Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 693 - Even the Heavenly MonarChapter Can't Protect It!

Chapter 693 - Even the Heavenly MonarChapter Can't Protect It!

Chapter 693 Even the Heavenly Monarch Can’t Protect It!

Lu Ze felt like his entire body was burned with fire. It was extremely painful.

That red wolf’s fire G.o.d art was far above his. Its combat power was stronger than his too, so Lu Ze received some injuries with just one clash.

Seeing the red wolf charge over again, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with runes. Gray light flashed around him while blood lightning circulated his body.

He used Lightning Travel divine art and super regeneration at the same time.

Rumble! Rumble!

The figures of human and wolf flashed non-stop. Their speed was so fast that they couldn’t be seen with naked eyes.

The earth had completely turned to lava while blood lightning flickered on it.

The air was distorted and s.p.a.ce was torn. It was like doomsday.

The lightning sound traveled out tens of thousands of kilometers. The beasts that sensed this battle fled in a hurry.

Even high-level mortal evolution states with G.o.d art began fleeing.


A huge fireball shot out of the enemy’s mouth. Every area the fireball pa.s.sed, s.p.a.ce was twisted.

Lu Ze dodged the fireball but that temperature still made him feel like he was burning in a furnace.

A red beam flashed and the huge red wolf appeared before Lu Ze. It swiped its paws down.

Lu Ze formed the Earth s.h.i.+eld before him. The fire claw instantly destroyed the s.h.i.+eld and collided with a thud on Lu Ze’s golden armor.

Lu Ze’s body was rammed into the lava.


A huge lava wave was created.

A moment later, a golden light flashed. Lu Ze rose up from the lava and appeared on the red wolf’s side. Lightning spears formed around his body while the star crippling fist force spun around his fist.


Tens of lightning spear shot towards the red wolf while the star crippling punch was heading towards its waist.

Fire swept from the wolf and clashed with the lightning spear.

Lu Ze’s star crippling punch hit the wolf’s paw, and then, two split off again.

The shockwave spread around in all directions. Huge lava waves erupted from the ocean.

Lu Ze panted, and gray light formed around him again. Super regeneration was used again. It was a bit strong. Lu Ze felt he couldn’t beat it head-on, but he had his advantage. He had super recovery ability after all.

Spirit force from the void went into his body non-stop.

Lu Ze felt he could attempt a prolonged battle. If he couldn’t win, he could still run too. Thinking about this, Lu Ze disappeared from the spot.

The red wolf charged up again without hesitation.


Waves of clashes sounded.

Their battle grew more and more intense. The battle region spread to over ten thousand kilometers.

The ground in the pocket hunting dimension was rather st.u.r.dy. If it was on an ordinary planet outside, the battle was enough to destroy any civilization that hadn’t ventured into s.p.a.ce and would even have a huge effect on the planet itself.

Planetary state battle was truly doomsday for any ordinary life.

The battle lasted a few hours.

After one clash, the two sides didn’t charge at each other again.

Lu Ze was covered in wounds as his body continuously dripped with blood.

The red wolf’s scales cracked up quite a bit.

Lu Ze seemed much more injured. The red wolf was rapidly sucking spirit force from the void. It looked at Lu Ze with disbelief. This two-legged animal was clearly weaker, but why could it fight for this long?

This animal’s recovery speed was too quick. Meanwhile, it could feel itself weaken. How could this be?!

At this moment, the wolf saw that strange gray light flash around Lu Ze. It was due to this light that the two-legged animal could recover.

The red wolf howled and bared its fangs. However, it didn’t rush forward.

Suddenly, the red wolf flew off into the distance. This made Lu Ze dumbfounded.

This guy was going to run? The wolf should still have quite some reserve power remaining.

Why was the wolf this scared?

Without hesitation, Lu Ze chased after it. What a joke! He had spent a few hours on this. How could he let the overlord escape?

No way!

The red wolf felt insulted once it sensed Lu Ze’s chi.


If Lu Ze kept chasing it, it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Flames around the wolf shot towards Lu Ze. Simultaneously, the lava from the ground shot up at Lu Ze.

The wolf kept flying.

Seeing this, Lu Ze flashed with silver light. s.p.a.ce transmission!

He instantly appeared before the red wolf while his golden fist force struck towards a cracked piece of armor.


It sensed Lu Ze’s fist force and tried to twist away while reaching out its claw.

Its claw clashed with Lu Ze’s fist.


The wolf claw was bigger than Lu Ze, but the clash lasted a few seconds.

Thereafter, Lu Ze flew back again. He spat out more blood. But at the same time, the red wolf also flew back.

It still won in that exchange, but the difference wasn’t as big as when they started.

Sensing its own weakened power, the red wolf was more adamant on its belief that there was something wrong with this two-legged animal.

It kept flying away using the momentum of the clash, but how could Lu Ze let it flee like that?

Lu Ze gritted his teeth and let the spirit force flow faster.

Gray light spun around its body, and then, a green light flashed. Only resorting to super regeneration alone wasn’t enough. Lu Ze chose to use wood G.o.d art as well. With this, Lu Ze’s wounds visibly recovered. His chi stabilized and became strong.

Lu Ze pursued the wolf.

Another clash sounded.

Lu Ze was injured, and the red wolf kept fleeing. Therefore, the level-1 planetary state was being chased around by Lu Ze.

They moved rapidly, and their battle made the beasts in their path s.h.i.+ver on the ground.

Ten minutes later, the overlord’s chi grew even weaker while Lu Ze’s grew stronger. Lu Ze had completely recovered his injuries and even recovered some power while the red wolf couldn’t even use its full power while fleeing.


The red wolf sensed a lethal threat and suddenly changed directions.

Lu Ze followed after it without hesitation.

This red wolf was going to die for sure today. Even the heavenly monarch wasn’t going to save it!