Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 73 - Special Competition

Chapter 73 - Special Competition

Chapter 73: Special Compet.i.tion


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Li Kuang’s eloquent speech made Harry’s face twitch. His smile gradually disappeared.

Take everything?

If there wasn’t a live broadcast right now, as well as taking into account his image, he would have smashed his fist on Li Kuang’s face.

He really wished he could say f*ck.

This felt hard!

At the moment, Lin Ling noticed the atmosphere was a bit stiff. She rolled her eyes and had a daring idea.

She looked at the two, who began to stare at each other with br.i.m.m.i.n.g emotions, and interjected with a smile, “Umm… teachers. I want to be in the same school as Lu Ze, so after Lu Ze chooses, I’ll just be an added gift.”

To her, these two schools were the same.

She owed the guy half a life. It was easier to return the favor if she were in the same school as him.

That guy almost made her laugh at such a serious circ.u.mstance. Of course, she needed to get him back on the spot.

So, she’ll gift this indecision, multiplied by two, to Lu Ze!

Lu Ze: “!!!”

Students and teachers: “???”

Audience: “???”

Lu Li who was watching this gradually lost her smile as the temperature on her face dropped.

Lu Ze, not bad huh… you go to a trial and you hit it up with a cute girl?

Ha ha…ha haha…

Alice, on the other side, smiled and supported her cheek. “Haha, he’s indeed Senior Schoolmate. This Lin Ling is a very excellent girl. I didn’t expect her to want to be at the same school as Senior Schoolmate.”

There was a sliver of despair in her eyes. There wasn’t much time…

It seemed that chasing Senior Schoolmate wouldn’t be realized.

Lu Wen’s raised his lips crazily.

Good boy, Ze!

That way, Li would still be daddy’s girl!

Fu Shuya’s face was confused.

This girl was quite nice and suitable for her son, but she still wanted Li and Ze to be together.

The atmosphere fell silent.

Moments later, Li Kuang laughed. “Hahaha, good! The two of you together! How about it Harry? Do you dare to compete?”

Harry sneered, “Let’s do it!”

The two looked at Lu Ze like big bad wolves looking at small white rabbits.

Elder Lin didn’t mind Lin Ling’s choice.

She was mature. She knew what to do.

He smiled and said, “In that case, Lu Ze come up too.”

The students’ eyes were gleaming with envy.

They couldn’t beat him in power and looks, but now, even Lin Ling wanted to choose the same school as Lu Ze.

What could they do?

They were very desperate.

Lu Ze was dazed. Feeling the glances of the students around him, his heart felt a little cold.

Lin Ling didn’t want to choose a school and gave the trouble to him??

Now, he would need to take double the pressure??

Looking at their thirsty eyes, Lu Ze lifelessly walked to the stage.

Lu Ze stood next to Lin Ling. Lu Ze saw Lin Ling smile at him with cheekiness in her eyes.

His mouth spasmed.

Alright. You’re more cheeky now. I’ve lost.

He would remember this!

Don’t let him find an opportunity!

The atmosphere grew tense.

Harry and Li Kuang glanced at each other. Their brains were filled with battle scenes. Between their eyes, a universe had seemed to be birthed, galaxies disappeared, even dao was annihilated!

Seeing this, Lu Ze happily fantasized about an ancient world creating battle.

Lin Ling was extremely speechless. What strange thing was this guy thinking about again?

Moments later, Harry said, “Lu Ze, if you come to our Federal University, you’ll go straight into the elite cla.s.s and get two third-level cultivation serums each month.”

Li Kuang instantly said, “I’ll add a third-level cultivation serum!”

Harry frowned and said, “I will add one kg of spirit gold. That way, Lu Ze can forge his own spirit power armor at school!”

Lu Ze was slightly stunned. Spirit gold? Spirit powered armor?

What was this?

However, he acted very calmly as though he was very knowledgeable.

That way, he wouldn’t be tricked easily.

However, he hoped it wouldn’t be cultivation resources. He had no shortage of resources.

Li Kuang frowned and then laughed. “1.5 kg!”

Harry’s eyes flashed.

In terms of cultivation resources, the two schools had no difference.

There needed to be a special compet.i.tion.

He lost to Southern Qin Academy due to beautiful girls. Suddenly, Harry had a special idea.

This will be the key to his victory!

Beautiful girls?

If I just bring out that one, this victory will be set!

Thinking about this, Harry showed a confident smile and looked at Li Kuang.

Li Kuang was a bit confused from Harry’s look.

But soon, Li Kuang knew.

Harry smiled and said, “Lu Ze, there’s a special benefit of coming to our elite martial arts cla.s.s.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up and asked, “What is it?”

Was it some special cultivation method?

Special spirit food?

Upon seeing Lu Ze’s interested look, Harry smiled even more. “Lu Ze, I believe you’ve heard of the t.i.tle, ‘City Charming Young Duke’, right?”

With this said, Li Kuang’s face changed immediately.

Not too good!

Ordinary little boys really couldn’t handle that one.

Lu Ze heard this and got dazed. Then, he frowned and thought, ‘I seem to have some impression of it.’

Everyone: “…”

Thye looked at Lu Ze with a strange look.

Lu Ze couldn’t resist asking, “What’s wrong?”

His past life was a cultivation maniac who only knew cultivation. He only transmigrated here for a month. He was preparing for the trial every day.

He only had an impression because this ‘City Charming Young Duke’ was very famous. He heard of it somewhere.