Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 670 - What Are You So Worried About?

Chapter 670 - What Are You So Worried About?

Chapter 670 What Are You So Worried About?

A huge dark gray planet was floating in s.p.a.ce. The surface environment was extremely harsh and terrible. Even a low-level planetary state would be in danger.

There was nothing but dark gray rocks on there.

However, in terms of living beings, there were terrifying void beasts, but that was already the case before.

At the surface, there were a few hundred planetary states from the three races present there. They all had injuries on them.

Nevertheless, they still looked at the ground with crazed joy. There were few kilometers deep craters everywhere. Inside were countless bodies of void beasts.

The most terrifying one was completely black and nearly 1000 meters long. Despite being dead, it still emitted a terrifying chi.

Chaotic storms formed around it.

It was a star state void beasts.

A five-meter tall dark metal demon grinned. “Heh, the last star state! It’s finally done!”

Someone from the Black Smoke Race said, “This star state void beast is too terrifying. If we didn’t send two away, at least one or two of us would die.”

A ruby-scaled blade demon said, “I wonder what surprises those two star state void beasts brought for the humans.”

Two free star state henchmen and a large wave of planetary states!

If it wasn’t that the blade demons provided the large-scale set location s.p.a.ce door, they would definitely release the beasts at the borders of their enemies.

However, there was nothing they could say.

The beings from the three races looked at their star state with awe.

The battle when they killed the last star state void beast was too shocking.

Star states were too strong.

Especially on the blade demon side, all the male blade demons stared at the fiery figure.

“No wonder she’s Lord Lala Nisi. She’s so powerful and that beautiful.”

“Yeah, look at her pretty edges, that fiery red armor, those sharp fangs. I want to get bitten by her…”

Even Guguyate, Momoerde, and Luoluoxisi stared straight at Lala Nisi. They saw some enmity within each other’s eyes. Only a powerful being deserved beautiful demons.

In the future, they would be the greatest compet.i.tors!

Lala Nisi didn’t care about the discussions behind her. After all, it was natural instinct for beings to search for partners. She never minded powerful beings showing interest in her.

She looked at the deep hole and frowned. “Do we go in now?”

The being from the Black Smoke Race shook his head. “We just had a huge battle. We’re not in our prime condition. Let’s rest for a day in the base and go in tomorrow.”

The dark metal demon star state nodded. “I agree with Yin Xian. Although the being died quickly, he still might have left something behind. We should rest until we’re in our prime condition.”

Lala Nisi nodded. “Then, tomorrow it is!”

At this juncture, a level-9 planetary state dark metal demon flew over.

Everyone was confused, seeing how disrupted his chi and expression were.

The dark metal demon star state saw this and frowned. “Yarick, what are you so anxious about? Watch your composure.”

He felt Dark Metal Demons were stronger than the Black Smoke Race, much less the Blade Demon Race. It would mean dark metal demons losing their face if his subordinate acted like this. Yarick relayed worriedly, “Lord Avit, there are three s.h.i.+ps nearing us. They’re less than one million kilometers from us. These are human s.h.i.+ps, and we can’t confirm how strong the people inside are.”

The scene fell silent. Everyone stared at him in disbelief.

Avit clarified, “Human s.h.i.+p? How can it be here?” Yin Xian frowned. “What happened to the patrol squads? What are they doing?” Lala Nisi also stared at this dark metal demon.

Sensing the furious chi of three star states, the dark metal demon sweated.

Even a level-9 planetary state couldn’t handle such pressure.

He answered, “We contacted them, but we couldn’t reach them!”

Avit roared, “Not good! We’re discovered! Go back quickly! Stop them!” Lala Nisi looked at her race. “The strong ones, follow me! Luoluoxisi, return to the base and notify our race that we need backup!”

Luoluoxisi’s eyes flashed with some joy. She sent him to do a mission alone. This meant that he was different from others.

How could he not be happy? Nevertheless, he quickly controlled his emotions.

Guguyate and Momoerde glanced at Luoluoxisi with envy.

At the same time, Avit and Yin Xian also sent out the same orders.

They were most likely found. In that case, even if they killed the humans, there was no a.s.surance that the news wouldn’t spread out.

Yin Xian said, “Hopefully, the humans aren’t very strong. If we kill them, we still have time to excavate this tomb and leave!”

Accordingly, the three races all headed towards the direction where Yarick pointed at.

The three s.h.i.+ps flew towards the location marker they got from the captives they found later on.

However, their s.h.i.+p was only an ordinary s.h.i.+p, and therefore, its scouting ability was weaker than the s.p.a.ce fortress.

After flying out a while, their alarms blared.

The three star states looked at the screen. There were a few hundred dots.

Cheng Feng frowned. “There’s quite a lot of them.”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang smiled. “There’s just three star states, six level-9 planetary states, and fourteen level-8 planetary states. The rest are all below level-8 planetary state. We can fight them.”

Cheng Feng and Carol looked at each other. Carol laughed. “In this case, let’s fight!”

Cheng Feng grinned. “Win and we have at least one week time to explore this tomb. All they’ve done will have been for our benefit!”

As they spoke, the blade demons were nearing their s.h.i.+p.

Cheng Feng’s voice spread through the three s.h.i.+ps. “Those demon b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are here. Prepare for battle! Win and we get the treasure! Lose and we die here!”

Hearing this, Lu Ze smiled. “General Cheng Feng is really rough, but I like it.”

Lu Li narrowed her eyes. “Lu Ze, you like men now?”

Lu Ze: “…”

Lu Ze then said, “We’re about to engage in battle, be serious!”