Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 63 - Is It Loo Late to Show Off Properly?

Chapter 63 - Is It Loo Late to Show Off Properly?

Chapter 63: Is It Loo Late to Show Off Properly?

The people, who were watching Lu Ze’s live stream, were a little dazed at the moment.

As Lu Wen and Fu Shuya saw Lu Ze on the screen smiling, they could not help the twinkle on their eyes.

Fu Shuya said proudly with a tinge of worry, “My good boy has grown up…”

If it were only possible, Fu Shuya didn’t want Lu Ze to help.

After all, it involved facing the insectoid race. As a mother, her child’s safety was always the most important.

Still, Lu Ze’s behavior made her proud. Her boy had grown up to be a man she was proud of.

Lu Wen smiled and said, “He is indeed my son. Old Liu and the other people shouldn’t be too jealous of me, hahaha.”

Meanwhile, in Lu Li’s cla.s.s.

Lu Li looked at Lu Ze, who was clearly laughing unreasonably but speaking very serious words. Feeling irritated, she bit her lips.

This guy had to act cool at this time!!

Did he not want to live anymore??

On the other hand, Alice supported her chin with her palm and laughed. “How come I feel that Senior Schoolmate acting like this is even more attractive?”

Lu Li: “…”

Her heart ached.

She silently reached out and felt her big chest.

In an exquisite restaurant, Alice’s father laughed. “Hahaha, this kid is not bad. His talent is very great, and he’s very hot-blooded. Although he’s not too sincere, he will become a supporting pillar of the human race! If the human race has more of such youth, we wouldn’t even worry about our prosperity.”

The guests in the restaurant listened to Alice’s father’s words, and their mouth spasmed.

Did he consider himself a high-level Federal officer?

Such a formal statement.

But… looking at the laughing Lu Ze, they had to sigh. This person was still someone else’s child.

The comments section was exploding.

“No, not good… my heart has fallen…”

“Handsome Brother Lu Ze is so handsome!!”

“Pfft, don’t lose yourself in it. That’s the insectoid race.”


After Old w.a.n.g and Larry heard the barrage of words, they were dazed for a moment before bursting out a laugh.

Old w.a.n.g even patted Lu Ze’s shoulder and said, “Hahaha, that’s right! Lu Ze, we’re all humans! I like you kid!”

Lu Ze heard this and his body trembled. His eyes widened in surprise. He looked at old w.a.n.g in disbelief.

This uncle turned out to be a warm-hearted man?!

Ever since he was warned by Lu Li previously, he was very sensitive to such kind of warm-hearted things.

His mouth spasmed, and he moved a step back awkwardly. “Umm… Uncle, I like girls. You should like someone else…”


The audience held their chest.

Was there something wrong with his brain?

Keep that high image of yours!!

Why was his brain wired so strangely??

This was the feeling of a heart attack…

Old w.a.n.g’s friendly smile gradually receded, and his body became stiff.

He looked at Lu Ze, who looked at him nervously, and his heart ached.

He wanted to beat this kid. What to do?

The atmosphere was very awkward.

Larry coughed. He really wanted to laugh, but it was an emergency right now. He forced himself to order one personnel, “Call the three s.h.i.+ps over. Old w.a.n.g, I and Lu Ze will have one each. This one will be used by the Spirit Martial State Squad.”

The personnel nodded and replied, “I’ll go do it immediately!”

Then, she turned to leave.

After this, Larry smiled and looked at Lu Ze. He said, “Lu Ze, we’ll give you some high-level spirit martial states. That way you can be safer.”

With a nod, Lu Ze said, “Okay.”

In fact, this wasn’t very important to him. After all, he had the ability to fly. In the face of the insectoids that could not fly, his rescue ability may be even better than the two uncles.

But, he shouldn’t get too c.o.c.ky!

He still chose to accept their goodwill. Hence, Lu Ze should make them feel a.s.sured.

The efficiency of the rescue squad was very high. In just a few short minutes, the three idle s.h.i.+ps around were transferred.

Consequently, Lu Ze and the six high-level spirit martial states, as well as dozens of low-level spirit martial states, went on one of the flying s.h.i.+ps and entered it.

After all, no one expected the sudden appearance of the insectoid race. The previously sufficient numbers of spirit martial state became inadequate. They were in shortage now.

They were facing tens of thousands of insectoids!

Although there was firepower suppression from s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+ps in the air, the numbers of the insects were still terrifying.

However, there was no alternative choice. If they didn’t go down, the students would be gone.

On the s.h.i.+p, Lu Ze looked at the rescue personnel, who were a little dumbfounded but still followed him respectfully.

He didn’t seem to know them?

Why did they look at him with such fervor?

Don’t look at me like this… I feel nervous.

Lu Ze smiled awkwardly and asked, “Umm… do you know me?”

The leading young man, who was wearing black battle armor, replied “h.e.l.lo Lu Ze, I’m Fang Lang. Of course, we know you. The rescue team can watch the live stream too. You killed two Spirit Martial State Peak Yellow Stone crystal beasts while only being a Martial Warrior Level Nine. That battle power…”

The people behind nodded too.

They approved of Lu Ze’s power.

Power brought honor, it was this simple.

As realization dawned on Lu Ze, he said, “So it’s the live broadcast… wait, why would you guys watch mine?”

Lu Ze thought that the only people who would be watching him were people from the school and his parents’ company.

He didn’t even know these people.

The man smiled and answered, “Because your points rose up very quickly. We watched as soon as you reached the top ten.”

Someone else added, “I’m certain it’s not just us. When we were watching, the comments section exploded.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up, feeling a little happy.

Oh my! So he was that famous now?

What if someone asks me for an autograph?

I should practice signing after I go back, right?

Should I wear face masks when I go out?

It wouldn’t be good if he caused traffic congestion.

Would he have fangirls?

This truly made him a little happy!

Not good, hold it! He can’t laugh!

At this moment, someone said, “Your broadcast is very interesting. It’s a completely different style compared to other students.”

“That’s right, the other students are partic.i.p.ating in the trial while yours felt like you were more focused on harvesting spirit herbs.”

Lu Ze heard this, and his rising lips froze.

He was too immersed in collecting the spirit herbs on Alice’s list that he completely forgot about the broadcast.

Not good! Then, wouldn’t his cold and ruthless image be done for?

Lu Ze’s smile gradually disappeared.

… Is it too late for me to act cool?