Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 62 - Two Uncles, Do You Want To Come Into The Sky?

Chapter 62 - Two Uncles, Do You Want To Come Into The Sky?

Chapter 62: Two Uncles, Do You Want To Come Into The Sky?

Lu Ze frowned seeing the damage the wind spear caused.

The wind spear wasn’t able to deal any real damage to the level three insectoids. It merely added a few shallow white marks on their armor.

It also made the level three insectoids even more bloodthirsty.

Lu Ze gasped looking at the level three insectoids.

They were equivalent to abstruse martial state warriors. As such, they were indeed very strong.

Lu Ze touched his chin. He wondered if he would be able to fight the level three insectoids head-on if he used his full power; using his strength G.o.d art and wind element G.o.d art.

As Lu Ze was frowning and deep in thought, the people watching the stream exclaimed, “…So this is handsome brother Lu Ze’s full power?”

“It’s terrifying!”

“Starting from now on, I’m handsome brother Lu Ze’s loyal fan!”

Even Old w.a.n.g and Larry, who had just forced back the attack of the insectoid swarm, were shocked.

They were at the scene and therefore felt it the greatest. The intensity of that attack was close to that of an abstruse martial state warrior’s.

A level nine martial warrior released an attack greater than spirit martial state level nine?

Oh my! Their brains were shaking.

Were all young people these days monsters?

The two glanced at each other and made up their minds. They would protect Lu Ze at all costs. He was this strong at martial warrior level nine, what about when he reached abstruse martial state?

Or even core martial state? Or even the aperture opening state?

Would he then be able to fight planetary martial warriors?

At this moment, a voice came from Lu Ze’s bracelet once again, “Insectoids are appearing in other areas too. Students who encounter insectoids shouldn’t worry. With the barriers, ordinary level one and level two insectoids won’t be able to harm you for a while. Please work together to fend off the insectoids.”

Old w.a.n.g and Larry also seemed to have received the news. Their eyes flickered and their complexions showed that they were worried.

The only abstruse beasts on planet Nanfeng were in the Floating Light Forest, which was where they were. Thus, the entire rescue squad only had two abstruse martial state warriors. Now, they were trapped here.

If some level three insectoids attacked the students, who would save them?

Lu Ze frowned. He looked at the insectoids and then at Old w.a.n.g and Larry who found it very difficult to move around.

Lu Ze cracked a smile at them. “Two uncles, do you want to come into the sky?”

Old w.a.n.g and Larry: “???”

The audience: “???”

Seeing that they were confused, Lu Ze realized that there might be something wrong with his wording. He explained, “I mean, I can take you into the air. Just tell the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p to fly above here and I’ll bring you guys up with my G.o.d art.”

The two’s looks of confusion quickly turned into looks of surprise and joy.

Old w.a.n.g smashed back the level three insectoids with his hammer and then said in his coa.r.s.e voice, “Lu Ze, can your wind element G.o.d art bring us up too?”

Lu Ze smiled. “No problem, leave it to me but climb up a tree first. Otherwise, if too many bugs come and then you guys use your spirit power, I wouldn’t be able to take you.”

The two nodded and didn’t hesitate any longer. If they didn’t leave the insectoid crowd quickly, more students might die.

So, the two quickly rushed to the huge tree. On their way, Lu Ze used his wind blades to help them clear the level one and level two insectoids.

At this moment, the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p sent to pick them up also arrived above them.

The forest was covered in huge trees so it would be hard for the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p to land, but if it just had to float in the air and wait for Lu Ze and the others to come up themselves, there would be no difficulty.

Soon, Old w.a.n.g and Larry arrived on a branch of a huge tree.

Their spirit power rushed out and their armor and weapons flickered with light.


The huge sword sliced and the huge hammer smashed. The level three insectoids were forced back again, and two even fell off the branch.

A green light flashed within Lu Ze’s eyes as he said, “Uncles, don’t resist!”

If the abstruse martial state warriors resisted, he wouldn’t be able to bring them up.

Then, some gusts of wind appeared and started circulating around Larry and Old w.a.n.g. Their figures turned into a blur as they shot into the sky.

When the insectoids gathered again, the three had already pa.s.sed through the thick brush and arrived above the sky of the Floating Light Forest.

The flying s.h.i.+p was already waiting.

Lu Ze brought the two through the door that was opened.

When the three landed inside, Lu Ze breathed easy.

Unlike attacking, using his wind element G.o.d art to fly required very precise control and strong mental power.

If he hadn’t used any purple light orbs to strengthen his mental power, he wouldn’t have lasted until now.

Even now, he felt a little tired.

Larry noticed that Lu Ze’s face was pale. There was sweat on his forehead so he asked worriedly, “Lu Ze, are you okay?”

Lu Ze shook his head. “I’m fine, go save other students. I’ll be back to normal soon.”

He only used some mental power. In his current state, he just needed some rest to recover.

At this moment, a young woman in a professional dress came over worriedly. “Captain Larry, Vice-captain w.a.n.g, insectoids have appeared in 12 regions. There’s currently no level three insectoids but if we don’t get over there quickly, the students’ energy barriers won’t last long.”

Larry and Old w.a.n.g frowned. The two glanced at each other before Larry finally said, “Call another flying s.h.i.+p over. We’ll split up to rescue. On top of that, all spirit martial state squad members should mobilize. We’ll go to the 12 regions with insectoids in three waves. The rest will go to the regions with no insectoids.”

The woman nodded. “Half of the students have been picked up already. There’s a lack of s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps, but there’s quite a few nearby. I’ll mobilize them now.”

At this moment, Lu Ze said, “Um, uncles, I’m actually quite strong. How about I help too?”

The two heard this and their mouths spasmed.

Quite strong?

You’re a level nine martial warrior and yet you can rub peak spirit martial state beasts on the ground. That’s only called quite strong?!

You’re too humble!

Larry frowned and hesitated. “Lu Ze, you’re not a rescue crew member; you’re just a student. You can go back to the mother s.h.i.+p now. Although you’re very strong, the rescue operation is dangerous.”

To be honest, with Lu Ze’s power, they would have much less pressure if he joined the rescue. But Lu Ze was just a student and he didn’t have any obligations to help the rescue operation.

Lu Ze smiled. “I’m a human too.”