Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 70 - Take a gamble

Chapter 70 - Take a gamble

Chapter 70: Take a gamble

Chang Mailuo expressionlessly looked at the shrieking queen insectoid as he slowly said, “This insectoid attack was a trial for the students.

“The peace in the internal region of the federation is won through the bloodshed of the border post soldiers. I hope you all remember this.

“The human race isn’t strong but our backbones are straight! Students, remember this: The universe is dark, but if our race is united, there is light. The human race shall not be abused!”

Then, he raised his sword and sliced down.

The insectoid’s head fell to the ground and the shrieking stopped. The soldiers immediately started roaring.

In the resting room, the students looked at the roaring soldiers and the dead queen while feeling quite hot-blooded.

Lu Ze watched the screen silently as his eyes flashed.

He suddenly thought back to the seed battle. The little Nangong Jing smiled while saying that being too weak means that you wouldn’t be able to do anything for the human race.

He couldn’t resist laughing.

Perhaps it was due to the era, but the humans of this era seemed pretty nice.

He quite liked it.

The screen slowly faded but everyone was still lost in thought.

Then, someone yelled, “The human race shall not be abused!”

Everyone returned to their senses after hearing that.

They glanced at each other and their mouths spasmed.

Some things only needed to be kept in the heart.

Yelling it out was cringy!

Because some heavily injured students needed treatment, the mothers.h.i.+p still needed to stay here for a while.

During this time, everyone could get some rest.

Four hours later, the doors to the resting room suddenly opened. Someone came in with a smile and said, “Can all the seed students please come with me to the discussion room.”

Lu Ze, Xu Yang and Xufang became dazed and then got up and followed the person under everyone’s gaze.

There was already a bus waiting outside the resting room. Lu Ze and the others got on and found that there were quite some students on there already. They were probably the seeds of other schools.

Seeing new people get on, the seed students looked over.

When they saw Lu Ze, they all became dazed.

The saw the news as well. Now, the only students who didn’t know of Lu Ze we probably those in the intensive care unit.

The news admitted that Lu Ze had the talent of a young duke.

Although they were prodigies in their respective schools, they weren’t on the same level as Lu Ze.

But now, Lu Ze was here with them.

What should they do?

Should they ask for an autograph?

When Lu Ze becomes a young duke, they could sell it for money…

Should they go over and get familiar with him?

Lu Ze instinctively tensed up seeing everyone look at him with flashy eyes.

In just a few hours, he was hara.s.sed twice. He had to be wary.

But luckily, these people just nodded at him and smiled.

They soon arrived before a huge metal door.

The students got off and saw that there were quite a few vehicles before it.

Lu Ze and the others got off as well and walked inside.

Inside was a huge meeting hall. As soon as Lu Ze entered, he heard a crisp voice.

“Lu Ze, here.”

Lu Ze looked over. Lin Ling was smiling and waving her hand at Lu Ze.

Xu Yang and Xufang also saw Lin Ling.

Xu Yang’s eyes flashed as he jabbed Lu Ze with his elbow. “Lu Ze, not bad. Such a pretty girl. Was it a girl you protected in the trial or one of your fans?”

Xufang also glanced at Lin Ling while her eyes flashed.

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “That’s Lin Ling, she’s really strong. She helped me kill some level three insectoids in the insectoid tide. How could she be a fan?”

Xu Yang’s eyes narrowed. Lin Ling was originally ranked 3rd. He didn’t expect her to be such a cute girl.

He laughed awkwardly and stopped talking.

Lu Ze and the others walked over to Lin Ling and sat down. Lin Ling’s crystal eyes radiated some excitement in them. “Do you know why I came to find you guys?”

Lu Ze asked curiously, “What is it?”

Lin Ling smiled. “Choosing guaranteed entry.”

Lu Ze was confused. “Wasn’t the trial cancelled?”

Lin Ling smiled and said, “The selection is based on what students demonstrated against the insectoid tide.”

Xu Yang and Xufang frowned. “Then what about the seed students who weren’t attacked by the insectoid tide?”

After all, only a small portion of students was attacked by the insectoid tide. Most of them were rescued before the insectoids spread.

Lin Ling replied, “There will be a simulated battle against the insectoids in virtual reality in a couple of days. Other seeds can also go in and complete the trial again.”

Hearing this, Xu Yang and Xufang breathed easy.

Then, Xu Yang glanced at Lu Ze before asking, “Does Lu Ze need to partic.i.p.ate?”

If Lu Ze was partic.i.p.ating, then he would stay very close to Lu Ze.

Lin Ling smiled and replied, “With Lu Ze’s performance against the insectoid tide, those two would probably fight over him. Your plan probably won’t come into fruition.”

Lu Ze asked Lin Ling, “Which two?”

“Li Kuang of Federal University and Harry of Emperor Capital Academy.”

When Lu Ze heard this, his eyes lit up. He raised his lips and said, “So I’m that valued?”

I’m a prodigy indeed, Lu Ze thought beautifully.

That way, he fulfilled his promise to his mum and he won the gamble with Lu Li!

Taking a gamble was indeed worth it.

So, should I go to Federal University or Emperor Capital Academy?

Xu Yang and Xufang looked at Lu Ze with envy.

They all went to the same school but Lu Ze was this much more excellent than them.

Seeing Lu Ze so happy, the two felt heartache.

But they admired what Lu Ze did and truly felt happy for him.

Just when Lu Ze was feeling happy, Elder Lin and the other teachers came out of the tall back door in the discussion hall.

The students quietened down when they saw them come in.

Elder Lin stood on the high stage and glanced at the students. His eyes paused on Lin Ling who stuck her tongue out at him and Lu Ze before saying, “The reason I’ve called everyone here is for the students of each school to select their guaranteed entry.”