Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 722 - Lu Ze Was a Bit Autistic

Chapter 722 - Lu Ze Was a Bit Autistic

Chapter 722 Lu Ze Was a Bit Autistic

Lu Ze’s mental force touched that blue crystal.

Immediately, the blue crystal turned into a beam of light and entered Lu Ze’s brain. He then found in shock that the endless universal knowledge library, which opened when he broke through to the planetary state, was accessible once again.

Although it was far from being as comprehensible as last time, Lu Ze still received all sorts of learnings.


Lu Ze was overjoyed. This state was immensely beneficial to him in learning G.o.d arts and divine arts!

He quickly used a purple orb dropped by the level-4 planetary state green fur ball. His mind cleared up, and then, he used the light G.o.d art orb.

Right away, endless light G.o.d art knowledge appeared in Lu Ze’s mind. He quickly learned, familiarized, and mastered that knowledge.

Lu Ze had lost his sense of time and completely immersed himself in learning.

Two days later, a bright light filled the room. Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. With his handsome face, he really seemed like prince charming.

When the light receded, Lu Ze couldn’t resist smiling.


In just two days, he went from nothing to reaching the perfect state of light G.o.d art from the third map.

This wasn’t far from the wood G.o.d art. The speed was unimaginable. It was several times that of before.

Even the dao enlightenment room didn’t have such amazing effects. However, after all, Lu Ze was learning directly from the endless knowledge library of the universe.

Lu Ze looked at the last remaining blue crystal regretfully. The only unfortunate thing was that this was depleted too fast. He used one blue crystal a day.

Previously, he had three, but now, only one was left.

He wondered whether all beasts on the fourth map would drop those blue crystals. If he didn’t get those anymore, how could he survive?

Lu Ze shook his head and checked out the Pocket Hunting Dimension. There was still half an hour left and he could enter once more. With this thought, he decided to feed Ying Ying some more orbs.

This time, only Ying Ying was present in the room. Subsequently, Lu Ze left a message indicating that he had fed her.

Thereafter, Lu Ze went inside the Pocket Hunting Dimension and appeared in the mountain range again. The scattered terrifying chi still scared him.

Lu Ze started searching for monsters to hunt.

He was sent here in a random location. The place was so vast. As a result, he couldn’t find that valley again.

Lu Ze didn’t move very fast since he had to be careful. Five hours later, Lu Ze found another valley.

It was much larger than the one yesterday, about tens of thousands of kilometers wide. However, for planetary states, they could cover this distance in just a few seconds if they flew at maximum speed. In actuality, this was only a small patch of gra.s.s.

Lu Ze proceeded and found that there were more than ten of those not-too-strong chis. The strongest were two level-4 planetary states. The rest ranged from level-1 to level-3 planetary state.

It was probably those green fur b.a.l.l.s.

Killing those level-4 planetary states would cause quite some commotion and might bring over some boss. Therefore, Lu Ze planned to hunt them last.

Following that, Lu Ze flew towards the two chis that were together.

Soon, he saw two level-2 planetary state fur b.a.l.l.s floating and devouring wood energy.

Without hesitation, he used Lightning Travel divine art and killed the two with a single punch. In turn, the opponents turned to dust but left no blue crystals.

Lu Ze was a little disappointed, but there were still 14 more left.

With how handsome he was, surely there would be quite a few blue crystals for him.

Lu Ze flew towards a nearby level-3 planetary state ball. He killed it with one punch and then grinned.

He knew handsome people were lucky. Indeed, there was a blue crystal! In a few short minutes, Lu Ze killed all of the b.a.l.l.s, except the level-4 planetary state. Despite that, he only got four blue crystals.

Lu Ze was feeling autistic.

Were handsome people usually less lucky?


Lu Ze looked towards those two level-4 planetary states. Hopefully, those two would give him something good.

Lu Ze charged up without hesitation. Lightning cloud, fire buff, darkness buff, blood lightning, and star crippling punch were all used. Ethereal vines also appeared in the air.

In order to finish the battle quickly, Lu Ze’s energy was consumed like crazy.

The two b.a.l.l.s weren’t weak. They shouldn’t be weak even among level-6 planetary states.

A shockwave spread across all directions. Hundred-meter wide ditches started emerging on the gra.s.s plain.

Despite fighting alone against two enemies, Lu Ze still had the upper hand.

Soon, Lu Ze appeared above one ball and released the double-buffed star crippling punch down. The other fur ball saw this and shot wind blades at Lu Ze.

In response, Lu Ze formed the thick Earth s.h.i.+eld around him.

Explosions sounded, but the Earth s.h.i.+eld only sustained a small crack. Meanwhile, Lu Ze tore open the s.h.i.+eld of the other fur ball and landed many heavy punches on it.


After the explosion, the blue fur ball was flattened to death. Its life force was taken away. In the next second, Lu Ze turned to the other fur ball and smiled.

That thing had a great time attacking him. Lu Ze chased it and threw a series of punches.


The battle only took less than a minute, but Lu Ze used up a large amount of stamina.

He then flew over. Let me see if there’s a treasure.

Was there no blue crystal again?

Still, level-4 planetary state orbs were still a good cultivation resource for Lu Ze. Those wind and wood G.o.d art orbs were also satisfactory.

Lu Ze looked at the other pile. Finally, there were blue crystals this time.

There were 16 fur b.a.l.l.s in total, but only five blue crystals were dropped.

Suddenly, a powerful chi surged.

Lu Ze looked around. There was a hundred-meter-tall huge beast flying over. It was a huge wolf made of black rocks. It had no tail, but it grew a hideous horn on its head. Around it, there were sharp black rocks floating


The wolf landed heavily and ended up leaving a crater in the ground. Dense chi surged from its body. Accordingly, Lu Ze felt pressure striking towards him. His body then sunk.

Level-6 planetary state beast!

The wolf howled, and then, one sharp rock around him disappeared.

Lu Ze felt a terrifying danger approach rapidly. He quickly used s.p.a.ce transmission to disappear from the spot.


A deep hole appeared where Lu Ze previously stood. The wolf howled again furiously. Tens of thousands of kilometers away, Lu Ze appeared with a pale face. There was a hole in his stomach.

Oh my, were level-6 planetary state beasts this ferocious? He almost didn’t get away.

Luckily, that wolf didn’t know he had s.p.a.ce G.o.d art, or he wouldn’t have gotten away.

He quickly used super regeneration, wood G.o.d art, and light G.o.d art. The three healing abilities made his stomach recover rapidly.

At this moment, Lu Ze felt a scorching chi from his behind.

He looked around and saw a huge head approaching near. Its red eyes were bigger than he was.

Lu Ze was dazed.

What was this?

Suddenly, he realized he couldn’t move. The hideous mouth opened, and Lu Ze fell unconscious.