Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 728 - Dao Enlightenment Room Permanent Access

Chapter 728 - Dao Enlightenment Room Permanent Access

Chapter 728 Dao Enlightenment Room Permanent Access

It was midday when they got back home. They had lunch together and returned to their own homes to cultivate.

Lu Ze thought about things and chose not to learn fusion divine art for now. He had to visit the old man tomorrow. There wasn’t enough time.

As such, he decided to learn the divine arts that were already mastered. That way, he could stop at any time.

Lu Ze began with Golden Fist Art. If that reached perfection, it would bring him the greatest improvement.

As time went on, Lu Ze became immersed in cultivating. The group didn’t have dinner together at night. Lu Ze just ate some spirit food Alice gave him in his storage ring. Then, he went to the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Lu Ze found nearly 20 green fur b.a.l.l.s in a valley.

He killed 12 and got three blue crystals. Thereafter, he was burned to ashes by a huge flaming bird when he fought a level-4 planetary state fur ball.

He woke up back in his room and rested for a while before proceeding to learn his divine art again.

The next morning, Lu Li snuck to Lu Ze’s dorm even though the sun had just risen. She looked around and took out Lu Ze’s key and opened the door.

Yesterday, Alice arrived earlier than she did, so she purposely woke up very early today!

Just when she was about to enter, two voices sounded behind her.

“Li?” x2

Lu Li felt dumbfounded and turned around stiffly to see Lin Ling and Alice walking over. The atmosphere was awkward.

They all had the same idea…

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes as the sunlight and the fresh wind entered his room. In just a day, his Golden Fist Art had made substantial progress. At this rate, he would be able to reach familiar mastery in three days. By then, the Golden Fist Art would surpa.s.s the star crippling punch in power.

He got out of his room and came downstairs. Right then, he saw Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice sitting on his couch as they looked at each other.

Lu Ze looked at the three in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

Lin Ling giggled. “Nothing, we’re waiting for you.”

The other two smiled and nodded too.

Lu Ze replied, “You guys don’t need to come over this early every day. I can go over to call you.”

“Hahaha…” The three girls didn’t know how to reply. They didn’t want to wake up this early, but if they didn’t, someone would swoop in.

Lu Ze shook his head and said, “Let’s go to teacher Nangong’s place.”

He came over by s.p.a.ce transmission. Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were already waiting there, just like yesterday.

They fed Ying Ying as usual and headed off.

Soon, they arrived at old man Nangong’s shack. There were already numerous people waiting there. They were all young dukes who came back from the void border.

They greeted Lu Ze and the girls fervently.

Lin Kuang and his team had arrived already. They walked over when they saw Lu Ze.

Lin Kuang grinned. “Morning, Ze. I wonder what reward the old man would give this time.”

Old man Nangong would be rewarding them based on their contribution at the void border and how much they progressed.

Lu Ze smiled. “You guys have reached the planetary state. The reward will be quite plenty.” He could already imagine their excited faces after receiving the red orbs.


Jack smiled. “Hopefully. But your reward will definitely be the best.”

Lu Ze let out a smile. He didn’t know what the reward would be. The old man didn’t say it yesterday, and he didn’t dare to ask either. However, he didn’t really seem to need anything

The old man’s shack was still closed, so everyone didn’t dare to disturb him. The shack was shabby, but it was the home of a saint.

It was fine for Lu Ze and his team to enter, but they didn’t want to seem special, so they stood waiting outside.

Soon, all the young dukes arrived.

At this moment, the door opened, and old man Nangong walked out. He was skinny, but his temperament was very strong. He showed more authority now. The old man glanced across everyone and nodded. “I’m very happy. 90 people went and 90 people came back. Not a single one died. Surviving the void border is quite a nice experience for you guys.”

Everyone recounted their dangers at the void border and felt lucky to be alive.

Just that experience alone changed them.

Lu Ze grinned. He knew this was all due to Ying Ying. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be this many young dukes here. Old man Nangong continued, “General Zuoqiu has told me about your contributions at the void border. I can see your progress too. I’m very happy that you didn’t let down the t.i.tle of a young duke.”

Hearing this, everyone looked up with confidence. This was recognition from the saint!

Old man Nangong then said, “In one and a half months, the amba.s.sadors of the other three races will come. At the Four-Race Social Gathering, I hope you can bring the Human Race honor.”

All the young dukes replied firmly, “Yes!”

The old man smiled. “This one-and-a-half-month time is your opportunity to consolidate power. Now, I will be giving out the rewards.” “Liu Xiaolei, three Heaven Yang spirit fruits, three days in the dao enlightenment room.”


“Luca Jerad, three Heaven Yang spirit fruits, half a month in the spirit gathering room.”

Everyone rejoiced at their rewards.

For those who were still at the mortal evolution state, a planetary state spirit fruit was a huge reward.

As the old man continued, the young dukes’ cultivation level and combat power were higher.

Some even reached level-7 and level-8 mortal evolution states. These young dukes received planet forge fruits as a reward.

Soon, everyone-except Lu Ze and his group, as well as Lin Kuang’s group-was rewarded. Accordingly, everyone looked curiously at them. Certainly, their reward would be great. Old man Nangong said, “Those kids who reached the planetary state, your reward will be given from my collection in my many years of adventure. The others can go to Jinyao City to receive your rewards.”

Everyone’s eyes were green. This was the private collection of a saint!

Even Lin Kuang and his group didn’t expect this. Everyone looked at Lu Ze and the rest with admiration before leaving.

Now, old man Nangong glanced at the remaining people and smiled warmly. He then said, “Come in.” Subsequently, he went inside the shack.

Everyone followed. The shack wasn’t big enough, so it seemed a bit tight with this many people inside.

Old man Nangong changed his expression to a serious face. “Now, I will be giving you precious treasures that I’ve earned while fighting outside the galaxy. You must not tell anyone!”

Everyone nodded. “We understand, Saint!”

Old man Nangong took out a red orb and explained, “I have acquired this advanced energy from a secret realm. It can perfect one’s foundation.”

Immediately, the shack became dead silent.

Luo Bingqing and his group stared at the orb as though they had seen a ghost. They knew how important this was to them.

Their breathing quickened.

The old man released his pressure, and everyone regained their senses.

Lu Ze felt this was interesting, so he glared at the orb like he really wanted it.

The old man saw this, and his mouth twitched. He felt he needed to teach Lu Ze what real acting skills were.

He coughed. “You are all the prodigies of the Human Race. You’ve made quite some contributions to the Human Race. I hope you will all continue to fight for the Human Race.”


Everyone nodded. Then, old man Nangong gave the orbs to everyone, including Lu Ze and the girls.

“Other than the orbs, you guys can use the dao enlightenment room and spirit gathering room as you wish during this period of time. As for Lu Ze and his team… you guys will have permanent access to the dao enlightenment room.” Lu Ze was dazed for a moment. When reality finally sunk in, he rejoiced. This was probably the reward he wanted the most.

The old man knew him well.

If he could use the dao enlightenment room non-stop, his divine art cultivation progress would speed up a lot.