Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 69 - Live Broadcast Star Wars

Chapter 69 - Live Broadcast Star Wars

Chapter 69: Live Broadcast Star Wars

When the students saw the news, they fell silent.

It was completely due to luck that they didn’t encounter the insectoids.

Otherwise, even if they didn’t get onto the news, they would probably have nightmares for a long time.

Indeed, lady luck was smiling at them.

Soon, the screen changed scenes into the dark s.p.a.ce of the universe.

In the middle of the screen was a blue planet decorated with specks of green.

On the side of the planet, three extremely huge s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps were stationed.

Someone exclaimed, “Is that planet Nanfeng?”

“It seems so, but what are they doing?”

“Look at the side!”

At this moment, in the darkness at the border of the screen, a large number of s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps appeared and slowly surrounded planet Nanfeng.

The flying s.h.i.+ps weren’t big but there were thousands of them.

Lu Ze looked at the screen in shock.

Oh my! This is like a Star Wars live broadcast version!

Soon, small battles.h.i.+ps like locusts flew out of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and headed towards planet Nanfeng.

The scene changed and the distance shortened.

On the surface of planet Nanfeng, screens of deep valleys, huge forests and barren lands appeared. On the screen, countless insectoids shrieked and a few would occasionally fly across the sky.

At this moment, all the insectoids looked at the dense cl.u.s.ter of small fighter s.h.i.+ps.

There was no communication at all. The searing hot energy cannons of the battles.h.i.+ps fired. Cannon fire cleansed the earth as countless level one and level two insectoids turned into disfigured bodies. Disgusting liquid and organs splattered everywhere.

The flying insectoids dodged the attacks and would occasionally enter the battles.h.i.+p formation. When this happened, some battles.h.i.+ps would light up in flames.

The entire planet was divided into tens of battlefields, and every battlefield seemed like h.e.l.l.

The original inhabitants of planet Nanfeng wailed in the flames.

They were the most innocent.

Oh my! Why did these two big boys have to fight on this planet?! They wondered. We just wanted to be happy beasts, is it that hard?

The resting room was silent. Although they had seen interracial wars on the news before, those were just snippets of them.

Now, the entire process was being livestreamed.

The battlefield was the planet before their eyes.

Perhaps the insectoids on planet Nanfeng just arrived there and didn’t have time to develop their technology, as level three insectoids were their strongest power. The level one and level two insectoids on the ground were completely useless and were just being annihilated.

Eventually, they seemed to have received some order as they found cracks in the ground and snuck into them.

Soon, not a single insectoid that was alive remained on the surface.

The flying insectoids were all eradicated cleanly.

Then, the battles.h.i.+ps landed. Guards wearing black alloy battle armor, carrying alloy weapons and energy guns walked out.

They broke off into squads and searched for insectoid hives to enter.

People looked at the ground filled with insectoid bodies and some people started to puke.

Such a terrifying battlefield was very hard to accept for a solar system in the inner regions of the federation.

Even Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. The insectoids were really disgusting. Inside their black armor was either white meat or dark green liquid.


Relatively, the insects on Earth were much cuter. He could eat them and they were even nutritious.

When the protectorate army went inside the insectoid hive, the scene returned to the news studio.

The beautiful news reporter said seriously, “What everyone just saw was the war situation on planet Nanfeng. The appearance of the insectoids was unexpected but our federation isn’t weak and timid! Our warriors will annihilate these enemy races that have invaded a human planet!”

Then, it switched to some government officials speaking.

A few hours later, everyone in the resting room was getting tired.

The government official’s speech had a magical hypnotic effect and this went on for a few hours. Even with Lu Ze’s mental power, he was feeling tired.

Just when Lu Ze was planning to close his eyes and sleep, the screen suddenly changed. Planet Nanfeng appeared again.

At this moment, countless soldiers stood in rows on a gra.s.s plain. In the middle was a five-meter wide, deep black cave.

Hideous sounds came from inside the cave. Then, rhythmic vibrations started coming out.

As the vibrations grew stronger, pieces of earth started to fall off the walls of the cave. Then, four figures slowly appeared from the cave.

The four wore alloy armors and seemed to be carrying something large as they walked out.

Lu Ze looked at the four and narrowed his eyes. He had seen two of them before.

One had a scar on his face and looked very ferocious. The other was handsome and wore a charismatic smile.

A few hours ago, he first saw these two when he returned to Telun One.

He had been in the pocket hunting dimension for too long. Now, if he just looked at a powerful being, he would instinctively tense.

Lu Ze felt awkward. This wasn’t him being scared, it was his body.

Those two uncles were definitely stronger than the other teachers.

As for the other two st.u.r.dy-looking men, he didn’t know.

Soon, the four walked out of the cave and what they were carrying was slowly revealed.

Seeing the insectoid that was being dragged out, Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

The little thing looked really exquisite.

Its head was hideous but seemed beaten up. Its mouth and eyes were broken. Its armor was cracked open and green liquid was gus.h.i.+ng out.

There were four claws under its armor but they had all been broken. There was no armor at its abdomen, it was just a thin white layer and the insides were gone.

The insectoid was heavily injured but it was still struggling and making pitiful shrieks.

The four threw it on the ground expressionlessly.

Finally, a stern-faced man looked up and said coldly, “I’m the commander of the protectorate army, Chang Mailuo. The queen insectoid of planet Nanfeng has been captured!”

The queen insectoids looked uglier than ordinary insectoids.

Countless eyes fixed on this insectoid through the screen.

Every queen had a G.o.d-like reproductive organ.

This was the queen insectoid, the culprit behind the planet Nanfeng insectoid tide.