Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 672 - Blade Demon Disappearance Art

Chapter 672 - Blade Demon Disappearance Art

Chapter 672 Blade Demon Disappearance Art

Lu Ze appeared on the battlefield with Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. All the enemies surrounding them were level-5 planetary states and below. In estimation, there were tens of them.

There were even quite a few level-5 planetary states.

Seeing the three of them suddenly appear amongst them, the three races felt dazed, but when they sensed the trio’s cultivation level, they became even more dazed.

Level-2 planetary state…

Level-2 planetary state…

… Level-8 mortal evolution state?!

Where did these idiots come from?

During this moment, one blade demon roared, “Lu Ze, it’s you?!”

Several blade demon’s eyes widened. “Lu Ze? He’s that Lu Ze?!”

“He just used s.p.a.ce transmission. The only human prodigy that knows it is him. It’s probably him!”

“Hehe, the strongest prodigy of the human race appears here? The heavens are really helping our Blade Demon Race!”

The killing intent of the blade demons intensified.

It didn’t benefit the Blade Demon Race if the human prodigy matured so, of course, countless blade demons wanted to kill Lu Ze. The Dark Metal Demons and Black Smoke Race looked among each other. They didn’t know Lu Ze well. After all, their borders didn’t connect with the human race.


They were still looking at Lu Ze with shock.

“This level-8 mortal evolution state human is very famous?”

“Why are the blade demons acting like that?”

They didn’t dare to believe that so many blade demons had such intense killing intent for just a level-8 mortal evolution state. Lu Ze looked at the blade demon calling out to him, and he was stunned.

Level-8 mortal evolution state? Why were they on the same level?

He thought there were only planetary states here.

There was even another level-8 mortal evolution state blade demon on the side.

Lu Ze was dumbfounded and asked, “Who are you guys? Do we know each other?”

He didn’t know a single blade demon. The other beings: “…”

Everyone was speechless. The Dark Metal Demons and Black Smoke Race looked strangely at Guguyate and Momoerde.

Of course, they knew that these two were the strongest prodigies in the Blade Demon Race. They weren’t much weaker than the strongest prodigies of their races. Yet, Lu Ze didn’t even know them. This was a bit awkward.

Guguyate’s eyes flashed. Thereafter, a 3D object in the depth of his eyes started to spin rapidly. He grinned. “I am one of the Blades of Dawn of the Blade Demon Race, Guguyate. You will die by my hands today!”

They had made some progress during this time. The resources given to them by the Advanced Demon Race was sufficient for them to achieve substantial improvement within a short time.

Although Lu Ze was very strong, he had the invincible faith in himself that he would win.

He would get revenge for Kakaroya and the loss at the Northern Border!

Lu Ze would pay with his blood!

Thinking about the previous matters, his killing intent intensified.

Lu Ze was stunned. He knew about the Blades of Dawn, of course. They were the three strongest prodigies of the young generation in the Blade Demon Race. He didn’t expect to encounter them here. However, how did their cultivation level advance so fast?

Lu Ze already felt he was fast, but they were the same as he was?


He looked at the other blade demon glowing in dream-like light. This guy was probably another member of the Blades of Dawn.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha looked strangely at this blade demon. He had the same cultivation level as Lu Ze. Where did he get the courage to say such things?

Was he dumb?

Lu Ze smiled. “So it’s you. Sorry, I’ve seen your picture before, but to me you blade demons all look the same, so I wasn’t able to recognize you.”

He really didn’t recognize them. However, Guguyate didn’t think like that. He felt Lu Ze was insulting him.

He was one of the top prodigies of the Blade Demon Race. How could he be like other ordinary blade demons?

His fury burned and an intense dark light mixed with runes merged into his body. A terrifying chi surged.

Lu Ze looked at Guguyate in shock.

This guy’s chi was much stronger than his cultivation level. It was at level two of the planetary state.

Guguyate’s information provided that he had a natural demonic body and s.p.a.ce field G.o.d art.

His talent was really not bad. Lu Ze glanced at the complex runes on his black armor. Clearly, this was no ordinary thing and might be even stronger than the Martial G.o.d Armor Set. Lu Ze could see that rune multiply many times under the effects of the combat armor.

Despite so, it was still just a level-2 planetary state.

This guy couldn’t even beat Lin Ling, much less Lu Ze.

Guguyate unleashed his full power. The blade demon on the side stared deadly at Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha, preventing the two from intervening. One blade demon even took out a black device and snarled, “If the strongest human prodigy is killed by the strongest prodigy from our race, how devastating to the humans would this be if released?”

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha glanced at each other strangely. Then, they both took out their phones.

What a great idea!

These blade demons were really smart. The battle between races didn’t just represent their current combat power but also their future potential as well.

The two would send this off. As for being stared at, they never intended to intervene, alright?

Guguyate heard the statement earlier and laughed.

An invisible field was erected. It seemed to have covered him like a battle armor. Then, he turned into a black stream, rus.h.i.+ng over Lu Ze. “Lu Ze! Die!!”

The violent power surged, and the other aliens’ eyes widened.

“He’s probably invincible amongst level-2 planetary states.” “That’s s.p.a.ce field G.o.d art. At least, no one among level-2 planetary states can break it.”

“This blade demon is quite amazing.”

To be able to have such combat power in level eight of the mortal evolution state, this was definitely the very best in their races.

At this point, Momoerde suddenly yelled, “Not good! Guguyate, retreat quickly! Quick!”

Momoerde’s eyes were glowing with dream-like light, but his body was stiff, and his face was filled with terror.

The other beings were dumbfounded. Momoerde had a premonition talent, and he could see what would happen a few seconds later.

What could make Momoerde this terrified?

Lu Ze smiled. “Still want to leave?”

A golden light surged out of his body and struck a s.p.a.ce storm.

Looking at this shocking chi, Guguyate quickly stopped and looked at Lu Ze in shock.

How is this possible?

How could he be this strong!

He would die!

Just when he decided to retreat, Lu Ze’s body had already appeared before him.

Lu Ze indifferently stared at the horrified Guguyate and punched.


The terrifying star crippling punch was launched, and Guguyate’s prided s.p.a.ce field was torn apart. The fist force struck his armor.

The armor was very strong. Even though Lu Ze’s punch approached level five of the planetary state, he couldn’t shatter it. However, that terrifying force still managed to enter inside and pulverized Guguyate’s body.

Now, only the armor remained. His body had dissipated.