Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 72 - Only Kids Choose

Chapter 72 - Only Kids Choose

Chapter 72: Only Kids Choose


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Time flew by as the guaranteed students went on stage one by one. These students were chosen by schools. Likewise, they also got to choose their preferred school.

“Third place, Tao Da!”

After a few hours, Elder Lin called Tao Da’s name.

Lu Ze saw a chubby boy run toward the stage. His face showed a vibrant smile.

Lu Ze felt his chin. He seemed to have an impression of this student.

It seemed like he was the one who defended others along with Lin Ling?

Lu Ze then turned to look at Lin Ling.

Lin Ling noticed his eyes. With a nod, she said, “Tao Da is quite strong.”

The screen started to display Tao Da’s clip.

The students were surrounded by the sea of insectoids. Wherever there was a gap, Tao Da would appear there. His chubby face was full of seriousness. He waved his sword in wide swings, giving him quite a heroic appearance.

Tao Da also looked at his clip in admiration.

I’m really handsome!

This should be equal to the performance of Lu Ze, that maniac, right?

He admired himself so much!!

How many fangirls would he get?

He felt quite excited thinking about it.

On the screen, everyone saw Tao Da look at himself in admiration and couldn’t resist a laugh.

“Haha, this chubby boy is so cute. Why is he looking at himself with such admiration?”

“But he’s so strong. Although he can’t compare with Lu Ze, he’s still much stronger than the others!”

The teachers’ mouth spasmed upon seeing Tao Da look at himself with admiration.

“Tao Da, your talent is quite good, but I’m most happy about your character. If you’re willing, you can come to our school, Emperor Capital Academy,” Harry offered with a gentle smile.

“Tao Da, our Southern Qin University welcomes you too. And, we’ll allow you to directly enter the elite martial arts cla.s.s. In terms of resources, I believe it will be better than Emperor Capital Academy,” a beautiful mature woman said with a smile.

“Tao Da, our Lan Yu Academy also welcomes you. The conditions are on par with Southern Qin University!” an ordinary-looking middle-aged man said.

“Our Luo Shui University also welcomes you!”

For such prodigy, Emperor Capital Academy wouldn’t give too many resources, but for those schools inferior to the Emperor Capital Academy, the boy was quite a good student.

Tao Da blinked his eyes. He didn’t expect how popular he would be.

So many schools, which one should he choose?

Emperor Capital Academy?

Emperor Capital Academy was good, but he would only be an ordinary student there. He would have no resource advantage…

If he went to the other academies, they would not be as good as Emperor Capital Academy, but the difference could be filled and resolved with resources. Plus, he would be a direct elite cla.s.s student. Would there be a lot of fangirls??

The only question was there were so many schools, so which one should he choose?

Just when Tao Da showed a tangled expression, that beautiful teacher from Southern Qin University raised her lips, smiled and said, “Tao Da, our school has the most beautiful girls amongst the schools.”

Tao Da’s body went stiff for a moment. He sucked in his belly and said seriously, “Teacher, what do you mean? You’re the first to invite me, Teacher. How can I betray your expectations? This has nothing to do with girls!”

The beautiful teacher gave away a gentle smile. “You’re really a polite good student.”

A flash went across her eyes.

Her plan succeeded!

She had seen too many of these young boys in p.u.b.erty.

Teachers: “???”

Students: “???”

Harry was the most confused.

Wasn’t he the first one to offer an invite?

Seeing how serious Tao Da was, he even doubted if he remembered incorrectly.

The comments section of the broadcast exploded.

“Oh s.h.i.+t, can you do that? He’s too realistic??”

“Are you, women, the devil?”

“Are you, men, the l.u.s.t demon?”

“d.a.m.ned fatty, men aren’t like this!”

Tao Da, who was immersed in his own fantasy, clearly did not notice how he attracted the attention of all his fellow male compatriots.

Lu Ze sat expressionlessly while feeling Lin Ling’s scornful look. He glanced at Xu Yang. The killing intent in the area was seething.

How about we find an opportunity to kill this fatty?

Why can’t you just keep the thought to yourself inconspicuously?

Why did you have to make it so obvious??

Too naive!

He cursed that this fatty would never find a girlfriend!!

Tao Da was immersed in his fantasy. He ignored the boys around him and happily returned to his seat.

Elder Lin’s mouth twitched. He glanced at Lin Ling with his eyes showing a sliver of softness. “Second place, Lin Ling!”

Lin Ling got up and walked to the stage with her long legs.

The scene showed Lin Ling gathering the students to defend and slay the insectoids.

Amidst the sea of insectoids, Lin Ling’s figure was heroic. Her sharp sword was unstoppable.

Those who didn’t know Lin Ling before were instantly mesmerized.

Lu Ze gasped. ‘She’s clearly a girl, but why does she look so handsome?’

As soon as the clip finished, Harry smiled and said, “Lin Ling, come to our Emperor Capital Academy. You will be treated as an elite student.”

Li Kuang also laughed and said, “Lin Ling, the Federal University welcomes you. Our princ.i.p.al is Elder Lin’s old friend. I believe Elder Lin wants you to come to Federal University too, right?”

The reason Li Kuang came this time was due to Elder Lin’s invitation.

He didn’t expect to find two exceptional prodigies here. Lin Ling’s power was a bit weak, but her G.o.d art was extremely powerful. Her character was quite nice too.

If she worked hard, there would be a good future for her.

Harry’s mouth twitched. He really couldn’t compare.

He frowned slightly and said, “Li Kuang, if Lin Ling is yours, then Lu Ze is ours.”

Upon hearing these words, Li Kuang got dazed for a moment and then laughed. With a frightening and coa.r.s.e voice, he said, “How childis.h.!.+ Only the kids could make choices. As an adult, of course I’ll take it all!”