Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 673 - He Was a Bit Scared

Chapter 673 - He Was a Bit Scared

Chapter 673 He Was a Bit Scared

The battle was raging elsewhere, but in Lu Ze’s region, it was very dead silent.

The other races looked at Lu Ze and the floating armor in disbelief.

This happened so quickly that they weren’t prepared at all, especially the blade demons.

Guguyate was part of the Blades of Dawn, the top prodigy of the Blade Demon Race!

He had great chances of reaching the cosmic system state!

Yet, he was killed with one punch from Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s s.p.a.ce transmission was so fast, and his attack was so fast that they didn’t even have time to save him.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha weren’t surprised at all.

Lu Ze at full power was near level five of the planetary state. A mere level-2 planetary state blade demon prodigy really wasn’t enough.

Lu Ze felt great-not about killing Guguyate, but the things he left behind.

Lu Ze saw the combat armor and storage ring floating in the air and happily grabbed it. This armor was better than the Martial G.o.d Set. Although he might not be able to use it, he could exchange it for reward points or give it to someone else. As for that storage ring, there would be quite some nice things in there too, right?

When Lu Ze did this, the eyes of the blade demons especially reddened. Guguyate’s storage ring carried a lot of treasures given by the Advanced Demon Race. If this fell into Lu Ze’s hands, wouldn’t he progress even fast?

Plus, he just killed a blade demon prodigy just then. He must not get away no matter what!

“He dares to kill Guguyate!”

“Kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d and get revenge for Guguyate!” The Blade Demon Race charged up. At the same time, the Dark Metal Demons and Black Smoke Race also charged up.

“Kill this human!”

“This talent is too terrifying! We must not let him mature!”

The Dark Metal Demons and Black Smoke Race originally thought that the blade demons took Lu Ze too seriously. However, they now realized the blade demons were far from taking Lu Ze seriously enough.

Such a talent would be ranked ahead even in the Elf Cosmic Realm and the Demon Realm. If he reached the cosmic system state, then the cosmic system state prodigy ladder would have a spot for him.

Those prodigies on the ladder were either race with cosmic realm state or cosmic cloud state. Races like them, who only had a cosmic system state, couldn’t provide for such a prodigy.

How could they allow such a prodigy to live?

If Lu Ze matured, the cosmic system state was definitely fine for him. He even had a great chance of becoming a cosmic cloud state. By then, their territory would probably be reduced by fifty percent, or they might even have to retreat to their mother planet and seek shelter from the Advanced Demon Race!

Who could tolerate this?!

They wanted to kill Lu Ze right here. If they let him go back to the human territory, it would be too hard to kill him.

They rejoiced that this human ran out, or they wouldn’t dare to imagine what the future would be like.

Sensing tens of planetary states coming at him, with a few of them being level-5 planetary states, Lu Ze raised a brow and felt some pressure.

He couldn’t beat a level-5 planetary state right now, but he wasn’t worried. He wasn’t alone after all.

Nangong Jing roared, “Hmph! Want to fight! You’re asking to die!” She disappeared from the spot as green wind circulated around her body.

Qiuyue Hesha grinned as pink light flashed from her eyes. “Don’t hurt little brother Lu Ze.”

The tens of powerful beings ended up dazed. Nangong Jing appeared before a level-5 planetary state blade demon and punched. The terrifying power just penetrated the armor and his body.

Qiuyue Hesha who had a level-5 planetary state power could affect tens of planetary states at once, and that even included those of the same power level as her. She could even influence a level-6 planetary state if they didn’t have mental force G.o.d art or defense methods.

The aliens saw a level-5 planetary state die on the spot, and their eyes bulged. “How is that


“What monsters are these?”

These two humans were just level-2 planetary states, but one could instant-kill a level-5 planetary state wearing combat armor while the other could control tens of planetary states, including a few level-5 planetary state beings?

They weren’t humans at all!

The level-6 and level-7 planetary states noticed the situation here. They were in disbelief.

One level-7 planetary state dark metal demon roared, “Surround them and kill! Send all the beings who could free up to kill them!”

A level-6 planetary state blade demon wanted to go over and kill Lu Ze, but a bulky Shenwu Army soldier sliced at him.

The soldier grinned. “How is our human prodigy? He hit one of your bulls.h.i.+t Blades of Dawn to dust with a single punch. Your prodigy isn’t good enough?”

“Arghhh! d.a.m.ned you, humans! You’re asking to die!!”

At this moment, level-7 planetary state Sangyuan Qiumei blocked the dark red beam from one dark metal demon and said, “Shenwu Army! Block all level-6 planetary states and above with your life!”

Lang Zheng was a level-8 planetary state and was in a more distant battlefield. As such, she was in charge of commanding this region.

She finally saw Lu Ze’s and the others’ combat power.

Those below level-5 planetary states didn’t pose much threat to them. They naturally had to stop level-6 planetary states. “Yes!” All the Shenwu Army soldiers were fervent and had high morale.

All those level-6 planetary states were stopped, but not those who were below such level.

More than three hundred beings charged at Lu Ze’s group of three. There were forty level-5 planetary states rus.h.i.+ng over.

Nangong Jing grinned and licked her lips. “I can enjoy the slaughter this time.”

Subsequently, she charged up with golden light.

Qiuyue Hesha narrowed her eyes. Her expression was seductive as pink light surged all over her. “These aliens are really fierce. They scared me.”

She could control all the aliens at once, but there were too many, and it would consume too much of her power. She just chose to control those around Nangong Jing and Lu Ze.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze looked at the other level-8 mortal evolution state blade demons. There was another moving treasure cove.

Sensing Lu Ze’s eyes, Momoerde felt his entire body turn cold. He retreated slowly.

He was a bit scared.

One Blade of Dawn was already dead. The remaining two must be saved!