Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 71 - Special Mingling Program

Chapter 71 - Special Mingling Program

Chapter 71: Special Mingling Program

Hearing his words, the students, who were present, widened their eyes.

“I thought the trial didn’t count.”

“Yeah, we didn’t even get enough time to hunt for points.”

They were not mentally prepared at all for this!

Elder Lin looked at the clamorous students and smiled slightly. “Due to the attack of the insectoids, the criteria has changed. People are selected based on their performance when the insectoids attacked. Of course, those seeds who didn’t encounter insectoids are recorded. We’ll send you into the virtual reality for another trial.

Hearing Elder Lin’s words, a number of students revealed changes in their faces.

Unlike Lin Ling, who gathered all the students to fight against the swarm of insectoids, most students in the other areas fought on their own.

The students could barely protect themselves. How could they care about others?

Didn’t the saying go, ‘You don’t need to run faster than the tiger, you just need to run faster than your pal’?

Now, their performance in the insectoid tide was used as judgment criteria…

Would they get negative points?

Their reactions were all seen by the teachers and Elder Lin.

In general, those students with guaranteed entries could get the best resources from the school, so naturally, they need to select the best talents.

This excellence wasn’t just in terms of talent but also character, wisdom, and so forth.

This invasion of the insectoids undoubtedly screened out those best students.

Quite some teachers turned their eyes to look at Lin Ling who was happily chatting with Lu Ze. If there was someone comparable with Lu Ze in this incident, it was undoubtedly her.

Relying on her own strength, she gathered more than a thousand students to fight against the insectoid tide and survived until the rescue came. There was not even a heavily injured student.

Such a performance was extremely perfect for someone who was only a high school student.

What was even rarer was that Lin Ling was a prodigy already, and she also awoke a very rare G.o.d art.

Even if she showed an ordinary performance, her talent was worth their investment if she was capable of fighting against the insectoids.

“This time, there were 643 seed students attacked by the insectoids. 120 of them received guaranteed entry. Now, may the students I call come on the stage and be selected by teachers. Of course, if you feel the school doesn’t suit you, you can still take high school exams and go to the school you want.”

Hearing this, Lu Ze looked up at the stage and felt this scene was familiar.

Lu Ze touched his chin.

Do not panic, let me think.

Moments later, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. ‘Isn’t this the same as the mingling program?’

The males will go on the stage, and the females will choose among them.

Such a program had lasted all the way to this age.


Lu Ze, as a male guest, was about to get on the stage. He felt very nervous.

Lin Ling saw Lu Ze had a strange face and asked curiously, “What are you thinking? Why is your expression so strange?”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He then peeked at the teachers before quietly responding, “Don’t you feel this looks like a mingling program?”

Lin Ling heard this and was stunned for a moment. Then, her crystal eyes fell into confusion before her exquisite face twisted. She quickly held her stomach while her shoulders trembled.

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling’s rhythmic shake with confusion. What happened to her?

Lu Ze asked worriedly, “Are you okay?”

Lin Ling forced herself to look up as she glared at Lu Ze.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

He compared this guaranteed entry selection to a mingling tv program. She almost laughed out. Her face was red, trying to hold her laugh!

He definitely wanted to embarra.s.s her in front of everyone!

She was going to remember this!

At this moment, Elder Lin started to call the male guest… no, the student names.

“Number 120, Damu Shana.”

A handsome looking male student walked to the stage nervously.

The screen showed Damu Shana’s performance during the insectoid attack.

Lu Ze looked at the screen and watched the video.

In the video, the handsome student carried another student, whose leg was cut off from the knee, and traversed the forest. There were more than ten Level One insectoids chasing behind the two. Then, they were saved by the rescue team.

His talent can only be regarded as below average amongst the seeds, only a Martial Warrior Level Eight, but he helped other students within his capabilities, which made him favored by the teacher.

In the end, two teachers gave him guaranteed entry invites.

He hesitated for a moment and chose one.

Watching this process, Lu Ze felt it was more and more like mingling programs.

Oh my, there was a one-minute clip. Did Elder Lin use mingling programs as a reference?

Elder Lin was old but his heart wasn’t old… he still watched dating programs.

“Hey! Why do I feel you’re thinking about something rude?” Lin Ling looked speechlessly at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze quickly said seriously, “I’m thinking about how many teachers would light up their stand… no, I mean how many teachers would choose me.”

Lin Ling: “…”

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d really considered this a mingling program??

So annoying!!

Can’t he be more mature and focused like her?

Lin Ling didn’t want to talk to Lu Ze anymore and looked at the stage.

She thought about how many lights would light up when she went up…!

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!

He instilled this strange notion to her.

Lu Ze was right, this was indeed a special ‘mingling program’.

The selection was broadcasted live too.

It was more popular than the actual trial.

Due to the appearance of the insectoids, changes on the trial had to be done. The students were selected by their performance.

Only those students who helped defend against the insectoids and helped other students were selected. This was political propaganda: those who were united would be rewarded.

The short minute clips showed the s.h.i.+ny guaranteed entry. They would be role models for other students and become the pride of their families.

Just like this, this five-hour mingling program was broadcasted live in the entire Telun system.