Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 60 - Opened Wallhacks?

Chapter 60 - Opened Wallhacks?

Chapter 60: Opened Wallhacks?

Just half an hour ago when Elder Lin received the news from his secretary, his brows were deeply locked in a frown.

The entire atmosphere in the discussion room fell extremely silent.

“Hehe~ looks like it is them.” Li Kuang touched the scar on his face and cracked a smile.

This scar was left behind by a Level 4 insectoid race elite.

Elder Lin said heavily, “I don’t know how many high-level insectoids there are. This time, I’ll need to trouble you all.”

The mother insect of the insectoid race hid in the lair underground. Powerful beings need to go in and kill it.

Meanwhile, the insectoids on the surface can be killed with the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, but that should only be done after rescuing the students.

Harry nodded. “We’re all humans.”

Just when humans left Earth, they thought they were the highest being in the universe, and there was constant internal conflict.

But after a few near annihilations, humans finally placed themselves in the right position.

In the entire universe, they were just ordinary or even weak civilization.

If they didn’t unite, where would the future be?

After two thousand years, humans used this unity to survive and grow stronger in the dangerous and boundless universe.

In the future, humans will continue to develop.

Later, Elder Lin let the secretary take the teachers, using the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, to planet Nan Feng while he was communicating with the officials of the Telun system.

After receiving news that the insectoid race appeared at planet Nan Feng, the minister of the Telun system was covered in sweat.

A few million high school students and bloodthirsty insectoid races put together…

But soon, he calmed down.

Such a major matter cannot be concealed at all.

And even if it was hidden, for now, the students would disclose this once they got back. The public outrage would be enough to bury him.

If the students didn’t come back, it would really be over.

Thus, he chose not to cut the live stream.

He calmly wiped the sweat from his face and made orders.

He will relay the cause of the incident to the public. Then, he will actively organize a rescue operation.

At least, he needed to let people know that he reacted with speed and was fighting for everyone!

He said, “Notify the guardian army commander to mobilize troops to planet Nan Feng and surround it. Wait for the rescue operation to end, and then, kill all the insectoid race that leaves the planet.”

He continued, “Investigate the source of the insectoid race! Also, bring the person responsible for the border station to me.”

He wasn’t going to take the blame for this no matter what!!!

Regardless of how you thought about it, it was the fault of the idiots at the border station that let the insectoid race in!!

He was just sitting at home, and this disaster struck!

At this moment, the audience received the notification from the government representative of the Telun system.

Then, everyone’s face changed.

Although the system had a few disasters, this really was a first.

Those families with children on planet Nan Feng almost had heart attacks.

But when they heard the insectoid race was only found in Floating Light Forest and rescue had begun, they were slightly relieved.

At this moment in Lu Wen’s company began communicating with the official spokesman. Fu Shuya’s face was pale, and she tightly clutched Lu Wen’s arm.

Lu Wen also frowned, but he comforted Fu Shuya. “Don’t worry, Ze is so strong now, and the rescue has begun. He will be fine.”

Fu Shuya nodded silently and prayed that Lu Ze would be safe.

In Lu Li’s cla.s.s, the atmosphere was filled with dread and anxiety.

Lu Li clutched her hands tightly. Her smile was long gone.

She bit her lips, and her eyes were full of worry as she stared at the screen nonstop, fearing that Lu Ze would disappear from the screen.

Meanwhile, Alice sent a message. “Father, how long would it take for you to get to planet Nan Feng? Please help senior schoolmate.”

In an exquisite restaurant in Nan Chang city, a handsome golden-haired middle-aged man was watching the screen with his guests. He looked at his phone and sent the following message: “Not in time. He has to rely on himself, but don’t worry too much. This kid didn’t use his full power yet.”

The eyes of Alice’s father glimmered as he looked at Lu Ze.

Not bad kid. Not only did he awaken strength G.o.d art but also wind element G.o.d art. If it was strong enough, he would have no pressure in running.

Seeing her father’s message, Alice felt a little relieved. She turned to look at Lu Li and grabbed her hands as an effort to comfort the latter. “Don’t worry Li, my father said senior schoolmate is very strong, he will be fine.”

Lu Li was stunned. “Your father?”

Alice nodded and hesitated before saying, “My father is a star level being. His eyes won’t be wrong. Senior schoolmate will definitely be fine. Li, don’t tell the others, okay?”

Lu Li’s eyes narrowed. Star level?

Since a star level person said this, Lu Li’s worry diminished a little, but she still stared at the screen.

As for why Alice’s father stayed in a small solar system like this despite being a star level power, Lu Li didn’t have the mind to care.

Lu Ze waited on the tree as he eyed the nearing insectoid race.

When they neared Lu Ze’s tree, they looked at Lu Ze in unison.

Their blood-red eyes were cold and merciless.

Lu Ze: “…”

How did they find him?

Did they open wallhacks?

When his location was discovered, the powerful body of the insectoid race leaped and their sharp claws pierced the trunk of the giant tree. They proceeded to charge toward Lu Ze collectively.

People watching the stream could barely breathe.

How can one run away from this insect tide?

There was a desperate voice that said, “Lu Ze, hold on a bit longer. There are two powerful beings near you, they’re coming soon!!”

It would be such a pity if a prodigy like Lu Ze was annihilated by the insectoids.

Lu Ze didn’t care about the voice.

He raised his lips and green light burst out of his body. The wind grew bigger as his legs left the tree branch.

I know how to fly~