Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 705 - Things Didn't seem Too Right

Chapter 705 - Things Didn't seem Too Right

Chapter 705 Things Didn’t seem Too Right

Lu Ze had been in the pocket hunting dimension for half a day. He finally found another overlord.

That was a special area filled with lava. It was extremely hot. The air was distorted under the heat. There was a small red island in the center of the lava. A fire dragon was resting there.

Lu Ze looked around and didn’t see any other overlords. Therefore, he could not help but grin. Look at what he found, a lone dragon!

Lu Ze charged up without hesitation.


Power surged in Lu Ze’s body. The resting fire dragon immediately sensed Lu Ze’s chi. “Roar!”

It flashed with fire runes and attempted to run without hesitation.

Lu Ze was stunned in return. This dragon was very fierce last time. Why was it so scared this time?

Lu Ze looked at the island where the fire dragon was resting. There was a small orange flame raging there. This was probably the treasure that the overlord owned, right?

Lu Ze didn’t go up to take it immediately. From his past experience, he would have to kill the dragon first before he could get it.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze used Lightning Travel divine art and ran after the dragon.

Lu Ze was slightly faster. Soon, he caught up with the fire dragon. Lu Ze then attackedlightning spear, star crippling punch, and lightning cloud.

The blood lightning flowed in the air with the golden fist force mixed in between.

The fire dragon blocked Lu Ze’s attacks while running Ten minutes later, the fire dragon was already receiving injuries. Its red scales were being charred by the red lightning. In a few short minutes, its injuries started to turn serious, and its chi was getting weaker.

Lu Ze’s cultivation level progressed more compared to yesterday. He was almost chasing the dragon around and beating it.

The fire dragon didn’t expect Lu Ze to progress this fast. It felt like it was going to die before reinforcements could arrive.

At this moment, there was a distant roar. One golden and green light was coming close rapidly. Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with coldness. These guys were sending reinforcements faster each time. Previously, it took them half an hour to come over, but now, it was only around ten minutes. However, they were still late in the end.


Tens of lightning bolts formed into one and struck the heavily injured fire dragon, like divine punishment.

The dragon roared in terror. Its body flashed with fire runes as it spat out a terrifying fire pillar. The fire pillar crushed the s.p.a.ce and clashed with the lightning.

As they clashed, Lu Ze appeared before the dragon’s back. He stomped on the wounded area. He used star crippling punch before the fire dragon could react.

The dominant fist force shot inside and crushed its flesh and organs. Blood gushed out like a fountain, and its life force instantly disappeared.

During this time, the golden echidna and deer finally arrived at the battlefield. Sensing the dragon’s death and the shocking amount of blood, the other two overlords suddenly halted.

They paused for a brief moment and flew away faster than when they arrived here.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. These guys were too timid. It was a 2-versus-1 battle. He felt disappointed at this. He looked at the dragon’s body and resisted the urge to chase them.

He needed to collect the drops here first. There were just four top overlords left. It’s not like he hadn’t fought the four of them before.

A few seconds later, the body turned to ashes, revealing the orbs.

Lu Ze waited here for a while but didn’t see the black-and-white anacondas approach.

The overlords must have some special way to communicate. Lu Ze stopped waiting and proceeded to the island.

The flame was only the size of Lu Ze’s palm, but it emitted this scorching chi.

Lu Ze reached out his hand. As soon as his fingers touched the flame, it shot into his body. Immediately, he felt as though his body was being burned. Large areas of cells died.

Gray and green lights surged inside his body like crazy to stop this encroachment of the flames.

Luckily, the burning only lasted an instant, and the flame appeared in Lu Ze’s mental dimension. He was shocked. This flame was too terrifying. However, it was like the earth blob and blood lightning. It could allow G.o.d art to evolve and become stronger.

After he completely digested this flame, his fire G.o.d art would become extremely terrifying. This was the same for the earth blob too. Nevertheless, he would probably have to wait until the planetary state to completely digest it. Right then, Lu Ze started to heal himself. After a while, he was fully healed and rejuvenated.

He once again went off in search of the other overlords.

At dusk, Lu Ze found the other overlords. All four of them were gathered together. Lu Ze looked at them and used all his divine arts without hesitation.

The four overlords roared in fury and retaliated.

The dark anaconda had darkness G.o.d art while the white anaconda had light G.o.d art. They seemed to be a unique species on the third map.

The darkness G.o.d art was exceptionally eerier. It was corrosive as well. The dark anaconda was coming in and out of the black smoke like a ghost.

On the other hand, the light G.o.d art had dominant destructive power but also powerful healing ability.

Lu Ze felt things didn’t seem too right. Why did it seem like he was a boss being ganged up on?

This scene seemed familiar. Lu Ze felt he was being targeted.

Their battle seemed to have worked up a doomsday storm that shook the world. More than ten thousand kilometers of barren lands were destroyed. The surrounding hundred thousand kilometers of the region were filled with beasts fleeing from the battle.

The weaker beasts like the range rabbits and possums didn’t even have the courage to flee. They were just cowering on the ground as their body trembled non-stop.

The battle lasted for nearly two hours. Lu Ze’s face was very pale. He felt he was drained.

The four overlords were equally extremely weak, but none of them had injuries. Lu Ze could heal himself while the overlords had the white anaconda.


At this moment, a dark beam shot out of the smoke and struck the already feeble Earth s.h.i.+eld. Accordingly, the Earth s.h.i.+eld broke, and the beam hit Lu Ze hard.

Fortunately, it was much weaker than before. Lu Ze spat out blood and was pushed back a thousand kilometers away. He was injured, but he received the attack with his golden armor and powerful body.

Lu Ze wiped the blood from his mouth and grinned.

Everyone had pretty much used up their energy, but in terms of recovery, how could these overlords compare with him? He stopped attacking and just used the lightning cloud. He just needed to stall a few minutes to recover.

Right at this time, the light started to disappear from the sky. Darkness covered the barren lands.

Lu Ze smiled even brighter. He still had the body of darkness. How were the four overlords going to fight him then?