Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 694 - I Was Very Cool!

Chapter 694 - I Was Very Cool!

Chapter 694 I Was Very Cool!

The clashes rang throughout the wilderness. As time progressed, the red wolf overlord was no longer a match for Lu Ze.

After every collision, it ended up injured.

The red wolf had changed directions for over ten minutes. Its chi weakened as blood gushed out from the gap of its armor.

Lu Ze was excited. Soon, this red wolf would be dead. This was a level-1 planetary state boss.


At this moment, another roar sounded from the distance.

Fire waves hotter than the red wolf’s approached.

Immediately, the red wolf’s eyes burned with excitement.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. No wonder this wolf kept s.h.i.+fting directions. It was asking for help.

A red beam came close rapidly. That familiar ma.s.sive body made Lu Ze’s skin crawl. It was the huge fire dragon!

A chi stronger than the red wolf at its prime condition originated from it.

Lu Ze just escaped with his life a few days ago from the fire dragon. Lu Ze didn’t believe he was a match for this guy now.

He didn’t expect the red wolf and fire dragon were allies.

Was it because they had affinities with the fire element, so they were close?

The fire dragon was stunned when it saw Lu Ze, but soon, it charged towards the latter. This two-legged animal was their enemy for stealing away the treasure last time.

bit, but his power was still depleted.

The red wolf looked pitiful, but it still had remaining combat power. Moreover, it had the help of the red dragon. Lu Ze didn’t know if he could win. However, he only hesitated for an instant and charged towards the red wolf again.

Hesitation would lead to defeat.

There was nothing to be scared of. He could escape from this red dragon when he was just a level-8 mortal evolution state. Now that he was stronger, he could run if he couldn’t beat it.

The red dragon also flickered with fire runes. Clearly, the wolf and the dragon had the same divine art.


It opened its huge mouth, and a searing shot of dragon breath proceeded towards Lu Ze. Lu Ze’s body was aching from the explosive flames, and this was already under the protection of the golden armor defenses. Otherwise, he would’ve been injured already.

He used Lightning Travel divine art and dodged the dragon’s breath.

During this time, the fire dragon’s wings flapped, and it appeared before Lu Ze, swiping him with its claws.

Lu Ze formed the Earth s.h.i.+eld and quickly used s.p.a.ce transmission. Crack!

The Earth s.h.i.+eld was instantly broken while Lu Ze disappeared from the spot.

The fire dragon roared, and its flames spread in all directions. This d.a.m.ned s.p.a.ce transmission!

Lu Ze appeared not far away. His face was a little pale.

With the growth of his power, his level of mastery over the s.p.a.ce transmission G.o.d art wasn’t good enough.

unleashed lightning spear and star crippling punch with full force.

The red wolf roared. Its body flowed with flames while its sharp claws stopped most of the star crippling punch and lightning spears. Despite so, a few spears still struck its armor and sent it flying away. The wolf howled, and its chi grew weaker again.

Just when Lu Ze was planning to chase after the wolf, he sensed a terrifying power behind him.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

Lu Ze didn’t even have time to break the s.p.a.ce restriction and use s.p.a.ce transmission. He could only form an Earth s.h.i.+eld behind him.


The flames shattered the Earth s.h.i.+eld and struck Lu Ze. The violent dragon breath sent him into the rolling lava.

The flames ravaged Lu Ze’s life force. He used super regeneration and wood G.o.d art at full force while using fire G.o.d art to remove the remaining flames.

He stabilized his injury in an instant. At this juncture, Lu Ze sensed an extreme danger and quickly used s.p.a.ce transmission to disappear from the spot. As soon as he did, a huge claw went into the lava.

In the air, the red wolf was trying to remove the blood lightning in its body.

Right at this time, Lu Ze appeared next to him while forming a star crippling punch and lightning spear once again.

The red wolf didn’t know what enmity this two-legged animal had with him. Why did Lu Ze focus on him like that?

The wolf could only try its best to defend. However, it could barely stop a portion of the attacks.

Its armor was damaged heavily, and blood flowed out like a fountain.

Heavily injured!

The dragon appeared before Lu Ze again and smacked down with its claw. That terrifying power once again sent Lu Ze into the lava

jer onc

Lu Ze’s body was fractured, and even his mind ended up dazed. Even if he were to trade his life, he would finish the red wolf overlord.

Lu Ze only had a little time to recover and had to use s.p.a.ce transmission right away. Meanwhile, the red wolf’s life force became extremely weak. Lu Ze suddenly appeared next to it again.

d.a.m.n it!

The red wolf was so weak, it couldn’t even reform its defenses.

The lightning spear easily tore open the flames around the wolf while the star crippling punch struck its wounds. The red wolf’s huge body flew out while its life force slowly faded.

Lu Ze sensed that his body and mental force were completely drained. His vision soon blurred.


A furious roar sounded behind him. He used the Earth s.h.i.+eld to block for a moment and was flung once again.

His injuries grew worse while blood poured out of him like crazy.

Lu Ze felt the calling of death.

He used all his remaining power to heal himself. Thereafter, he used Lightning Travel divine art to move a few hundred meters. As soon as he did, an attack struck where he was previously.

The shockwave made his injuries worse.

Oh s.h.i.+t! Lu Ze felt he was about to die at any time. But if he died now, he would be furious. He hadn’t picked up the orbs!

Those few seconds felt like an eternity.

Finally, the red wolf turned to dust.

Lu Ze didn’t have much time to think and used s.p.a.ce transmission to appear next to the orbs. He picked up everything without looking. Then, Lu Ze forced himself to focus.

I’m not only going to kill your pal, but I’m also going to escape!

He used up all the spirit force he had left and moved a thousand kilometers away with s.p.a.ce transmission.

The dragon was furious upon seeing this. What did Lu Ze think of it? It was one of the strongest in the barren lands!

Lu Ze grinned and recovered some spirit force as he moved away once more.

Slowly, the distance between the two grew.

Lu Ze had more spirit force to recover his injuries. He felt he was very cool!

Suddenly, a white-and-black flow appeared.

Lu Ze’s smile stiffened.

Black-and-white spirit force covered the skies. It was even harder to use s.p.a.ce transmission.


The red dragon also followed too.

Lu Ze: “…”

Why were these two guys here?

Lu Ze’s consciousness slowly dwindled. Consequently, he woke up in his room.

Why did this happen?

He almost escaped but still ended up getting besieged.