and its two pairs of tusks seemed rather familiar.

Oh s.h.i.+t?

That guy was this big?

It should be extremely strong even among star states, right?

Even Zuoqiu Xunshuang couldn’t compare with this terrifying beast.

Standing there alone made Lu Ze feel that he was being crushed.


The elephant roared, and the black metal mountain started to crack. Metal blocks flew everywhere, and Lu Ze felt his body was trampled on.