Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 662 - You Will Regret It!

Chapter 662 - You Will Regret It!

Chapter 662 You Will Regret It!


His skin flashed with dark red runes, and his chi suddenly skyrocketed. Thereafter, he grabbed his sword and began spinning into a dark red tornado.

Sharp sword ray shot in all directions. Most of them shot towards the blood lightning.

The blood lightning was torn apart, and the remaining sword ray struck the lightning cloud. The lightning clouds soon dissipated too.

The blade demon prodigy felt relieved. Simultaneously, Yin Duo gave up on Shadora and charged towards Lu Ze. Meanwhile, Lu Ze disappeared when the lightning cloud dissipated. He appeared behind the blade demon prodigy. Golden spirit force surged, and he punched towards the feeble blade demon.

“Lu Ze, you’re asking to die!” Yin Duo’s furious voice sounded. A black smoke spear shot out of his arm towards Lu Ze’s back.

Lu Ze sensed this but grinned. A thick Earth s.h.i.+eld formed behind him while a golden armor encased his body. At the same time, his golden fist force collided into the blade demon prodigy’s back. “Arghhh!!” The blade demon prodigy roared and gathered his remaining spirit force into a spirit force barrier. Rumble!!

In a short instant, the fist force tore open the barrier and struck the blade demon prodigy’s armor. The armor cracked a little, but the fist force penetrated the armor already.

The ma.s.sive power sent the blade demon flying as he spat out blood. His chi slid down, and his life force became extremely feeble. During this time, the spear also struck the Earth s.h.i.+eld.


The Earth s.h.i.+eld was eroded by the smoke and cracked. Then, the spear struck the golden armor, and a deep mark appeared.

Just when the armor was about to break, Lu Ze used s.p.a.ce transmission and disappeared.

Lu Ze emerged once again in front of the blade demon.

That spear was very powerful. It had level-5 planetary state power. Lu Ze’s face was a little pale, but it was just some light injuries.

Lu Ze used super regeneration to recover. Then, he looked down at the blade demon prodigy before him. Without hesitation, he stomped on the blade demon’s chest, wiping away his feeble life force. “Lala Guli! Yin Duo, you’re useless! You watched my blade demon prodigy die!”

Jiji Miya’s eyes went red and roared.

Yin Duo looked at Lu Ze with shock. He was just a level-4 planetary state but was stronger than Lala Guli. His combat power was barely reaching level-4 planetary state. Yet, his full-powered attack didn’t even work? Lu Ze’s defenses were too terrifying, and in addition, he had s.p.a.ce transmission.

Yin Duo’s eyes flashed with annoyance. He tried his best already. It wasn’t his fault. Still, Jiji Miya was stronger than him. There was nothing he could say. However, Yin En wasn’t having it and spoke with contempt, “If Yin Duo is useless, then what are you? You can’t even handle an injured Yan Gu. You can’t even save your own race and you dare to blame a prodigy of the Black Smoke Race?”

“What??” Jiji Miya’s eyes bulged. “Shadora is heavily injured, but you couldn’t take her either!”

Seeing how they were about to have internal conflicts, Abony said, “Stop arguing! Do you want them to get away??”.

Yin En and Jiji Miya both stopped talking.

Abony roared, “Shadora and Yan Gu are already injured. Hold on! We’ll win if we stall it out!”

Yin En said, “Yin Duo, you and Arlow just need to stop Lu Ze. Don’t let him cure Shadora and Yan Gu.”

Yin Duo nodded. “No problem.”

Lu Ze frowned. He looked at Yan Gu and Shadora. He was fine with drawing the battle out but not those two.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze looked at Yin Duo and the injured dark metal demon prodigy, Arlow. The best method was to kill those two.

Yin Duo’s cultivation level was still level-4 planetary state after all. If he teamed up with Ji Cheng and Xia Zhi, there was a chance to kill him. As for Arlow, he was already heavily injured.

At this juncture, Abony looked at the New Dawn. His eyes bulged. “Is that your s.h.i.+p?”

He snarled, “If I destroy your s.h.i.+p, what would you do?”

Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha’s expressions changed. They weren’t worried about the safety of the New Dawn. They were worried about Abony! Ying Ying was there! After Abony was bashed by Ying Ying, how would they explain things to Yan Gu and his group? Seeing their faces, Abony thought he found their weakness. They had no backup s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p. “Hahahaha!! Looks like you only have this s.h.i.+p. Then… you guys can stay here too!”

Nangong Jing warned, “You will regret it!”

Her spirit force boiled. Qiuyue Hesha also wanted to stop Abony.

Abony laughed hysterically. “I will regret it? You will be the ones regretting it today! If you minded your own business, would this happen? You’re all going to die today!”

Yan Gu’s face changed. He roared, “Lu Ze! Take Shadora, Ji Cheng, and Xia Zhi! I can stop them for a few seconds!”

Jiji Miya sneered, “You want to leave after killing a blade demon prodigy??”

Yin Duo and Arlow also sneered at Lu Ze, which prevented him from leaving. Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

Ji Cheng and Xia Zhi said, “Junior Lu Ze, leave with juniors Nangong and Qiuyue. We already killed a blade demon prodigy. We might be able to kill one more!”

Lu Ze smiled. “Seniors, we won’t give you up.”

Abony had already gone near the New Dawn. He laughed. “I wonder if your s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p can withstand my attack?”

He held his huge sword and was about to attack. At this moment, all his power suddenly disappeared. His spirit force, physical power, and mental force were all gone.

Abony felt extremely weak and couldn’t even move.

Abony: “???”

What happened? Where is my power?

Meanwhile, Ying Ying’s little face showed a satisfied smile. She ate something tasty. but it wasn’t enough.