Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 720 - Where's the Basic Trust Between People?

Chapter 720 - Where's the Basic Trust Between People?

Chapter 720 Where’s the Basic Trust Between People?

Lu Ze felt a headache after cultivating divine arts for nine consecutive days. He rubbed his head and planned to rest for a while.

His progress was rather fast. Three days and he already reached beginner mastery for a middle-level, low-grade divine art.

He exhausted his mind at this point. Consequently, his learning speed would slow down.

Lu Ze got out of the bed and planned to exit the room. Thereafter, Lu Ze proceeded to Ying Ying’s room.

He hadn’t fed her for nine days. Would she be angry?

When he came in, he saw that Lu Li was there too. Lu Li was feeding Ying Ying with red orbs. She looked over and said, “Brother, why did you come?”

Lu Ze smiled and sat next to Lu Li. “Why are you feeding Ying Ying?”

Lu Li smiled. “We thought that since you were in solitary cultivation, Ying Ying would take longer to wake up if no one fed her, so we came over every day to feed her energy.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Then, I’ll leave you some more orbs later.”

Lu Li nodded.

Afterward, Lu Ze started taking out red orbs to feed Ying Ying. Lu Ze smiled and rubbed Ying Ying’s little face. Lu Li looked at Lu Ze and grinned. Before he could react, she grabbed his collar and put her head against his shoulder.

Lu Ze felt the sudden weight on his shoulder. He looked over and saw Lu Li. He smiled and put his arm around her.

The two didn’t say any words.

Lu Ze looked at Lu Li’s pretty black hair and thought about the times when he first transmigrated here. She trained with him and helped improve his combat power. But her heart was evil at the time, and her cooking was horrifying. However, right now, her cooking skills were not that bad. After a while, Lu Ze called out, “Li?”

Lu Li looked up. “Hmm?”

Lu Ze kissed her.

Lu Li clearly didn’t expect this. Her body stiffened, and her eyes widened. She used more force in grabbing Lu Ze’s collar.

After a while, she relaxed and closed her eyes. When some time pa.s.sed, the two separated. Lu Ze laughed upon seeing Lu Li’s shy look.

Lu Ze said, “I didn’t feel anything last time when we were drunk. This time, I finally felt


Lu Li thought about that night and remembered that he kissed the other girls too. She also recalled what he said. Immediately, she wasn’t happy anymore.

Seeing how Lu Ze was still smiling, she wanted to bite him. But suddenly, she copied Qiuyue Hesha and looked at Lu Ze seductively. “Brother… do you want to take it a step further?”

Lu Ze was stunned. He looked at Lu Li in disbelief. She was biting her lower lips. He then gulped some saliva and asked nervously, “Really?”

‘In his 19th year, was he finally going to become a real man?’

Lu Ze’s heart was beating fast.

Lu Li’s expression suddenly changed. “Of course not!”

She stood up with pouted lips and walked out the door. “I’m going to cultivate!”

Lu Ze: “???”

He was still dazed when the door closed. Lu Li was crossing the line.

‘Where was the basic trust between people?’ He was embarra.s.sed and shy for no reason.

She only started the fire but didn’t extinguish it. Who did she learn this from??

He felt he had to deal with this seriously!

Lu Ze took a deep breath. He looked at the empty room. Only Ying Ying was lying on the bed. Therefore, he took out some orbs and fed her some more.

This world was too cold. Only Ying Ying’s round face could bring him some warmth.

After that, Lu Ze went back to his room and sat down. Now, only cultivation could bring him


At this moment, Lu Ze felt he could enter the Pocket Hunting Dimension again. Immediately, his eyes lit up.

He went in without hesitation.

His consciousness entered that dark s.p.a.ce. This time, there were four golden circles inside. The fourth one was an endless mountain range. Lu Ze chose the fourth circle. When he looked around, he was in a forest.

Lu Ze used chi stealth G.o.d art immediately and Blue Bird 1 divine art to travel.

He was going to fight some beasts he could beat.

Lu Ze encountered quite some powerful beasts along the way. There were a few huge wolves with several heads. There was a hundred-meter tall, bone-armored bear and also dinosaur-like beasts.

Approximately, these beasts mostly had level-5 planetary state to level-6 power. Most importantly, they all had G.o.d art!

This was indeed a h.e.l.l mode challenge. Lu Ze hadn’t seen those ordinary beasts.

The combat power difference between ordinary beasts and beasts with G.o.d arts was huge. Lu Ze might not even be able to beat these G.o.d art beasts at level-5 and level-6 planetary state.

He might not even be able to run at all.

If ordinary beasts were like this, what about the overlord beasts then?

Lu Ze felt he had a long road ahead of him.

After running for a few hundred thousand kilometers, he finally sensed a small beast.

It was a level-2 planetary state!

Lu Ze came over to a valley. There was quite some fresh gra.s.s inside. Seeing this, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

He thought of his old friend. ‘Rabbit? Is that you?’

Lu Ze snuck into the gra.s.s, and soon, he found the beast. It was a ball.

Just a ball, three meters in diameter and covered in green fur. It had two round black eyes and had no mouth.

It was floating above the gra.s.s while green light went from the gra.s.s to it. It was devouring the essence of the wood element. Lu Ze was disappointed. It wasn’t the rabbit! The three previous maps had rabbits.

The ball had wind and wood G.o.d art based on just what he saw. He wondered how strong it was.

Lu Ze burst out using blood lightning.

Lightning Travel divine art!

Simultaneously, he used fire buff, darkness buff, body G.o.d art, and star crippling punch.

The force fused into one violent fist force that penetrated the green ball. It died before it could even react.

Lu Ze was dazed. Was it that simple?