Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 706 - Huge Loot

Chapter 706 - Huge Loot

Chapter 706 Huge Loot

In half an hour, Lu Ze had recovered more than half his power. The overlords managed to retrieve some of theirs too, but they were much slower compared to Lu Ze.

At this moment, it was completely dark. Lu Ze grinned in return. It was time.

Fire buff!

Body of darkness!

Using these two divine arts simultaneously, Lu Ze felt his power grow by a lot. A force field of chi spread out from him thereafter. He was bathed in blood lightning.

Lu Ze used Lightning Travel divine art and disappeared from the spot. He instantly appeared behind the giant deer.

This guy was the most troublesome. Lu Ze didn’t really like it. Of course, Lu Ze liked its divine art the best.


Tens of lightning spear formed as Lu Ze’s fists flashed with golden light. His attacks were heading towards the giant deer.

The deer cried out. It used the power it just recovered and formed tens of vines around it. In return, these vines tried to block the lightning spear and star crippling punch

At once, the other overlords also attacked Lu Ze from the side. However, the dark anaconda’s chi also drastically rose a level. Clearly, its darkness G.o.d art also included the body of darkness. Despite so, their attacks still felt powerless.

There were thick Earth s.h.i.+elds formed around Lu Ze. He ignored those three attacks while focusing on the deer.


After some consecutive clashes, there was a pitiful howl.

The deer’s body flew backward while leaving behind green blood in the air.

Although it was a 4-versus-1 battle, Lu Ze’s star crippling punch was enough to crush the deer’s defenses.

Without hesitation, Lu Ze used Lightning Travel divine art again and pursued the deer.

He clenched his fist, which was flowing with golden, red, and dark beams.

Body of darkness!

Fire buff!

Star crippling punch!

These three stacked together made the star crippling punch emit an extremely shocking chi.

Lu Ze’s punch landed heavily on the deer’s head.


There was a sound of bones cracking. The fist force surged into the deer’s head. The deer wailed, and its life force was wiped out.

With this, the void tentacles all disappeared. Lu Ze could feel he could use s.p.a.ce transmission again, but now that he didn’t need to run, it didn’t matter.

Lu Ze looked at the three other overlords.

They appeared as though they wanted to retreat. Lu Ze grinned. What a joke! Do they still want to run?

Immediately, Lu Ze’s body flashed with lightning, and he instantly appeared above the golden echidna’s head.

Star crippling punch!

Four of them couldn’t even stop Lu Ze’s attacks, let alone three.

He easily tore through the fatigued resistance of the three overlords and released a heavy blow on the echidna’s head. His power crushed the life force of the golden echidna. Thereafter, Lu Ze turned towards the two anacondas.

The dark anaconda was stronger in the darkness, but its power hadn’t fully recovered yet. It was no big threat at all. Meanwhile, the white anaconda was even less of a threat. Lu Ze easily killed them both.

Now, the dark night became even more silent. Even the huge wolves of the night seemed to have disappeared.

Lu Ze looked at the four craters in the ground and panted in disbelief.

He was too strong! He beat four of these level-1 planetary state overlords at the same time.

Moments later, they turned to ashes, and Lu Ze happily collected all the orbs. Each overlord dropped white energy strands, overlord red and purple orbs, G.o.d art orbs, and divine art rune.

Lu Ze looked at the white holy orb. So this was light G.o.d art? This was a G.o.d art that Lu Ze didn’t have. It was larger than the metal and wood G.o.d art orb.

The darkness G.o.d art of the anaconda was different from the body of darkness G.o.d art of the wolves. In essence, the body of darkness was more like a simplified version of a divine art.

After collecting everything, Lu Ze started searching for the hives of the overlords.

Lu Ze went around the barren wilderness many times but still wasn’t able to find the hive of the red wolf. Did some overlords not have hives?

Lu Ze decided to try again. He had night vision, so his eyesight was on par with his eyesight during the day. A few short hours later, Lu Ze found the forest where the golden echidnas lived at. He soon saw a hive built with golden needles. However, Lu Ze searched the entire place and wasn’t able to find the treasure.

Lu Ze was stunned.

Was it that not every overlord had treasures? Lu Ze really didn’t know the answer.

He searched it thoroughly a few more times and found nothing in the end. Therefore, he could only accept this fact.

Lu Ze began searching again.

The deer’s hive was in that huge forest. There was a special area that contained huge vines. In that region, Lu Ze found a thick vine that had ten crisp clear green crystals.

The vines bore crystals instead of fruit?

He picked the crystals and felt the pure spirit force inside. Through that, he understood its use. The crystal was similar to spirit herbs. If he used the crystal when he was heavily injured, he would recover rapidly.

He already had super regeneration and wood G.o.d art, but this healing effect seemed to be a supplement.

The crystal could also rapidly recover his spirit force. With his current spirit force reserve, one crystal was more than enough to recover it.

This was a great item!

One crystal and he would be back to full health.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He quickly collected the crystals.

Now, it was daytime. He continued his search for the lair of the black-and-white anaconda.

After searching through the entire barren land, Lu Ze finally found a hidden underground hole at the border of the forest. Inside was an open region with a 2000-meter radius.

There was a black-and-white rune floating in the center of the s.p.a.ce.

Lu Ze felt dazed upon seeing this. Another divine art rune?

Looking closely, the rune was a fusion between white and black. Was this the fusion divine art of darkness and light G.o.d art?!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze grinned.

Fusion divine art was definitely far stronger than a single divine art.

Lu Ze didn’t think much. He quickly collected the divine art rune.

After he completely digested these, Lu Ze was confident he would be able to break through to the planetary state and learn these divine art to perfection mastery.

Now that all the overlords were dead, he was bored.

At this time, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He had a bold idea.

Should he go check out the fourth map?