Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 707 - Hell Mode

Chapter 707 - Hell Mode

Chapter 707 h.e.l.l Mode

Lu Ze crossed the forest and proceeded to the fourth map.

Last time, he looked at the fourth map from the border of the forest. It was an endless mountain range covered by trees. The third map’s forest was merely a small extension of the fourth map.

According to the setup of the Pocket Hunting Dimension, each map would be larger than the previous one. The fourth map was clearly vaster than these barren lands.

Lu Ze didn’t know how big it was exactly, but that mammoth with two pairs of tusks he saw last time was rather terrifying. Definitely, there would be plenty of powerful beasts in that mountain range.

Despite such danger, Lu Ze still wanted to check out the area. He has no opponent now in the third map after all.

Soon, Lu Ze crossed into the forest of the fourth map.

The trees were taller than the third map on average. They were usually a few thousand meters tall.

The leaves were lush and only a little sunlight could penetrate inside the forest.

The ground was covered in rotting leaves. It was damp.

Lu Ze dashed around in the forest. The Blue Bird 1 divine art wasn’t fast, but it was gentle, unlike the Lightning Travel divine art, which blasted like thunder. If he drew a boss over, he wouldn’t be able to handle it.

He planned to go to the top of the mountain on the side first. The taller he stood, the further he could see. As for why he didn’t fly in the air, it was because he would be most likely caught if he did exactly that. It was rather dangerous.

As a mature jungler, Lu Ze knew the importance of hiding himself. As Lu Ze traveled in the forest, there would be beast howls from time to time. There were also terrifying chis being released in the distance. He felt he couldn’t beat these beasts at all.

Lu Ze was worried. He was probably going to become the bottom of the food chain again, but that was fine. Later on, he would become super strong again.

Soon, he arrived at the foot of the mountain. On the way, he chose to go around when he sensed a chi.

He looked at this huge peak. The mountain top was a few hundred kilometers up. This was just one peak. There were countless peaks in this mountain range.

There were peaks higher than this one and peaks shrouded in clouds. Lu Ze then chose one without clouds.

Lu Ze silently moved towards the top. There were a few powerful chis at the top. He was worried he would get caught. Luckily, he wasn’t discovered despite reaching his destination.

Lu Ze looked down. He couldn’t see the end of the mountain range at a glance. The distance was covered by higher peaks. He could only see a small portion.

He saw a huge lake that was a few thousand kilometers wide in the valleys.

He even suspected that he didn’t see the entire lake. This lake surrounded a few huge peaks and was blocked by other peaks.

There were huge birds flying in the air from time to time. They had different appearances. Some of them had a wing that spans more than ten meters, but some were over a thousand meters. However, some smaller birds seemed stronger than larger birds.

There were strange beasts appearing in the forest every so often.

The birds might fight each other every now and then. However, it would only destroy the trees of the surrounding few kilometers. Some rocks only cracked a little.

Lu Ze realized that the trees and rocks of this map were much st.u.r.dier than the third map’s.

“Roar!” a dominant roar sounded. Lu Ze’s chest felt heavy. He tensed up. He looked around in the direction of the roar.

On a distant mountain, there was a 300-meter tall blue tiger roaring at the top of the mountain. The wind swirled around it. The trees were rattling heavily.

The surrounding beasts didn’t even dare to make a sound.

Lu Ze used his chi stealth G.o.d art at full power too, not daring to create a noise.

He felt stunned.

This was a star state beast?!

What a joke!

This tiger’s chi was on par with aunty Xunshuang’s.

At this moment, a huge black turtle floated up from the lake. It had a hideous dark sh.e.l.l with a sharp horn on its head. It also roared back at the tiger.

Immediately, the lake water rolled over. The waves reached the sky and flooded the surrounding area.

“???י :Lu Ze

Another star state beast?!

Shouldn’t this be a planetary state map?

Did he enter the wrong map? During this time, the mountain he was on rattled. Lu Ze instinctively wanted to run, but a powerful force pressed down, and Lu Ze lost consciousness.

In his room, Lu Ze opened his eyes.

He didn’t even know how he died, but he wasn’t surprised. There were that many star states present there.

This was just a region of a hundred thousand kilometers, and there were already five star states. What about the entire map then? Lu Ze didn’t dare to think about it anymore. He would have quite a tragic time soon. He could only sigh. He had no choice. He had to become stronger.

When Lu Ze recovered, he looked at his mental force dimension and smiled.

He took out a green crystal. It was half the size of his fist. It felt very warm to touch.

His mental force reached into the green crystal, which then flowed into his heart. His heart was flas.h.i.+ng with green life force.

With one thought, this light would heal him and supply him with energy. It was like he had an extra life.

This was good.

He had ten. He would give Li and the others one each.

Lu Ze really wanted to try the black-and-white divine art rune, but he still decided to improve his cultivation level first.

There were eight days until he returned. His goal was to break through to the planetary state.

Lu Ze looked towards the four strands of white energy and began using them.

Planet Zhihuo Base.

In some training room, a terrifying wave spread.

It was one, then two, three…

The nearby adventurers and soldiers felt dazed.

“Who would break through to the planetary state here?”

Most of the people here were already planetary states.

Someone spoke with uncertainty, “The young dukes of this generation seem to be in solitary cultivation here?”