Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 606

Chapter 606

Chapter 606 A Traitor

Lu Ze looked at the egg and smiled. “Didn’t they say that this egg was really tough to gather? That wasn’t so hard though.”

The three girls rolled their eyes.

Lin Ling said, “Do you think everyone has as many G.o.d arts as you do?”

Lu Ze laughed dryly, and then, he said, “Let’s find some more. See if there are other Zhihuo Birds. Aren’t the fire G.o.d arts in the eggs stronger, the stronger the birds are? The one just then was only a level-one planetary state.”

The other three didn’t agree. Following such, the New Dawn began searching slowly around the solar system.

This solar system was vast, and they searched every region, whether it was planets, asteroids, or other astral bodies.

Therefore, they were still quite a bit away from the Yara Asteroid Belt.

A day later.

A golden s.h.i.+p pa.s.sed the 40th planet of the solar system. There was a faint red and purple huge planet spinning.

After a day’s search, the New Dawn found another nest on a planet.

Lu Ze flew out from the s.h.i.+p and headed in the direction of the chi. This time, he transformed into the Zhihuo Bird again.

Last time, he was able to take a closer look, so Lu Ze’s transformation achieved better perfection.

With his chi stealth G.o.d art and fire G.o.d art, Lu Ze was confident he wouldn’t be caught. Of course, if the target was very powerful, then forget it.

The blazing wings flapped, and Lu Ze proceeded near that location.

Soon, he saw that at the peak of a steep cliff, there was a bird’s nest made of red stones. It wasn’t large as it was only six meters in diameter, and there was one four-meter long bird lying there. Lu Ze was disappointed. It was another level-one planetary state Zhihuo Bird.

Lu Ze wanted a level-six or level-seven planetary state.

Whatever, Lu Ze had no choice. He flew towards that resting Zhihuo bird.

When he approached within a 100-kilometer range, that bird suddenly looked up vigilantly at Lu Ze.

After seeing Lu Ze’s appearance and chi, its vigilance slowly disappeared. Obviously, Lu Ze’s perfect transformation made this Zhihuo bird think that Lu Ze belonged to its kind.

Lu Ze felt great. He was getting better and better at using his transformation G.o.d art. He could do many more things.

At this juncture, Lu Ze looked at the bird that stood up and suddenly had a bold idea.

Why should he only take the bird’s egg?

This bird, by itself, should be quite valuable, right?

Shouldn’t he take it all?

Boss Zhu said these birds would commit suicide and burn their own bodies if they met an unbeatable enemy. However, he was a traitor. He could take it by surprise.

Suddenly, Lu Ze felt he was so evil.

This bird clearly didn’t expect Lu Ze to be a traitor. When he flew near this bird, his eyes suddenly beamed mental force out, which then pierced the bird.

The bird’s mind went blank for an instant. Simultaneously, Lu Ze formed lightning spears around him while his right-wing formed a golden barrier.

This was his new body G.o.d art after his 1st body G.o.d art fused with the golden body G.o.d art.

Lu Ze gave it the name “First Golden Body” G.o.d art. Lu Ze used this with the star crippling punch and slapped the bird’s head with his wings.

In that instant, it was knocked unconscious, and its fire-like blood flowed out.

Right then, tens of lightning spears struck the bird’s body.

Lu Ze attacked its chest which had plenty of furs. The lightning spear penetrated the chest.

Lightning then damaged its body.

Its life force was gone. Lu Ze looked at the bird dropping to the ground. He relaxed.

If it unleashed its power, it would probably be stronger than he was.

He would also probably have to run if it recovered.


Lu Ze suddenly wondered what would happen if he did this in the pocket hunting dimension?

Should he try?

Lu Ze was hopeful. Perhaps he could fight stronger beasts. Lu Ze pulled his attention back to the bird in front of him. He wondered how much Shenwu merit points the bird was worth.

Lu Ze happily put its body back in his storage ring. He would ask later. Subsequently, he changed back to his human form and grabbed the egg with both hands. He was laughed at before for holding an egg in bird form.

Lu Ze used s.p.a.ce G.o.d art to return on the s.h.i.+p.

Back there, the girls saw Lu Ze smiling. Nangong Jing asked, “Ze, how is it? Why are you so happy?”

Lu Ze took out the Zhihuo Bird’s body. Its flames have disappeared. Despite so, its body still had an extremely high temperature.

They stared at the body in shock. “Zhihuo Bird? Dead?”

Lin Ling said, “Didn’t boss Zhu say that they would burn themselves if they can’t beat their enemy?”

Lu Ze grinned. “Then, I won’t give it a chance to burn?”

Lin Ling stopped breathing. This sounded about right.


Who could do it?

Seeing Lu Ze so happy, Lin Ling was annoyed. This guy was getting stronger. Could she still even catch up? Nangong Jing patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Hehe, you’re indeed my prided student! Other people can’t do this!”

Lu Ze slapped her hand away. “You’re full of alcoholic smell. Can you drink less?”

Of course, that wasn’t the most important reason. The main reason was that her chest didn’t seem to be moving towards the right place. Qiuyue Hesha looked pitifully at the bird. “This bird is really pretty. Pity, it died like that. If possible, I want to get it as a pet.”

At this moment, Qiuyue Hesha changed the subject. “Ze, are we still going to keep looking, or are we going straight to the Yara Belt?”

Lu Ze nodded without hesitation. “Of course, we’re searching for more. The higher level, the better.”