Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 708 - Break Through to Planetary State, Endless Bright Lights

Chapter 708 - Break Through to Planetary State, Endless Bright Lights

Chapter 708 Break Through to Planetary State, Endless Bright Lights

“Could it be them??” Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Is this for real? How old are they? They’ve already reached the planetary state?”

“The young dukes of this generation are strong.”

“More than one broke through.”

Boss Zhu felt this as well in his restaurant and smiled. “These kids aren’t bad. They didn’t waste that Zhihuo Shooting Star.”

Another customer smiled. “Heh, it’s going to be the Four-Race Social Gathering soon. These kids can bring the Human Race some honor.”

“Hahaha, I must go watch at the time.”

At this moment, one person said, “By the way, I wonder how the Monarch of the New Dawn is doing. I haven’t heard from him for a long time.”

They were very hopeful. His progress must be quite significant.

“We haven’t heard much from them since the beast tide.”

“I heard a friend say they went to Shenwu City for solitary cultivation, and they earned a few hundred thousand merit points and spent it all.”

“A few hundred thousand?!” People were dumbfounded once again.

They knew how hard it was to earn merit points. They wouldn’t even be able to save a few hundred thousand merit points within a few hundred years.

Someone sighed. “He’s indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn. He’s only been here for half a year, and yet, he had already gathered a few hundred thousand merit points. This is the first in history, right?”

Someone asked curiously, “I wonder what power he would have after this solitary cultivation?”

“Probably the mortal evolution state perfect stage?”

“Perhaps after he goes back, he might be able to reach the planetary state?”

The atmosphere became silent again.

“… No, way. Monarch of the New Dawn is only 19 years old, right?”

“… 19-year-old planetary state. Is this plausible?”

Everyone was hopeful but felt this was too unreal.

“Hahaha… then, at least, in the next year or two, Monarch of the New Dawn can definitely reach the planetary state!”

“I agree! With his talent, he can definitely reach the planetary state in, at most, two years!”

“I agree too!”

“20 or 21-year-old planetary state! The Human Race is lucky.”

In the cultivation rooms of the base, Luo Bingqing walked out. There was still a cold chi around him. The scorching temperature chilled immediately. However, his calm face had a bit of a smile on it.

He finally reached the planetary state. This speed was beyond his expectations.

During this time, another door opened, and Mo Xie walked out. Seeing Luo Bingqing, his smile froze, and he asked, “When did you come out?”

Luo Bingqing said, “Just then.”

Mo Xie nodded. The good mood he was in previously dropped by half. He thought he would be the first, but Luo Bingqing was faster than him.

At this moment, another door opened, and Lin Kuang walked out with a laugh. Seeing Luo Bingqing and Mo Xie, his mouth twitched.

“Oh s.h.i.+t, Luo and Mo, how are you guys faster than me?” He thought he would be first.

Luo Bingqing smiled. “We just came out too.”

Right at this juncture, a few more doors opened. Chi Xiaomo, Bernie, and Jack came out.

Lin Kuang punched Jack’s chest. “Jack, I’m faster than you!”

Jack’s mouth twitched, and he nodded plainly. “Yeah, you’re faster than me.”

Still, everyone breaking through to the planetary state was a good thing.

They weren’t much old, in terms of age. This speed was considered above average in all the generations of young dukes.

Right at this point, there was another ripple from the cultivation room.

Lin Kuang smiled. “Who is it this time?”

Luo Bingqing answered, “Probably Derrick.” Indeed, Derrick soon walked out with a smile, but after seeing this many people gathered, his mouth twitched too.

Mo Xie glanced at the cultivation rooms. “Xuan Yuji and the rest would probably need some more time. Let’s go have a meal at Zhihuo Little Restaurant and then consolidate more?”

Everyone nodded. “Okay.”

Six days later in Shenwu City, at Lu Ze’s room.

Lu Ze sat on his bed and had a faint white glow covering his body. On the fourth day, Lu Ze reached the peak of level-9 mortal evolution state with the white energy. Then, in the following two days, Lu Ze was learning the secrets of planetary state and building up spirit force.

As he used the overlord orbs, every cell in his body was being filled with spirit force.

Every cell was imbued with white spirit force mist. In the middle was a faint planetary seed.

Luckily, he got the special spirit body last time. Otherwise, he would still need about a month to reach this stage. Now, he only needed two days.

Simultaneously, Lu Ze found that he had a clearer sense of the rules in the universespirit force, void, elements, s.p.a.ce-time.

The entire universe was like a treasure cove of endless knowledge which opened a minuscule opening for Lu Ze. From that opening, Lu Ze could barely feel that incomprehensive knowledge.

He was immersed in it. He had already learned the secrets of the planetary state, but now, he was learning his G.o.d art.

He found that while breaking through to the planetary state, he was very close to universal laws. This was a good time to learn G.o.d art. As he learned, that earth blob and the orange flame were being rapidly depleted. His fire and earth G.o.d art were beginning to mutate and grow stronger.

Now, Lu Ze found that he was pretty much at the limit. He learned all that he could learn. The other stuff wasn’t something he could understand at this stage.

Despite so, he still used up a third of the earth blob and orange flame.

Lu Ze used another red and purple orb. His mental force spread across his body. He could sense every cell.

Thereafter, his mental force moved, and the white spirit force mist went towards his planetary seeds. The mist and seeds clashed, releasing waves.

There was severe pain coming from every corner of Lu Ze’s body. The dim planetary seeds were lighting up. The planetary seeds were truly transforming into bright planets.

The mortal evolution state was the difference between the mortal and spirit body, but the planetary state was the evolution of life.

His body seemed to have been refined again and again. All the impurities were removed.

Lu Ze could feel his body, spirit force, and mental force rapidly progress.

A powerful invisible wave spread out from Lu Ze’s body. Everyone in Shenwu City looked in Lu Ze’s direction in shock.

In that direction, there was an endless light forming. It contained the endless knowledge of the universe.

Gradually, this light covered the entire city and extended out even more. It even encompa.s.sed this huge planet.

Everyone was confused by what this light was.