Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 660

Chapter 660

Chapter 660 Hang This b.a.s.t.a.r.d Up and Beat Him!

Yan Gu was a level-5 planetary state. When he used his full power, he could reach level-6 planetary state. But those six aliens were also prodigies with G.o.d art.

The leader Abony was about to break through level five of the planetary state. His combat power was a sliver stronger than Yan Gu.

During this time, Yan Gu was bathed in golden light. He wore a pair of bronze gauntlets and clashed with Abony.


s.p.a.ce was twisted, and the movement was shocking

Their clash faded in an instant. Their figures flashed within a few hundred kilometers range. In a few seconds, they had clashed more than a few hundred times.

At this juncture, Jiji Miya also joined the battle. He held two long swords. Immediately, Yan Gu was at a disadvantage.

Unfortunately, the others didn’t have a chance to go and help Yan Gu. Shadora was stopped by Yin En and another black smoke race, Yin Duo.

Yin Duo was only a level-4 planetary state, but he also had G.o.d art.

The two beings from the Black Smoke Race were formed by black smoke. This black smoke was corrosive.

Shadora had ice armor around her, which sizzled upon contact with the black smoke.

On the other hand, Xia Zhi and Ji Cheng fought a blade demon and dark metal demon respectively. The surrounding tens of thousands of kilometers of s.p.a.ce were their battlefield. If this battle occurred on the surface of a planet, it was enough to destroy such a planet.

Luckily, this was a barren region.


Another clash and Xia Zhi was flung away by a dark metal demon. His face was pale, and blood poured out of his mouth. He was a prodigy but was weaker compared to the dark metal demon who had a dark metal body.

Ji Cheng was struck by a sword light. His spirit force barrier crumbled, and his armor cracked. It left a deep mark in his chest, and blood gushed out.

Yan Gu was covered in wounds. He was trying his best.

Shadora’s pretty face was pale. Her chi was weak.

Seeing this, Abony sneered, “Yan Gu, I said that was the last time you spoke, die!!”

At this point, a golden fist force appeared and struck towards Abony’s back. The terrifying spirit force made Abony tense up. He didn’t expect someone to suddenly appear. He could only give up on Yan Gu and turned around to block.

He blocked it. The fist force was only a level-5 planetary state, but he was forced a few hundred kilometers back.

Right at this moment, Jiji Miya suddenly roared, “Abony, Yan Gu!”

As he exclaimed, he charged at Yan Gu, but his figure suddenly stopped. He recovered in a brief instant, but Yan Gu had already disappeared.

This made Abony’s face sink. Lu Ze dragged the injured Yan Gu a few thousand kilometers away.

Yan Gu was dumbfounded when he saw Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha.

Lu Ze pressed his hand against his back. Green spirit light flowed into his body. He could feel his injuries rapidly recovering.

“Junior Lu Ze, Nangong, and Qiuyue?! What are you three doing here?”

Lu Ze smiled. “We came out looking for treasure. Didn’t expect to see you guys.”

Yan Gu’s fate was quite tragic. Every time they saw them, they were heavily injured. If they didn’t encounter Yan Gu’s team this time, they would probably die. Nangong Jing warned, “Ze, they’re here!” Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha both grabbed Lu Ze’s arm.

Without hesitation, Lu Ze used s.p.a.ce transmission and disappeared from the spot.

A dark red sword ray and a golden sword ray sliced past where they were. Lu Ze appeared a few thousand kilometers away.

The green light poured into Yan Gu’s body from his hands and rapidly repaired his injuries. Although he couldn’t completely repair it within a short time, Lu Ze still needed Yan Gu to regain some combat power first.

Abony spoke in shock, “s.p.a.ce G.o.d art?” Jiji Miya stared at Lu Ze and said, “Human with s.p.a.ce G.o.d art… That’s Lu Ze!”

Abony said, “Lu Ze?”

Jiji Miya’s eyes contained some greed. “Mhm! Our Demon Palace has put great attention on this human lately. It’s said he’s the strongest prodigy in human history. The ransom for him is enough to make a level-7 and level-8 planetary state enticed.”

“Strongest prodigy?” Abony sneered and didn’t care. He felt it wasn’t important if prodigies were strong. Rather than that, it was more significant whether they were good enough to live. The stronger they were, the easier they were to be targeted.

Look at this Lu Ze. Any random blade demon recognized him. How could he come out?

He glared at Lu Ze and grinned. “Let’s not waste time. Work together to bind s.p.a.ce. His power is very weak. If we work together, he can’t get away!”

Jiji Miya grinned. “I thought the same. Best we capture him alive and split the rewards!”

“Heh, you said it!”

Thereafter, the two chased after Lu Ze and the rest. They suppressed s.p.a.ce with all their spirit force.

At this juncture, they suddenly felt a ruckus in their mental force sea. The spirit force binding immediately dispersed. It was just an instant, but Lu Ze and the others had already disappeared.

Abony’s tone was cold. “Jiji Miya, you didn’t say Lu Ze had someone who has a mental force G.o.d art with this level!”

Jiji Miya’s expression was bad. He was. .h.i.t before, but now, he still couldn’t stop it.

He took out a crystal rune. “This mental force guard rune can block all planetary state mental force attacks within half an hour of activation. We can’t make a mistake this time!”

Subsequently, he clenched his fist. The rune cracked and light shot into his head. Following such, he bound the s.p.a.ce around Lu Ze again.

Abony charged up immediately.

Yan Gu suddenly grinned and charged towards Abony.

“How is that possible?!” Abony became dazed upon seeing how much Yan Gu recovered. Jiji Miya didn’t feel too good. His mental force guard rune was extremely precious. Now, it was pointless.

Yan Gu still had some injuries, but at least, he recovered a lot of combat power.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha said, “Senior Yan Gu, we’ll stall this dark metal demon for


Lu Ze said, “I’ll go help senior Xia Zhi and Ji Cheng.”

Xia Zhi and Ji Cheng were still level-4 planetary states. Their opponents were stronger than they were but were also level-4 planetary states.

Lu Ze’s combat power was level-4 planetary state when he put on the Martial G.o.d Armor Set.

Yan Gu nodded and charged at Jiji Miya again. This time, he was going to hang this blade demon b.a.s.t.a.r.d up and beat him to death!