Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 663 - Didn't Expect It, Did You?

Chapter 663 - Didn't Expect It, Did You?

Chapter 663 Didn’t Expect It, Did You?

This region of s.p.a.ce fell into silence. All the aliens looked at the feeble Abony in shock.

Even Yan Gu, Shadora, Ji Cheng, and Xia Zhi were confused.

Lu Ze’s, Nangong Jing’s, and Qiuyue Hesha’s mouth twitched. So this dark metal demon prodigy played himself? They warned him, before but he didn’t listen.

Jiji Miya screamed, “Abony! What is going on?!”

The other aliens tensed up too.

Yan Gu and the rest looked at Lu Ze in shock.

Lu Ze pointed at himself and spoke innocently, “Why are you all looking at me? Do you think I did it? If I had that power, I would’ve dropped them all already.”

They definitely couldn’t unveil Ying Ying. Yan Gu and the others were suspicious, but they said nothing. They didn’t feel like it was Lu Ze.

However, why did something happen to Abony when he tried to destroy the New Dawn?

They suspected that there was some powerful being following Lu Ze, but they had no evidence to back it up.

Yan Gu and the rest looked at the aliens with different expressions. Abony was their strongest, and he fell for a strange reason.

Now, there was only Jiji Miya, Yin En, Yin Duo and Arlow left.

The hunters and prey have switched positions. The aliens sensed this too. Yin En exclaimed, “Take Arlow and retreat!”

He was going to give up Shadora and take back Abony. At this juncture, he suddenly felt his mind enter into a trance.

Shadora’s frosty long sword shot at Yin En. This was such a good opportunity, how could they let them get away?! Meanwhile, Nangong Jing charged at Yin Duo and Arlow. She raised a brow, “Leave these two to me!”

Lu Ze smiled. “Then, I’ll go heal senior Shadora.”

Shadora had the most serious injury. Luckily, she had ice G.o.d art and had a defensive divine art. That’s how she was able to survive Yin En’s attacks.

Lu Ze appeared next to Shadora, and the green wood G.o.d art on his hand connected to Shadora as the life force spirit force entered her body. Yin En roared, “Don’t even think about it!”

The smoke around him expanded and loomed towards Lu Ze.

Qiuyue Hesha used seduction G.o.d art at full power. Yin En ended up dazed and the black smoke thinned a little.

Shadora blocked in front of Lu Ze. She weaved out an ice wall in front of them.

When the black smoke reached the wall, it started to corrode the wall.

As Lu Ze healed her, Shadora’s chi started to recover. She finally had some extra power. She then said, “Junior Lu Ze focus on healing. I will stop all the attacks for you.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Yin En planned to take Abony and leave. During this moment, his mind became dazed again. The ice wall shattered and turned into ice spikes shooting at him.

Yin En roared as he blocked the attack. “Retreat! Immediately!”

Abony heard this and shook his anger. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was planning to abandon him. d.a.m.n it!

At this time, another howl sounded. Yin En looked in Yin Duo’s direction. He saw that Yin Duo flew out. The smoke around him was about to disperse.

That golden female had chased after Yin Duo. Yin En watched Nangong Jing’s leg slice down like a battle-ax, completely dispersing the smoke around Yin Duo. A small black figure flew out and died.

Yin En roared, “d.a.m.n it!”

Just when everyone thought he was going to fight Nangong Jing with his life, he suddenly turned and fled.

Everyone was dumbfounded for a moment before realizing it. This guy had a future!

He ran so fast. Usually, these people would live long. But… this was just usually.

Qiuyue Hesha used seduction G.o.d art at full power. Yin En stopped for a moment, and during that moment, Shadora’s ice spikes surrounded him.

Yin En could feel that Shadora’s chi was getting stronger and stronger.

His face looked bad.

Jiji Miya sweated cold. He could feel Yan Gu’s chi was weakening, but he still couldn’t beat Yan Gu. Yan Gu just needed to stall him until Shadora recovered. Then, Lu Ze would heal him.

If Yan Gu recovered to his prime…

Jiji Miya unleashed his full power, trying to break free and run.

It was hard for Yan Gu to stop him. Yin En was stopped mainly due to Qiuyue Hesha’s G.o.d art. But Jiji Miya used that precious mental force guard rune. Qiuyue Hesha’s seduction G.o.d art was useless towards him.

Jiji Miya was confident he could get away. However, a dominant fist force suddenly struck towards him.

Nangong Jing chose to help stop Jiji Miya as soon as she killed Yin Duo.

Jiji Miya could only stop to take the fist force.

Yan Gu chased after him again.

“d.a.m.ned humans!”

Yan Gu wiped the blood from his mouth and grinned. “You want to run? I’ll give what you said back to you. You all have to die today!” On the other side, Ji Cheng and Xia Zhi had full advantage fighting the injured dark metal demon Arlow.

In a few seconds, the three clashed more than a few hundred times. Blood gushed out, most of it was Arlow’s. Then, a few hundred-meter white sword rays sliced towards him. While Arlow was blocking this, another beam penetrated his chest.

Arlow opened his mouth, but the inside of his body was ground to nothing by the sword intent. He couldn’t even speak.

Now, only Yin En and Jiji Miya remained.

Their victory was only a matter of time.

After healing Shadora, Lu Ze used a s.p.a.ce G.o.d art to get to Yan Gu and heal him.

Seeing this, Jiji Miya’s face went green. He roared and charged at Lu Ze, but with Yan Gu and Nangong Jing there, how could Lu Ze get attacked.

Lu Ze enjoyed the special treatment of a healer for the first time. Everyone did their best to protect him.

A few minutes later, Jiji Miya watched Lu Ze cure Yan Gu.

“I thought I was dead for sure this time, Jiji Miya. Didn’t expect it, did you?” Yan Gu charged towards Jiji Miya.


Just one strike and Jiji Miya was struck back.

Nangong Jing chased up and punched heavily.

Jiji Miya immediately spat out blood and flew back towards Yan Gu.

Then, he was kicked in the stomach. This strike made Jiji Miya faint on the spot.

At this juncture, Yan Gu and Nangong Jing chased after Yin En.

Yin En only lasted one bout and was penetrated by Shadora’s ice.

As the smoke dissipated, that small black body was revealed. After the black smoke was gone, the Black Smoke Race looked like a stick figure that was fat.