Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 64 - Young Duke is Unparalleled

Chapter 64 - Young Duke is Unparalleled

Chapter 64: Young Duke is Unparalleled

Due to the rescue, the speed of the s.h.i.+p was increased to the maximum.

Just when Lu Ze fell into a deep doubt, they had already arrived at the first rescue point.

There were twelve places where students were surrounded by insectoids. There were four teams, so Lu Ze was responsible for three rescue points.

At this moment, the flying s.h.i.+p was floating above the first rescue point.

Lu Ze and everyone stood up and walked toward the window.

The s.h.i.+p slowly descended and was soon only a few hundred meters from the ground.

Below the s.h.i.+p was barren dried land. There were a few hundred students surrounded by insectoids.

At this moment, the students organized and formed a ring in order to block the attacks of the insectoids. When someone’s defense barrier couldn’t last, that person would have to retreat and someone else would take his or her place.

Some students were only in martial warrior state, which is not strong enough. Most of the pressure was taken on by a cute young girl and a chubby youth.

They were quite strong. The young girl’s movement technique was very agile, and her attacks could always strike the weak points of insectoids. She was capable of killing with one strike.

Meanwhile, the youth held a huge alloy sword. His strikes were big and ferocious. He was quite strong despite not being on the same level as the young girl.

Lu Ze found in surprise that under the two’s efforts, these few hundred students were still rather safe.

However, they couldn’t hold on much longer. It was just a short half an hour, but the attacks of the insectoids were relentless. They came wave after wave. The students couldn’t keep it up, and not many students had defense barriers left.

With a frown, Lu Ze said to Fang Lang, “Open the door, I’ll go down first.”

Fang Lang nodded and reminded, “Be careful.”

He knew Lu Ze’s power. The two insectoids below had only reached Level 1 and Level 2. With Lu Ze’s strength, he should be able to handle them.

They couldn’t fly, so they had to wait until the s.h.i.+p descended to a certain height before they could take flying cars down. That would be easier to pick people up.

On the ground, Lin Ling was covered in sweat. Her crystal eyes were a bit dim. She stared at the black tide of insectoids and panted heavily.

She was too exhausted.

The insectoids had only appeared for half an hour. She gathered all the students and defended them until now. Everyone was pretty much exhausted.

Lin Ling looked at the little defense barriers they had left and bit her lips. Her eyes flashed with despair.

There was still no rescue. They probably wouldn’t make it in time.

“Lin Ling, my s.h.i.+eld can’t stand anymore!”

Another handsome looking boy, who was on the other side, said.

His blue barrier was flickering. Clearly, he was at his limit.

Lin Ling bit her teeth and tapped on the ground with her feet. She appeared next to the boy while her long sword turned into a flowing streamer that pierced into the crevice of the insectoid armor. The Level 2 insectoid shrieked and fell to the ground heavily.

Even for the extremely tough to kill insectoid, it was one-shot kill.

The handsome boy retreated while Lin Ling yelled, “Someone else come up!”

“Lin Ling, there’s no one left! I’ll come up. You’re strong, help the others.” At this moment, the chubby youth ran over.

His round face was in a frown, and he almost cried.

Oh my! If he knew this earlier, he would eat more food before coming here. Now, he probably wouldn’t be able to eat anymore in the future!


If he ate food, he would still get eaten by the insectoids.

Never mind, this was pretty good.

Lin Ling looked at the youth and nodded. “Tao Da, hold on. There will be people rescuing us soon!”

Tao Da grinned and showed a smile that looked like crying. “I’ll try my best.”

There was another wave of students. They would last at most three minutes. Then, they would be overwhelmed by the insectoid race.

What can others do now to save them?

At this moment, someone inside the circle said excitedly, “In the sky! Look! A flying s.h.i.+p is coming!”

Everyone heard this and looked up.

Indeed, a flying s.h.i.+p was landing slowly.

This sudden hope made everyone rejoice. “Hahaha, we’re saved!”

Lin Ling looked up and finally smiled too.

I’m indeed too young to die~

At this moment, a person landed from the s.h.i.+p. Everyone gasped, “Look, some powerful being is flying down! He must be here to kill these d.a.m.ned insectoids!”

Those parents praying for the safety of their children couldn’t resist crying after seeing that their children were finally saved.

Soon, when the figure landed, the previous cheer of the students ended abruptly. All of the students were dazed.

This person… was about the same age as them??

Tao Da looked at the figure landing slowly and opened his mouth, “Oh my G.o.d… what kind of prodigy is he??”

At such a young age, and he could already fly!!

Lin Ling due to her family background knew more than others and couldn’t resist widening her eyes.

Did such a young core martial state really exist in the human race?

Lu Ze felt a little awkward. Why were they looking at him like he was a ghost??

He came to save people not to eat people!!

But due to the emergency, he ignored their gaze and scanned around.

The students were tired but they were well organized by this young girl. There wasn’t even a serious injury.

Nearby, the insectoids shrieked as they charged at the defense circle.

Their ferocious and destructive chi spilled.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. He lifted his palm.

Blue light burst out of his body, and wind blades appeared in the air.

Five, ten, twenty, a hundred… until more than 600. It managed to cover the sky.

This was still far weaker than the huge green wolf releasing several thousand wind blades, but it was enough for now.

He said coldly, “This is the domain of the human race, die!”

He pressed his hand down!

Six hundred wind blades turned into a green light and sliced down the enemies.

Wind blade sliced across the air cutting open the insectoid armors. Green disgusting liquid flew everywhere. The shriek of the insectoids before their death filled the region.


The wind blades smashed on the ground after cutting open the insectoids. They created explosions upon impact.

Sharp chi wave swept across. The nearby insectoids were swept out, forming an empty area outside the defense circle.

Whether it was the students or the people watching Lu Ze’s broadcast or the people watching other student’s broadcasts, they all widened their eyes in surprise while looking at the hundreds of insectoid bodies.

After a short silence, the first comment appeared: “Young Duke is unparalleled!”

Immediately, the comment section was covered by this saying.

The strongest bunch of young people before fifty. The hundred young dukes of the human race represented the glory of the young generation of the human race, as well as the future of the human race.

Although Lu Ze’s power wasn’t enough, he was only 18 years old!

With the rank of a Martial Warrior Level Nine, he easily killed a few hundred levels one and two insectoids. Such talent was rare even amongst young dukes.

Only such prodigy deserved to be called unparalleled and could support the human race in paving the path for the future!