Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 661 - Lu Ze, How Dare You!

Chapter 661 - Lu Ze, How Dare You!

Chapter 661 Lu Ze, How Dare You!

Jiji Miya sneered, “You think you’re at your prime?!” He then charged up towards Yan Gu. “Today, you must die!”

The two clashed. It was an intense battle right from the beginning.

Abony was planning to go help, but suddenly, he felt his mind enter into a trance. At the same time, a dominant golden fist force struck towards him.

He forcefully removed the negative mental status and hacked with his huge sword, dispersing the golden fist force. He looked coldly at Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

If it weren’t for Lu Ze and the girls, Yan Gu would have been dead already. Yet, these two females dare to pester him.


Abony’s body surged with dark red spirit light. His huge body shot towards Qiuyue Hesha like a cannon. He was going to take care of them first!

Under Abony’s furious chi, Qiuyue Hesha’s face turned pale. She used wind G.o.d art and sped up. Simultaneously, she still used seduction G.o.d art to distract Abony. Abony’s dark metal body didn’t bring much improvement to speed.

Using wind G.o.d art and seduction G.o.d art while Nangong Jing kept attacking the side, it wasn’t hard for Qiuyue Hesha to dodge.

Their target wasn’t to kill Abony. It was just to stall them for as long as possible.

Abony was furious, seeing how Qiuyue Hesha kept dodging his attacks.

Every time he wanted to give up chasing the two girls and attack Yan Gu, these two would attack him with full power. Under such interference, his attacks could no longer pose a threat to Yan Gu.

He became furious.

On the other side, Lu Ze suddenly appeared with Ji Cheng and Xia Zhi. Immediately, a lightning cloud started to form above Lu Ze’s head.


Bolts of blood lightning shot towards the blade demon and dark metal demon.

The two alien prodigies tensed up after sensing the power of the lightning. The dark metal demon glowed in dark red as he waved around his huge sword, blocking the lightning.

The blade demon sliced his sword intent towards the lightning. While the two were blocking the lightning, Lu Ze flew towards Ji Cheng and Xia Zhi with wood G.o.d art. His wood G.o.d art was much stronger than when he used it on planet Nanlis. Moreover, his cultivation level was stronger too now. He healed the two rapidly. “d.a.m.n it! this b.a.s.t.a.r.d knows wood G.o.d art! The curative effect is that good?!”

“He cured Yan Gu like that just then, right?!”

They were confused before why Yan Gu suddenly recovered. Now, they finally understood why.

Xia Zhi and Ji Cheng were stunned. They couldn’t believe they just recovered like that. Since when did junior Lu Ze have such G.o.d art.


They looked at the distance. Lu Ze stopped two aliens stronger than they were with just lightning clouds.

Since when was junior Lu Ze this strong?!

The last time they met, his combat power was only at the level-2 planetary state. It was only a month, and his power climbed up two levels?! They couldn’t believe this. However, the situation still wasn’t too bright now. Ji Cheng grinned. “Junior Lu Ze, we’ll help you!”

Then, the two charged towards the two aliens.

The blade demon’s and dark metal demon’s faces weren’t too good. Even if Ji Cheng and Xia Zhi recovered, it was no big deal for them, but now, Lu Ze was here.

Lu Ze looked towards the two aliens. His body flashed in blood lightning. Spirit force dispersed. He infused all his spirit force into the lightning cloud. A few hundred blood lightning struck towards those two aliens.

The terrifying power made their skin crawl.

Ji Cheng and Xia Zhi were shocked. Such a powerful attack would consume a lot of power, even if they were the ones to launch it.

Why did junior have so much power reserve? He was only a mortal evolution state!

While the two aliens were blocking the blood lightning, Ji Cheng and Xia Zhi charged at them.


In an instant, the aliens were struck by a few blood lightning bolts.


The blood lightning flowed around their body like lightning snakes. Their chi immediately weakened.

During this time, there was a hideous howl. The blade demon was attacked by both blood lightning and spirit force sword ray. He blocked the sword ray but was struck by multiple blood lightning bolts. His defenses weren’t as strong as the dark metal demon. His body was bloodied and trembling. Lu Ze was merciless. Another set of bolts shot towards the blade demon prodigy.

The blade demon wanted to dodge, but Xia Zhi blocked his exit with tens of white sword light.

The blade demon could only unleash blood spirit light that surrounded him like the eye of a storm.

There was a huge explosion. When the rubbles settled, the blade demon’s chi became extremely weak. He finally blocked this attack.

Lu Ze gathered more blood lightning. How long could the blade demon stop this for?

The blade demon roared, “Help! Jiji Miiya, save


Jiji Miya was fighting evenly with Yan Gu. Hearing this howl, he looked at the terrified blade demon prodigy. It had only been a few seconds and he was already in such a pitiful state?

Jiji Miya didn’t want a prodigy of his own race to die naturally.

He glared at Lu Ze. “Lu Ze, how dare you!”

He tried to break free from Yan Gu and go help. Yan Gu grinned. “Want to leave? Did you ask me? Stay here and don’t move!”

He barraged Jiji Miya with punches, leaving him no opportunity to aid his comrade.

Jiji Miya roared, “Abony, you can’t even deal with two level-2 planetary state humans? Yin En, Yin Duo! Shadora is heavily injured, do you want to see our blade demon prodigy die?”

Abony’s mouth twitched. He felt wronged. Although he was furious, there was nothing he could do.

When Jiji Miya yelled at him, his annoyance erupted.