Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 723 - Beginner Mastery in One Day

Chapter 723 - Beginner Mastery in One Day

Chapter 723 Beginner Mastery in One Day

Lu Ze opened his eyes back in his room.

He was eaten by a boss! That pain of being eaten alive was spine-chilling.

This was the first time he was eaten. It was a rather new experience. Lu Ze didn’t want to go through it again.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze’s face slowly recovered. His pajamas were drenched with sweat.

“Huh…” After taking a breath, he felt a bit comfortable deep inside his heart.

This was too unfair. Why could bosses in the Pocket Hunting Dimension eat him, but he can’t eat anything?

Lu Ze shook his head and looked at the mental force dimension. There were 80 red and purple orbs, as well as five blue crystals.

Just watching those crystals made him feel a bit better.

He had five days to cultivate well again.

Without hesitation, he used a blue crystal and a level-4 planetary state purple orb and began learning the darkness G.o.d art.

Two days later, Lu Ze opened his eyes. Darkness was spinning around his hand. It was very eerie and similar to Lu Li’s darkness G.o.d art.

They had the same origin. The difference was that the two of them learned it in different directions.

The darkness G.o.d art was also at the perfect stage of the third map.

Lu Ze felt great. Now, it was time for the divine arts. He still had light, darkness, and combined divine art.

They had been flying for 13 days already. In total, there were still two days left until they returned to the Dawn System.

Lu Ze decided to learn darkness divine art first, but before that, Lu Ze planned to visit the Pocket Hunting Dimension again.

He couldn’t stop while learning, so he wouldn’t be able to enter the Pocket Hunting Dimension in the meantime. Now that he used two blue crystals, he only had four left. If he didn’t get some more, he might not have enough soon.

Lu Ze gauged the situation at the Pocket Hunting Dimension and saw that he could finally go in. Without hesitation, he entered the dimension.

Lu Ze appeared within a dim forest.

Just when he planned to use chi stealth G.o.d art, a terrifying howl sounded next to him.

A powerful wave swept by, and Lu Ze died on the spot. Once again, Lu Ze regained his consciousness back in his room.


What just happened? He felt he was crushed by something and just died instantly.

Did he encounter the battlefield of bosses as soon as he came in? This was worse than appearing in front of all the overlords on the third map.

He shakily wrapped himself in his blanket. The world was too cold. The Pocket Hunting Dimension was colder. Only this blanket could give him some warmth.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze collected himself and began cultivating. He used blue crystals, purple orbs, and drew in the darkness divine art rune. With that, dark chi surged in his body. He resisted the pain that it brought on his body while learning.

A day later.

Beginner mastery of darkness divine art!

Lu Ze was still in disbelief. It originally took him three days, but now, only one day was spent. This speed was so much faster than his original speed.

At this rate, he would only need a month to reach perfection for such a level of divine art. Comparatively, Lu Ze took more than a month to reach perfection for the divine arts dropped by the overlords of the second map.

This could bring his combat power to the peak using the shortest time.

This darkness divine art was a purely offensive divine art. It had concentrated darkness G.o.d art and a corrosive effect. This even affected the target’s mental force. However, it was very negligible compared to mental force G.o.d art.

In terms of attack, it wasn’t as strong as the Golden Fist Art but it was eerier.

This divine art was a long-range attack-type divine art, so Lu Ze decided to call it “Darkness Beam”.

Lu Ze attempted to sense the state of the Pocket Hunting Dimension. He felt he could go in again. Thus, he entered without hesitation.

He didn’t believe he would be so unlucky to die again immediately this time.

Lu Ze appeared in the forest and instantly concealed his chi. He looked around. No bosses were fighting

Lu Ze felt touched. He chose a random direction and started searching for prey.

Two hours later, Lu Ze found a gra.s.s plain. There were six green fur b.a.l.l.s. Two level-2 planetary states, three level-3 planetary states, and one level-4 planetary state.

After Lu Ze crushed them, he collected two blue crystals. He was rather happy with the result. It was enough for these two days.

This time, no boss came to watch, so Lu Ze finally walked out of the gra.s.s plain alive.

Six hours later, Lu Ze found another region. It was a mountain covered in black metal blocks. There were no trees nor plants, just random metal blocks scattered around. These blocks formed a maze-like place. Lu Ze looked at this black mountain. He didn’t know how big it was, but he could feel some not-too-strong chis. They were below level-4 planetary state.

Lu Ze ventured into the area. He moved quickly towards the chi he sensed.

At this time, a dark arc shot out from the mountain towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed, and he instinctively formed the Earth s.h.i.+eld.


The arc sliced open his incomplete Earth s.h.i.+eld and struck his chest. Thereafter, Lu Ze’s powerful body made a clanking sound. A huge wound appeared as blood gushed out.


He looked seriously at the mountain. He didn’t sense any chi there.

What was inside?

Lu Ze decided to heal himself.

Right then, there was a screeching sound. A strange-looking animal came out of the cracks.

It looked a bit like an insectoid. It was completely black with six legs. It also had a pair of frontal claws that seemed to belong to a praying mantis. It had two pairs of wobbling antennas on its head.

Its blood-red eyes stared deadly at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze raised a brow.

Leve-4 planetary state beast!

If he didn’t sense the danger earlier and formed the Earth s.h.i.+eld, he would have died from that. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was too sneaky.