Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 671

Chapter 671

Chapter 671 The Promise Won’t Count If We Can’t Win

Nangong Jing suppressed her curiosity, but clearly, she would still ask when they got back.

Lu Ze felt a headache.

Lu Ze looked at Lu Li and Alice. “You two, stay -11

“We want to partic.i.p.ate in the battle!” Lu Li interrupted him before he could finish.

Alice looked firmly at Lu Ze. “Senior, we have a planetary state combat power too.”

Their cultivation level reached level-4 mortal evolution state, nearing level-5 mortal evolution state, and they do, indeed, have a level-1 planetary state combat power.

Lu Ze smiled helplessly. “Okay.”

With Ying Ying protecting them, he didn’t need to worry about their safety. Then, he looked at Ying Ying, who was looking outside the window. Clearly, she sensed those murderous chis.

He smiled and pinched her face. This wasn’t a fair battle.

With Ying Ying here, this tomb belonged to the Federation already.

“Ying Ying, take care of your sisters, okay?”

Ying Ying then asked, “Lu Ze, those guys outside are so ferocious, should I eat them? They don’t seem very tasty…”

Lu Ze and the others shook their heads. Ying Ying was addicted to eating.

Lu Ze coughed. “You don’t need to do anything at first. Just protect your sisters. If they can’t win, then intervene.”

They promised to not use Ying Ying at first, but if they couldn’t beat the enemy, then this promise didn’t count.

Ying Ying said regretfully, “Oh.”

Lu Ze smiled and took out a red orb. Immediately, Ying Ying’s eyes lit up, and she opened her mouth.

Lu Ze threw the orb in Ying Ying’s mouth. Seeing how satisfied Ying Ying was, everyone smiled and left the New Dawn.

Everyone had come out already.

They all looked at the aliens from the three races.

Cheng Feng said, “Kid Lu, you guys are going to join the battle too?” Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “We’re humans too, and we’re not weak.”

Carol laughed, “Hahaha! Good! Since you’re also humans and outside the controlled region, then partic.i.p.ating in the battle is necessary!”

They looked at Lu Ze and the girls with approval.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang controlled her playful character, and her face became extremely serious. “Lu Ze, your opponents are those below level-5 planetary state. Kill them without hesitation!”

“Yes!” Lu Ze nodded instinctively.

The reinforcements who came had a total number of around tens.

The star states and high-level planetary states stood in the middle while Yan Gu and the others stood on the side. They couldn’t join the core battle.

Lu Ze and the rest proceeded next to Yan Gu and the others.

Ji Cheng smiled and patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Junior Lu Ze, great! I approve of you!”

Yan Gu glanced at Ji Cheng and said seriously, “Juniors, don’t worry, with us here, we won’t let anything happen to you.”

A level-6 planetary state glanced at them and said, “What are you talking about? The Shenwu Army is still here. How can anything happen to you guys?”

He was a level-6 planetary state. He wasn’t the weakest of the bunch outside the controlled region, but there were too many powerful beings here. He could only stay at the border.

Lu Ze and the others were speechless. Why did it seem like they were all feeble?

Lu Ze even suspected that Yan Gu had memory loss. Did he forget who saved them?

They were clearly very strong, okay?

At this juncture, the aliens were less than 100,000 kilometers from them.

A few hundred powerful chis surged, and the s.p.a.ce storms became more chaotic.

Everywhere the three figures at the front pa.s.sed, s.p.a.ce distorted and spirit force went chaotic.

They were star states.

Lu Ze looked at them with curiosity.


He couldn’t beat them yet.

However, why did that blade demon’s skin look so different from the other blade demons?

Lu Ze was curious. Perhaps it was a genetic mutation.

As the blade demons approached, the pressure in the atmosphere became intense.

The killing intent could make those people below mortal evolution state cry.

Carol looked at the distant planetary states. A purple-red light flashed in his eyes as he roared, “Attack!”

Tens of humans charged towards those few hundred aliens.

The difference in numbers was huge, but the Shenwu Army warriors didn’t hesitate at all. Yan Gu, Lu Ze, and the rest didn’t hesitate either.

Wormholes appeared before Carol, Cheng Feng, and Zuoqiu Xunshuang. They entered it and appeared tens of thousands of kilometers away. The three star state aliens also used the same method to appear on the battlefield.


Cheng Feng fought Avit, Carol fought Yin Xian, and Zuoqiu Xunshuang fought Lala Nisi. The three pairs of star states created a heaven-shocking clash.

s.p.a.ce crumbled, revealing the twisting warp dimension. Violent spirit force spread in all directions like a tsunami. Some small universal storms were wiped out.

Lu Ze and the others felt that it got a bit difficult to breathe. Alice and Lu Li even got injured.

However, they had regeneration G.o.d art, so this injury didn’t mean anything serious.

Lu Ze looked at the sun-like spirit force ripples, and his skin crawled.

Despite being this far away, the shockwaves alone gave him such immense pressure. It was all too easy for them to destroy a planet.

They could do it with the wave of a hand.

But even star states were only considered “not-too-weak” in the universe.

Luckily, the universe was vast enough, or it wouldn’t be enough for these powerful beings to play with.

The six star states were extremely fast. After the clash began, Lu Ze and the others couldn’t even see their figures anymore.

As the shockwave spread, this region of s.p.a.ce became harsher.

The six star states quickly s.h.i.+fted away from the battlefield as they knew how damaging their combat power was.

Finally, the rest of the people started their confrontation.

The level-8 and level-9 planetary states were Shenwu Army reinforcements.

The level-6 and level-7 planetary states were Lang Zheng’s reinforcements.

The three races had more than a few hundred level-5 planetary states and below. These were left for Lu Ze and the rest, as well as Yan Gu.

Yan Gu’s expression changed. He was only a level-5 planetary state. He had a level-6 planetary state combat power, but who knew if the opposite party had prodigies too?

Even if there wasn’t, he couldn’t stop this overwhelming number of powerful beings. Despite this, he still charged up.

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice. “You guys, find some low-level planetary states at the border and leave the rest to us.”