Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 695 - Who Can Withstand This?!

Chapter 695 - Who Can Withstand This?!

Chapter 695 Who Can Withstand This?!

Lu Ze felt regretful, but he was more excited. After all, he killed his first level-1 planetary state overlord beast! Those orbs would definitely allow his power to improve rapidly.

After reaching level-9 mortal evolution state, Lu Ze would need half a year up to an entire year to reach perfection and then make a breakthrough.

But with these red orbs, Lu Ze believed he could rapidly raise his cultivation level. Moreover, that red wolf’s divine art seemed rather good. It improved one’s combat power in all aspects.

Lu Ze rested for a moment to ease up his pain. Then, he sat down and checked his mental force dimension.

Compared to the mortal evolution state overlord orbs, the planetary state ones were many times larger. There seemed to be more liquid inside too. The white strand of energy was also several times thicker.

Subsequently, there was a burning red orb and a red rune.

Lu Ze thought about things and chose to use the white strand of energy first.

It entered his body and that gentle yet powerful force flowed inside him. It was like he was in a hot spring. There was no pain, only comfort.

Lu Ze’s body grew stronger, and his mental force improved too. Even his spirit body talent was improving Lu Ze didn’t know what this energy was, but every time he used it, his talent would get better.

Eight hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes. His eyes flashed with white light.

He sensed his cultivation level and grinned. Just this white energy helped Lu Ze form nearly 10% of the planetary seeds on his skin.

If he had ten strands, he would be able to form all the planetary seeds, and his mortal evolution state would reach the perfect state. Thereafter, he would be able to break through to the planetary state. Lu Ze knew there were a few more planetary state overlords in the pocket hunting dimension. That way, his progress would greatly speed up. Lu Ze touched his chin. He felt that perhaps he could go back and fight another wave of top overlords.

At this moment, Lu Ze smelled some kind of aroma coming from outside. His eyes lit up, and he immediately ran out of his room.

Alice, Lu Li, and Lin Ling were preparing breakfast while Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were sitting on the couch, playing with their phones.

Ying Ying was sitting in Nangong Jing’s lap watching cartoons while looking at the table from time to time.

Everyone looked up when Lu Ze came out.

Nangong Jing frowned. Why did she feel this guy got even stronger? It must be an illusion. Nangong Jing didn’t believe it.

Qiuyue Hesha was surprised too. She had the same thoughts. But this wasn’t a breakthrough in cultivation level, so it was more obscure.

Lu Ze happily ran to the table and wanted to grab a glowing white cake. Before he could reach it, his hands were slapped away by Lu Li.

Lu Li reprimanded, “Are you a kid? Use chopsticks!”

Lu Ze grabbed a pair of chopsticks on the side and planned to start eating. However, Ying Ying suddenly appeared at the table and grabbed the cake that Lu Ze was aiming for.

Lu Ze looked at this in disbelief. “Hey, Ying Ying, are you a kid?! Use chopsticks…”

Suddenly, he became dumbfounded. After all, Ying Ying was actually a little kid. He couldn’t beat her. Even if he could, those girls on the side would protect her. What could he do then?

In the end, Lu Ze could only change targets.

After breakfast, everyone returned to their usual cultivation.

During the night time, the fleet had entered the border of the controlled region. Lu Ze and the team didn’t alight the s.h.i.+p.

There were twenty days until they return. When their mission rewards arrived, it would be enough, so they didn’t need to do more missions.

Everyone planned to go into solitary cultivation for a period of time in Shenwu City.

The fleet went straight to Shenwu City. The treasures, which were found this time, were very important. They wouldn’t be placed in other bases.

Yan Gu and the rest planned to do the same.

At night, Lu Ze entered the pocket hunting dimension. He planned to go and fight the top overlords and see if he could beat them.

Yet, as soon as he appeared, he saw the white-and-black anaconda, fire dragon, golden ape, golden needle tiger, a green deer, and two golden echidnas.

These overlords were gathered for some reason. When they saw Lu Ze suddenly appear the atmosphere became silent.

He looked at the group of overlords and was bewildered.

Who am I?

Where am I?

Why did I appear here?

In an instant, the overlords reacted.

Their eyes went red as they roared.

Lu Ze felt multiple forces locking the s.p.a.ce completely, and a large wave of divine arts flashed. Then, there was nothing. Lu Ze woke up back in his room.

He almost cried.

He jumped into the pile of bosses right at the beginning

Lu Ze exhaled and closed his eyes.

This time, Lu Ze used the fire divine art rune.

He drew it with his mental force, and the rune flowed into his body.

Violent flames started to burn inside him. Even though his organs were full of planetary seeds, they still burned.

The severe pain made Lu Ze’s body s.h.i.+ver. Simultaneously, that familiar arcanum went into his brain.

The extremely complex knowledge filled up Lu Ze’s brain, making him feel like his brain was about to explode.

Lu Ze quickly used a level-1 planetary state overlord purple orb. His mind immediately cleared up and attained an enlightened state.

The pain was becoming more apparent, but it was nothing to Lu Ze anymore. He started to study the knowledge.

As time went on, he turned the knowledge into his own.

Lu Ze’s body glowed red. There seemed to be runes appearing from time to time. In the beginning, there was only one rune. Gradually, more appeared, and Lu Ze’s chi grew stronger.

Six days later, the runes slowly went into his body and that powerful chi receded.

Lu Ze opened his eyes. There were complex fire runes glowing inside. He had successfully learned the fire divine art.