Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 719 - Honor and Responsibility

Chapter 719 - Honor and Responsibility

Chapter 719 Honor and Responsibility

While everyone was chatting, the door of the meeting room opened again. A bulky, white-bearded old man wearing black armor entered.

Everyone went quiet as soon as he came in. They watched him slowly walk on the stage.

Shenwu Saint Xu Binbai-he was the marshal of the Shenwu Army, and the saint responsible for guarding the void border. He had gone through countless battles in his lifetime. He spent his entire life expanding the human territory and guarding the border. He was admired by many powerful humans.

Everyone got up and saluted the old man. “Marshal!”

The old man waved his hand and let everyone sit. He glanced below the stage and smiled. “Little kids, it seems you’ve benefited quite a lot from the void border trial. Some of you are more excellent than I imagined, especially a few of you.”

He looked at Lu Ze and his group and said, “Lu Ze’s t.i.tle was decided by us old guys. Now, it seems he didn’t dishonor his t.i.tle, whether it was his contribution during this time or his own talent.”

Everyone felt quite complicated. Very few people in history had been complimented like this by Shenwu Saint. However, there was nothing they could say because even they believed that they were far from Lu Ze.

Lu Ze just smiled. He felt he just did what he should have done.

“The other few kids aren’t bad too, Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, Luo Bingqing…”

Shenwu Saint read out the names of those who reached the planetary state. “You’ve reached the planetary state at such a young age. Very good. Still, you must not become arrogant. The future of the Federation will be paved by you


Ordinary cosmic system states didn’t have to worry about their life, but they were different. A few thousand years later, these saints would turn to dust. So, the future was in the hands of the younger generation.

Those who were named by the saint sat up straighter.

Thereafter, the saint said, “I believe you know the purpose of this trial. The Four-Race Social is about to begin. We’ve had less time to develop compared to the other races, but that doesn’t mean we’re weak. Let the other three races and our own race see how strong our younger generation is! The Human Race is young, but we’re not inferior to the other three races!”

He glanced across everyone. “Are you confident?”

The alliances were established on the premise of similar powers. The Four-Race Social Gathering is the time to display your own power. You don’t have to be extremely strong, but you definitely can’t be immensely weak. Of course, the stronger you were, the more power you had in the alliance.

“Yes!” everyone said firmly. They would prove that the future of humanity would only get better and better.

Shenwu Saint only said some simple words, but everyone remembered it dearly.

They represented the Human Race, and all their fellow humans would be watching. This was an honor and responsibility.

Soon, the meeting was over. Before he left, he looked at Lu Ze and told him to come to the void border for training if he had the chance.

That att.i.tude aroused quite some envy. That was the Shenwu Saint!

He was nice to Lu Ze as if Lu Ze was his own descendant.

After the saint left, everyone was led by the Shenwu Army soldiers to the s.h.i.+p where Lu Ze and the girls were on before.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang had come back already. She would be going with them.

After chatting for a while, the Lu Ze and the rest went to their own rooms.

The girls were desperate to start cultivating the divine art runes Lu Ze gave them. That way they could become stronger too.

Lu Ze returned to his room and looked at the orbs and runes in his mental force dimension.

For the divine arts he had already cultivated, Earth s.h.i.+eld and Lightning Travel divine art were at perfection. Golden needle divine art was still at familiar mastery while fire buff reached beginner level.

He still had so many divine arts that weren’t cultivated to perfection.

This was a lot. It felt like the end-of-semester examinations, wherein there were so many books left to study. However, if he finished cultivating all these divine arts, his combat power would receive a huge surge.

It took fifteen days to get back to the Dawn System. It wasn’t plausible to cultivate them all.

Lu Ze thought about it and decided to cultivate those divine arts he hadn’t tried yet to beginner level, and then, he will use the dao enlightenment room to cultivate them to perfection.

Lu Ze chose to start with the deer overlord’s vine divine art. He didn’t have a restriction-type divine art. This could make up for it.

After going through the breakthrough phenomenon, Lu Ze felt it was easier for him to learn divine arts.

Three days later, his vine divine art reached beginner mastery.

He opened his eyes. Virtual green vines started appearing around him. They were like tentacles. Lu Ze felt he was becoming a tentacle monster. It looked strange, but it was really potent.

Its offensive power wasn’t strong, but it could bind s.p.a.ce and interfere with enemies.

Lu Ze didn’t stop there. He immediately began cultivating the golden ape’s divine art. It was a fist divine art similar to the star crippling punch but much stronger. If Lu Ze cultivated this to perfection, it would become his strongest attack, even stronger than the lightning cloud. Three days later, he finished cultivating it too.

Lu Ze clenched his fist, and s.p.a.ce suddenly shook. A force wave spread from the fist. He smiled at this development.

It was just beginner mastery, but it was already not too far from the star crippling punch. Accordingly, he named it “Golden Fist Art”.

Following such, the next art was the dark wolf divine art. He hadn’t used the light and darkness G.o.d art orbs yet, so he couldn’t learn the light and darkness divine art at this moment.

Three days later, the dark wolf divine art attained beginner mastery.

This divine art was like an evolved version of the body of darkness. It was very similar to fire buff. Therefore, Lu Ze called it darkness buff.

Unlike the body of darkness, darkness buff could also be used during the day but it wasn’t as potent during the night. During the day, it would be weaker than the fire buff, but at night, it was stronger than the fire buff. Most importantly, fire buff and darkness buff could be used together. Using these two buff divine arts meant that his combat power would skyrocket.

The only worry he had was that his body wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Even with his spirit force, he might not be able to last too long. He decided to try once he entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension.