Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 692 - I'll Talk to the Old Man Once I Return

Chapter 692 - I'll Talk to the Old Man Once I Return

Chapter 692 I’ll Talk to the Old Man Once I Return

Qiuyue Hesha smiled and opened the recording. It was the clip of Lu Ze killing Guguyate. After watching it, those people at the battle still felt shocked, much less old Li and the others. They doubted their eyes.

A mortal evolution state killed a blade demon prodigy who was protected by five level-5 planetary states. This wasn’t logical!

They knew Lu Ze was very strong but didn’t expect him to be this strong. This was too absurd.

Old Li and the rest opened their mouths and were stunned.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang smiled. “Now, do you believe me? All those below level-5 planetary states are dead. They were killed by Ze, Jing Jing, and Hesha and the others.”

The Shenwu Army, who came to greet them, felt this was too scary. Were they really cultivating the same thing? Looking at how they were doubting life, Cheng Feng waved his hand. “Okay, let’s not talk about this. Let’s go back.”

This was not far from the controlled region, but it was still better to go back inside.

Old Li nodded. “I’ll take you guys to rest first.”

The Shenwu Army soldiers looked at them strangely. Lu Ze and the team felt quite embarra.s.sed, but they said nothing.

Lu Ze and the others were given rooms to rest while Cheng Feng and the rest of the high-levels left together. They were in no rush to start cultivating, so they began chatting instead.

Yan Gu looked at Lu Ze. “Junior Lu Ze, it’s almost time for the Four-Race Social Gathering. There is one month remaining until you guys go back, right?”.

Lu Ze nodded. “Mhm, we have been training in the controlled region for six months.”

Yan Gu and the others had nostalgic expressions, as though they were reminiscing something. “Four-Race Social…”

Ji Cheng said, “We’ve been there before too, but at that time, we mostly lost.”

Shadora added, “This time with junior Lu Ze and the group, the Human Race will get first for sure.”

Xia Zhi smiled. “I don’t think anyone can beat junior at the same cultivation level.”

Ji Cheng looked strangely at Lu Ze. “A monster like junior Lu Ze would probably be considered a super-prodigy in the entire Elf Cosmic Realm, right?”

Yan Gu said, “We’ll be watching your compet.i.tion in the controlled region.”

Other than the collaboration between high-levels at the Four-Race Social, there would be sparring between the younger generation. This would, of course, be broadcasted through the entire Federation. Even the Barbarian Race, Winged Race, and Round Race would receive the broadcasts.

They came to the void s.p.a.ce to train, just so they could win. This was for the honor of the Human Race.

The old man said, “The collaboration between races was based on power.”

They chatted for a few hours.

Yan Gu and the others soon left. Only Lu Ze and the team remained in the room.

After a while, Lu Ze smiled. “I plan to give some low-level red and purple orbs to the old man and let him give them to young dukes as rewards.”

Nangong Jing and the group were shocked.

Nangong’s face was red. “You’re not going to wait for a while?”

If the old man knew of Lu Ze’s G.o.d art, would he tell her to get married to him and have a baby?

Seeing how embarra.s.sed Nangong Jing was, Lu Ze felt dazed. “Weren’t you the one who told me to tell the old man?” Nangong Jing rolled her eyes and forced that thought out of her mind. “Do what you want.”

Lu Li said, “Regardless of what you do, I will support you.”

Lu Ze’s G.o.d art mattered too much. It would give the Human Race much more prodigies.

Qiuyue Hesha touched her face. “Of course, I support little brother Lu Ze.”

Lin Ling thought the same thing as Nangong Jing. Would her father tie her up to have a child with Lu Ze? However, she still nodded in the end.

Alice giggled. “I support senior too.” Lu Ze nodded. “Okay, once we return, we’ll get some time to consolidate our power. If I give orbs to some young dukes, their power would experience some improvement too.”

Lu Ze wouldn’t give out too much in one go, but even that would improve the combat power and talent of other young dukes.

The other three races would be shocked at the social gathering then.

Thereafter, Nangong Jing and the group went back to their rooms to cultivate.

In the pocket hunting dimension, Lu Ze appeared. This was his first time coming in after reaching level-9 mortal evolution state.

His defenses reached the middle stage of level-4 planetary state. His speed could reach near the tertiary stage of level-4 planetary state.

The only weakness was the power of his attack. After all, his lightning cloud divine art was limited. While fighting those of the same level, the only thing he could use was the star crippling punch and lightning spear. They were just at the primary stage of level-4 planetary state.

Lu Ze felt he could fight some bosses—those level-1 planetary state bosses. Thus, Lu Ze began searching in the wilderness.

He set his target as that level-1 planetary state fire wolf overlord or the golden echidna.

The fire dragon, golden ape, and the black-and-white anaconda were still too strong. They were at the peak of the level-4 planetary state. Lu Ze wasn’t confident in beating them.

Three days later, Lu Ze saw the resting 100-meter tall fire wolf and smiled.

Found it!

At the same time, the overlord wolf also looked up.

When he saw Lu Ze, he was stunned.

It’s the two-legged animal who stole the treasure.

How could he resist?

It roared, and the temperature around it drastically rose. The ground turned to lava, and the air was distorted.

Vibrant red runes flashed and went inside its body.

Its chi became even stronger after this.


The wolf stepped out. Every place it pa.s.sed turned to lava, and its body instantly disappeared from the spot.

So strong!

Lu Ze’s hair stood up after sensing its power. It wasn’t as strong as the red dragon overlord, but its power also reached the tertiary stage of level-4 planetary state.

This was a difference not in cultivation level but the race.

If Lu Ze ran, he could get away easily, but there was still some gap if he fought head-on.


Blood lightning surged around Lu Ze as he charged up. This difference wasn’t enough to make Lu Ze back off.

The two beams clashed. Heaven and earth stood still for a moment, and then, the thunderous sounds erupted.

The surrounding few thousand kilometers sunk.

Cracks quickly appeared.

The clash just lasted an instant, and Lu Ze flew out.

Blood came out of his mouth with searing temperature.

He was very shocked.

This wolf’s speed, power, and defenses were well balanced. It had no weaknesses.

What divine art was it?