Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 61 - Time To Show Some Real Skills

Chapter 61 - Time To Show Some Real Skills

Chapter 61: Time To Show Some Real Skills

On the screen, blue light flickered around Lu Ze’s entire body. Wind circulated around him as he rose from the branch into the sky, casually dodging the sweeping attack of the insectoid swarm. This dumbfounded everyone.

The atmosphere fell very silent.

The people who were worried looked at the screen with their mouths wide open but didn’t speak a single word.

A moment later, their mouths spasmed.

Why didn’t you say that you can fly?!


How come a martial warrior can fly?!

Fu Shuya, who previously felt very scared, hugged Lu Wen excitedly and breathed easy.

Lu Wen’s tense body relaxed as well.

Throughout the school, ear shocking cheers erupted.

Their senior schoolmate actually flew away when he was surrounded by an insectoid swarm!

“Senior schoolmate Lu Ze is invincible!”

“I want to have his babies!”

Lu Li slowly relaxed her clenched hands.

Slowly, a happy smile appeared on her face.

As long as he was safe.

A light flashed through Alice’s eyes as she showed a bright smile. “Senior schoolmate is so powerful! He actually knows a wind element G.o.d art!”

Such talent was extremely rare to find even throughout the entire human race.

At this moment, Lu Ze smiled as he looked at the insectoids that were crawling all over the branch and humming at him.

Lu Ze learned this move from the two-meter tall, huge green wolf.

One time, when Lu Ze entered the pocket hunting dimension, he saw a huge green wolf use its wind element G.o.d art to elevate its body and happily spin in circles in the air.

It flew very fast and seemed very happy.

However, just as it was happily spinning, it was caught by a golden eagle for lunch.

Lu Ze’s instincts told him that the green wolf was a husky in its past life.

Although his wind element G.o.d art was still weaker than the huge green wolf’s, the difference wasn’t that huge anymore.

In the pocket hunting dimension, he had finally mastered this method of flying with wind control through hard work and the use of faint purple light orbs.

This was also why Lu Ze dared to come to the Floating Light Forest.

After all, without any special abilities, only those in the core martial state could fly.

This meant that if he flew high enough, the abstruse beasts wouldn’t be able to reach him.

Those hideous insects were like this too.

They kept shrieking at Lu Ze and releasing spirit power attacks, but as long as Lu Ze stayed a distance away, he couldn’t get hurt at all.

Some insects couldn’t take it anymore and jumped off the branch trying to reach for Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s eyes turned cold as a wind blade formed.

The wind blade sliced through the insects as if they were tofu. All sorts of disgusting organs and fluids splashed out.

Lu Ze was safe for now as long as there were no insects that could fly.

At this moment, however, Lu Ze heard the sound of a battle in the distance.

Lu Ze turned around. Two men wearing black and blue alloy battle armor were fighting the insect crowd while drawing near.

One of them was tall and skinny. He carried a huge dual handed sword that had a blue rune on its body. The sword chi that came out of it was very sharp and sliced the nearby insectoids into many pieces.

The other one was bulky. He carried a huge, long hammer that also had blue runes on it. Every time he waved the hammer, spirit power rushed out and the nearby insectoids were smashed into pieces.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. Looking at these two, there was no doubt in his mind that they were in the abstruse martial state.

Although their attacks were very powerful, there were four 3 meter tall black insectoids that could stop their attacks.

These four insectoids moved around the two abstruse martial state warriors in black blurs. They would only attack the two from time to time. When they did attack, they were very coordinated.

Lu Ze frowned. These were probably level three insectoids.

Although individually their power was weaker than the two abstruse martial state warriors, their teamwork was great and the surroundings were filled with fearless level two insectoids. The two abstruse martial state warriors would eventually be brought down.

Lu Ze suddenly thought of the water seeking snake that was more than a hundred meters long.

Finally, he realized that these unlucky guys were probably ambushed by the insectoids.

The two abstruse martial state warriors seemed to know some information. They forced back the four level three insectoids and then killed a wave of lesser ones before looking up at the sky simultaneously.

When they saw Lu Ze floating in the air, the two became dazed. The man carrying the huge hammer blurted out, “Oh s.h.i.+t!”

The two abstruse martial state warriors were Old w.a.n.g and Larry who came to investigate the disappearance of beasts.

As they were investigating, they found a strange cave.

Just when they planned to go inside and check, a large wave of insectoids charged out of the cave. In an instant, they were surrounded.

After sending the intel back, they started to fight vigorously. They moved more than 10 kilometers towards the outside of the forest.

It was a tactical transition.

At that moment, they received orders to pick up Lu Ze who was in their area.

This was very despairing to hear for them.

They might die from the insectoid wave already, but if they had to take care of another, wouldn’t they die even faster?

But as members of the rescue squad, they couldn’t reject the order.

Just when they were planning to go, they were informed that Lu Ze could fly.


Are they joking?

If even a martial warrior could fly, then what were they?

Broken winged angels?

They didn’t believe it at first, but now, when they saw Lu Ze floating in the air with their own eyes, they felt that they were so behind.

Lu Ze looked at the shocked abstruse martial state warriors and smiled in embarra.s.sment.

Oh no, acting cool in front of abstruse martial state warriors for the first time. I’m so nervous…

At this moment, the four level three insectoids attacked again.

One of them looked up at Lu Ze. Its b.l.o.o.d.y eyes looked merciless. It shrieked and then shot a black spirit power beam at Lu Ze with its mouthpiece.

Lu Ze instantly dashed a few meters to the side in a blur.

The black beam missed him but the terrifying spirit power shook the air. The wind pressure blew against Lu Ze’s face painfully.

Was that a face slap?

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He coldly looked at the level three insectoid on the ground.

Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Attacking him on sight… Was it just because he was handsome?

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. It was time to show his real skills.

He would let them know that not only was he handsome, but he was also very powerful!

He waved his right hand and a blue light surged out. A meter-long blue wind spear slowly formed in Lu Ze’s palm.

The wind spear rotated rapidly and created a piercing hum.

Lu Ze waved his hand again and yelled out, “Eat my spear!”

The wind spear turned into a flowing blue light and instantly appeared before the insectoid.

The insectoid waved its claw and black spirit power clashed with the wind spear.


The wind spear broke and turned into smaller wind blades that shot in all directions, piercing into the nearby lower leveled insectoids. The level one insectoids were instantly cut into pieces and the level two insectoids had hideous wounds.