Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 709 - Feels Like Something Is Missing

Chapter 709 - Feels Like Something Is Missing

Chapter 709 Feels Like Something Is Missing

“What is this?”

“What happened there? What is that light??”

“For some reason, just looking at this light gives me quite some enlightenment. It feels like my cultivation is making a breakthrough?!” “Me… me too!!”

Everyone’s expressions went from being shocked to joyful. They could see all sorts of secrets from this light. Those martial techniques they couldn’t understand before were becoming easier to grasp.

Therefore, people everywhere chose to close their eyes and enter cultivation.

Even the Shenwu Army soldiers had plenty of enlightenment. They really wanted to cultivate on the spot, but they needed to guard the most important void border base. As such, they could only try to remember what they had learned and cultivate it when they had time.

In some room within the base, a bulky hairy old man sensed the endless knowledge in this light and opened his eyes in shock. “This is?!”

He closed his eyes instantly and felt that the questions he had were answered at this moment. All sorts of enlightenments came up. They used up their potential to break through to the cosmic system state. Because of that, their cultivation level couldn’t progress anymore. However, their divine arts and G.o.d arts could still be improved.

His G.o.d art and divine art that hadn’t progressed in a long time started to slowly improve. Everyone learned different things and benefited from the light in different ways. This depended on talent, G.o.d art, and cultivation level.

The old man definitely benefited immensely from this.

In Lu Ze’s suite, Nangong Jing and the girls were the closest to Lu Ze. They had the most access to the light.

Instantly, all sorts of enlightening thoughts turned up. They were very surprised, but they chose to use red and purple orbs without hesitation and began cultivating.

Using this opportunity, their cultivation level and G.o.d art mastery began to skyrocket.

When Ying Ying saw this light, her deep blue eyes flashed with starlight. Then, her little body was wrapped up by starlight. She closed her eyes and dropped to the couch.

A day later, the white light around Lu Ze started to grow more vibrant. Meanwhile, the white spirit mist had completely fused with his planetary seeds.

At this time, the planetary seeds went from dim to luminescent. It was s.h.i.+ning bright like starlight. The planetary seeds seemed to have turned into real planets.

During this process, Lu Ze had refined every aspect. In the planetary state, every improvement was an evolution of life.

The starlight around Lu Ze receded while the planets inside his cells formed special runes on their surface.

When the runes were completely formed, Lu Ze’s chi calmed down. The severe pain disappeared, and everything was serene again. The special wave disappeared, and the light covering the entire Shenwu City also vanished.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. There seemed to be starlight flowing in his deep black eyes.

Level-1 planetary state, he finally made it!

Lu Ze grinned. The trial hadn’t finished yet, but he already broke through to the planetary state.

He was a prodigy indeed. He reached the planetary state during his first year in the university!

If this continued and he progressed extensively to a higher state every year, then soon he would be invincible. He was beginning to admire himself now.

Lu Ze got off the bed. Now, it was time to beat up the alcoholic and fox demon.

When he walked out, he saw the living room was very quiet. There was not a single person present.

Lu Ze looked at the tightly shut rooms.

Were they still cultivating?

He looked at the squirming Ying Ying and felt dazed at the scene. When he saw the starlight around her, Lu Ze realized she fell asleep.

He scratched his head and was confused. She hadn’t received her heritage for a long time. Why did she suddenly get it now?

Lu Ze didn’t think too much of it. He walked up to Ying Ying. His mouth twitched upon seeing that Ying Ying was still hugging the computer. What an internet addict!

Lu Ze took away the computer and carried Ying Ying into a spare room. He placed her on the bed and started to feed her all sorts of orbs.

Immediately, her expressionless face started to smile happily.

Thereafter, Lu Ze went out. He just broke through to the planetary state and wanted to share the good news with the girls, but they were still in solitary cultivation. He felt it was boring to wait, so he went back to his room to cultivate.

Lu Ze planned to improve his divine art mastery.

He then looked at his divine art runes. He had three golden needle divine art runes. It was from one small and two big golden echidnas. He would leave these three for Lu Li and the others to use.

He still had an Earth s.h.i.+eld divine art rune dropped by the fat possum. He would leave this for them too.

The golden ape had two divine art runes.

There was another fire buff rune from the fire dragon. Lu Ze already used the one from the red wolf.

Suddenly, Lu Ze realized he forgot about something. The dark wolves had an overlord too. He hadn’t killed it yet!

There should be another divine art then.

He sensed the Pocket Hunting Dimension was open. Therefore, Lu Ze didn’t want to cultivate anymore. He was going to get the divine art rune from the dark wolf overlord. He came to the barren lands. The dark wolves would only appear at night.

It was still day time now. Lu Ze looked towards the fourth map and chose not to go. He was a planetary state now, but he would still be an ‘underling’ there.

Lu Ze remembered that Lu Li and the others were running low on orbs, so he also decided to go harvest a wave.

Lu Ze easily harvested a large wave of orbs. He then went to the first and second maps to collect more orbs. He would give some to old man Nangong, so the latter could give rewards to prodigies.

By the time he finished his objective, it was already night time on the third map.

Lu Ze searched the entire place and finally found a small mountain range in a corner that was completely dark.

It didn’t exist during the day.

It had no trees and was just made of black rocks.

Lu Ze saw a few dark wolves, but he didn’t fight them. They had chi stealth G.o.d art. He didn’t want to startle the overlord.

He suspected that the dark wolf overlord was hiding from him. Otherwise, there was no reason he couldn’t find it.

Soon, he found the overlord resting at the end of a valley.