Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 721 - New Drop

Chapter 721 - New Drop

Chapter 721 New Drop

Seeing the green ball gradually turning to dust, Lu Ze raised a brow. Somewhat unexpectedly, this beast did not even last a hit.

Lu Ze didn’t know how strong this guy was, but at least, he could beat small monsters. He felt great. That way, he could grow stronger.

When the dust disappeared, five red orbs, five purple orbs, one wind G.o.d art orb, and one wood G.o.d art orb remained. On top of that, there was another blue crystal.

Lu Ze picked them all up and looked at the blue crystal. He had never seen this before.

His face became strange.

Was this green fur ball a hidden boss? If it was, then it was too weak.

He sent the blue crystal into his mental force dimension. Regardless, it was good that he acquired new stuff.

Lu Ze looked towards the gra.s.s plain. There were also five other beasts that ranged from level-1 to level-4 planetary state. Lu Ze guessed it was the same kind as the green fur ball. He decided to fly over to the nearest one. A few thousand kilometers away, a level-1 planetary state green fur ball was floating on the gra.s.s. Lu Ze used Lightning Travel divine art to get close, and then, he utilized the combo of fire buff, darkness buff, body G.o.d art, and star crippling punch. With that, the level-1 planetary state green ball died on the spot.

Despite his fire buff and darkness buff reaching only beginner mastery, it was still a huge improvement. His attack just then would be able to beat ordinary level-6 planetary states.

Despite so, his energy consumption was also multiplied. Now, he would only be able to last for an hour or two?

As for his body, it could handle it since the buff was just beginner mastery. If both divine arts reached perfection, Lu Ze wouldn’t be so certain. He would probably have an even shorter time using both of them.

But then, those two divine arts would bring him a huge surge in power. Lu Ze was hopeful of finding out his prospective combat power.

After the green ball turned to dust, it didn’t drop the blue crystal. This made Lu Ze more suspicious that the green ball from before was special.

Lu Ze kept flying towards the other chis. He faced a level-3 planetary state. It also died without resisting.

This made Lu Ze more certain of his power. Even a level-3 planetary state boss with dual G.o.d art couldn’t handle one punch from him. Being invincible was so lonely…

Lu Ze felt great.

When the dust disappeared, the blue crystal was there again.

Was this a regular drop?

Was this something new for killing a planetary state?

Lu Ze was more curious about the blue crystal now. What can it do?

He couldn’t use it in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, so he had to wait until he went out.

Lu Ze had once again begun his hunt. Soon, the remaining two level-2 planetary state green fur b.a.l.l.s were killed.

They didn’t drop the blue crystal. There seemed to be some chance of dropping it.

Lu Ze didn’t mind too much as there would be plenty of opportunities.

There was another chi remaining in this valley. It was one level-4 planetary state.

Lu Ze intentionally left this opponent as the last one because he didn’t know how well his power would be compared to it.

This fur ball also noticed something was wrong when all his pals disappeared.

Wind surged from its body as its green fur was blown around.

When Lu Ze came before this fur ball, it didn’t hesitate at all and used wood G.o.d art to sweep the gra.s.s towards him.

Countless wind blades in the sky also hacked down at Lu Ze.

In return, Lu Ze tensed up after sensing the dangerous chi, but he was keen to try.

The previous hunt was too easy. As he used fire buff and darkness buff, explosive chi shot out of his body. Blood lightning flowed around him as he disappeared from the spot. Simultaneously, a dark lightning cloud formed above his head.


The blood lightning turned into lightning pillars that swept down the area. At the same time, a lightning spear formed around Lu Ze. It shot towards the fur ball in all directions.

Dark, red, and golden light swirled around Lu Ze’s fist.

If it wasn’t that the s.p.a.ce in the fourth map was much more stable, this land would have been destroyed already.


Lightning spear, lightning pillar, and the wind blades clashed. The surrounding few kilometers of gra.s.s was torn apart.

During this clash, Lu Ze appeared around the fur ball.

Meanwhile, countless gra.s.s coiled towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze ignited with orange flames while the lightning spears swept across. He tore apart the gra.s.s while approaching the fur ball.

During this time, the fur ball disappeared from the spot and moved away.

This speed wasn’t far off from his Lightning Travel divine art.

The level-4 planetary state green ball had wind G.o.d art. Its speed could reach level-6 planetary state. This was rather amazing, given that this guy didn’t even have a divine art. If it had wind divine art, it would probably be even faster.

Lu Ze grinned. This ball had wind G.o.d art to stop him, but it wasn’t like he didn’t have wood G.o.d art.

His eyes flashed with green runes. Virtual vines started appearing in the void and coiled towards the green fur ball.

The green ball suddenly halted when it saw the vines appear. Clearly, it didn’t expect something this eerie to appear. The vines interfered with the green ball’s speed. Lu Ze had torn apart the gra.s.s and gotten closer again.

He went to smash the green ball’s green barrier using the star crippling punch.


A huge crack appeared on the barrier.

Lu Ze didn’t stop. He continued to get closer while using vine divine art to slow down the furball even more.

Lightning flashed, and Lu Ze appeared above the fur ball.

Star crippling punch!

He poured out all his spirit force to the barrier.

One punch, two punches, three punches…

After six punches, the barrier cracked, and then, Lu Ze hit the top portion of the ball.


Lu Ze felt like he was slapping a basketball.

The ball then shot into the gra.s.s under that terrifying force, creating a hole of tens of meters deep.

Lu Ze appeared in the hole before the ball could react and let out more punches towards it.

The sound echoed throughout the valley. Eventually, it all stopped with a rumble.

Lu Ze looked at the flattened ball and stopped.

Soon, the ball turned to dust, and Lu Ze saw that blue crystal once again. Six b.a.l.l.s and three blue crystals. The chance of the drop seemed very high.

Lu Ze was quite happy. Regardless of what the crystal was, it should be definitely good.

Lu Ze moved out once again.


Before he even left the valley, there was a bird shrieking. Lu Ze looked up and saw a huge bird shrouded by purple lightning swoop down. Lightning affected the entire valley. Thereafter, Lu Ze died.

Lu Ze woke up back in his room. That bird was definitely a high-level planetary state.

Perhaps, it was drawn over by the battle.